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Miss Earth Singapore
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Miss Earth
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Miss Earth Singapore is an annual beauty pageant in Singapore. The winner of Miss Earth Singapore obtains the right to represent the country in the Miss Earth pageant.


Miss Earth Singapore, which is a beauty pageant with a cause and responsibility, is driven to enhance awareness and sustainable development on the environmental crisis and challenges. Every year, 4 winners are crowned as representative elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire to promote environmental awareness. The winner of the earth element represents as Miss Earth Singapore to compete in the international platform. Other subsidiary awards include Best in swimsuit, Miss Photogenic and Miss Friendship.[citation needed]

Miss Earth Singapore is part of an annual global search for Miss Earth which gathers delegates from over 90 countries all around the world to promote worthwhile environmental causes and active involvement in caring for and preserving the earth. The Miss Earth Singapore campaign incorporates environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.[citation needed]


Year Miss Earth Singapore Elemental Court Titlists
Earth Air Water Fire Eco-Tourism
2020 Christina Cai No pageants held due world Covid19 pandemic
2019 Gerlyn Cheah (Assumed) Patricia Choi Christina Cai Ellen Wong Ruth d' Almeida
Kimberly Ong (Dethroned)
2018 Kara Dong Gerlyn Cheah Tanooja Rai Natalie Phoon Charlotte Victoria Tay
2017 Elizabeth Camilia Lee Danica Tio Shevon Ng Jane Lee -
2016 Manuela Bruntraeger[1] Shronn Tay Toh Xin Pei Vanessa Rani -
2015 Tiara Hadi Elizabeth Lee Michelle Koh Bianche Honor -
2014 Vanessa Hee (Assumed) Pearlyn Chai Charlene Kiew Eunice Teng -
Sylvia Lam (Dethroned)
2013 Vanessa Hee Xaviera Ho Susanna To Keley Tan -
2012 Phoebe Tan[2] Cassandra Gan Daphanie Lee Stacy Wong -
2011 Felicia Orvalla Dominique Karen Wong Germaine -
2010 Maricelle Rani Wong Jody Liu Chloe Lo Lavigne Shi Yunlu -
2009 Valerie Lim[3] Nur Amira Deborah Chan Stella Zhang -
2008 Ivy Leow Kian Peng Carol Chin Chang Wann Wah Yen Wu Ling -
2007 Nicole Chen Lin Emiko Thein Lin Minyi Jaclyn Chua -
2006 Shn Juay Shi Yun Jessica Sue Yun Lim Gin Tan Chuee Jessie Xue Yan -

Singapore representatives at Miss Earth

Color keys

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or Top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semi-finalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner

The winner of Miss Singapore competes at the Miss Earth pageant. On occasions, when the winner does not qualify to compete, another winner may selected.

Year Miss Earth Singapore Placement at Miss Earth Special Awards
2022 TBA TBA
2021 Ruth d'Almeida Unplaced
2020 Christina Cai Top 20
  • 2nd place, silver medalist(s) Talent Competition Dance Category
2019 Gerlyn Cheah Unplaced
2018 Kara Dong Unplaced
2017 Elizabeth Camilia Lee Unplaced
2016 Manuela Bruntraeger Unplaced
  • 2nd place, silver medalist(s) Miss Friendship
  • 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Long Gown Competition (Group 3)
2015 Tiara Hadi[citation needed] Unplaced
  • 1st place, gold medalist(s) Miss Friendship (Group 3)
2014 Sylvia Lam Unplaced
  • 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Miss Friendship (Group 3)
2013 Vanessa Hee Unplaced
2012 Phoebe Tan Unplaced
  • 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Most Sociable
  • 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) M.E. Greenbag Challenge
2011 Felicia Orvalla Unplaced
2010 Maricelle Rani Wong Unplaced
  • Top 5 - Talent competition
2009 Valerie Lim Top 16
2008 Ivy Leow Kian Peng Unplaced
2007 Nicole Chen Lin Unplaced
2006 Shn Juay Shi Yun Unplaced
2005 Sim Pei Yee Unplaced
2004 Nicole Sze Chin Nee Unplaced
2003 Adele Koh Unplaced
2002 Gayathri Unnijkrishan Unplaced
2001 Calista Ng Poh Li Unplaced

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