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Miss Earth United Kingdom (Miss Earth Great Britain)
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Miss Earth
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Miss Earth United Kingdom (previously Miss Earth Great Britain) is a Beauty pageant that chooses women to represent the United Kingdom at the Miss Earth pageant.


Miss Earth United Kingdom was held for first time in 2005. Before Miss Earth UK was launched in 2005, delegates were send by other organisations to Miss Earth. In 2002 and 2004 the representatives of United Kingdom were used as Miss Great Britain at Miss Earth pageant.[1]

In 2006, the Miss Earth UK sent the winners named as Miss England and Miss Wales to the Miss Earth pageant.[2]

In 2007, the Miss Earth UK added Miss Northern Ireland to compete as well at Miss Earth pageant.

In 2008, the Miss Earth UK added Miss Scotland for participation at the Miss Earth pageant.

Nowadays, the Miss Earth UK contestants are informed, goal-oriented, and committed to playing a part in preserving and protecting the environment for future generations. Miss Earth UK winners are ambassadors to environmental protection campaigns. The contestants focus on and promote environmental awareness for a clean, natural and healthy environment.


The UK Grand Final Crowning & Award Ceremony is an event of style and glamour where a green goddess of the United Kingdom is selected to become an Ambassador of beauty and voice to promote a green and healthy life style for all generations.[3] In 2020, the delegate competed in Miss Earth under Miss Earth United Kingdom of Great Britain.[4] In 2021, the national competition sent contestants from England, Scotland and Wales.


As Great Britain/United Kingdom[edit]

Color key
  •   Declared as Winner
  •   Ended as runner-up
  •   Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Traditionally since 2006 the Miss Earth UK will be representing Great Britain as Miss England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales at Miss Earth pageant until 2019.

Year Miss Earth Great Britain/Miss Earth United Kingdom Represented Placement Special Awards
2002 Louise Glover[5] St Helens, England Unplaced
2004 Hannah McCuaig[6] Bath, England Unplaced
2005 Emma Corten London, England Unplaced
2020 Ella Baker-Roberts Kent, England Unplaced 2nd place, silver medalist(s) Talent Competition (Singing) (Europe)

As England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales[edit]

After deciding to send four constituent countries of the United Kingdom in 2006. The Miss Earth UK always crowned the four candidates for competing at Miss Earth pageant.

Year Miss Earth
Miss Earth
Northern Ireland
Miss Earth
Miss Earth
2006 Holly Ikin × × Laura Jane Livesey
2007 Clair Cooper Aine Gormley × Sarah Michelle Fleming
2008 Caroline Elizabeth Duffy Gemma Michelle Walker Courtney St. John Jamie-Lee Williams
2009 Kirsty Nichol Kayleigh O’Reilly
(Top 16)
Sarah Jean Finlay Dominique Louise Dyer
2010 Sandra Marie Lees Judith Keys Cora Buchanan Louise Hinder
2011 Roxanne Smith Alixandra Halliday Amanda Quinn Emma Franklin
2012 Zahida Begum Ciara Walker Sara Pendar
(Top 16)
Zoe Kinsella
2013 Chloe Othen Amira Graham Kiera Kingsman Angharad James
2014 Gabriella Gatehouse Justine McEleney Romy McCahill
(Top 16)
Yasmine Alley
2015 Katrina Kendall Dearbhlá Walsh Amy Meisak
(Top 16)
Lara Stephen
2016 Luissa Burton
(Top 16)
Julieann McStravick
(Top 16)
× Charlotte Hitchman
2017 Charlotte Sophie Brooke Maire Lynch
× Sophie Bettridge
2018 Abbey-Anne Gyles Christie van Schalkwyk × ×
2019 Stephanie Wyatt
(Top 20)
Shannon McCullagh × ×
2020 × × × ×
2021 Kate Marie × × ×
2022 Beth Rice[7]
× Marcie Reid[7]
Shereen Brogan [7]


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