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Miss Earth México
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersMexico City
Miss Earth
Miss Supranational
Miss Eco International
Miss Intercontinental
Miss Exclusive of the World
Miss Heritage
Official language
National Director
Paul Marsell
WebsiteOfficial Website

Miss Earth México is an annual beauty pageant in Mexico. The winner of Miss Earth Mexico obtains the right to represent the country in the Miss Earth pageant, the third most important beauty festival in the world, where the goal is to promote environmental protection.[1]


Miss Earth México 2008 Abigail Elizalde showcasing her country's national costume during Miss Earth 2008 pageant.

Miss Earth México, based in Mérida, Yucatán, is organized by the national director Paul Marsell.[2] The pageant was established in order to elect Mexico's representative in the annual Miss Earth pageant and to promote environmental awareness and protection.

Miss Earth Mexico was founded in 2002, but the first national contest was not held until 2007. Titleholders prior to 2007 were chosen by the organizers in a private selection process.

Mexico was first represented in Miss Earth 2002 by Libna Viruega Roldán from Distrito Federal, who was the first titleholder of Miss Earth Mexico.

In 2008, Abigail Elizalde Romo, Miss Earth Mexico 2008,[3][4] advanced in the semifinal and final round for the first time for Mexico at the Miss Earth pageant and eventually won the Miss Water (2nd Runner-up), one of the elemental crowns, in the Miss Earth 2008.[5][6]


Below are the names of the annual titleholders of Miss Earth Mexico, listed in ascending order and according to the year in which they participated in Miss Earth. The states they represented during their national crowning or designation and their final placements and special awards acquired in the aforementioned global beauty competition are also displayed.

Color Key
  Declared as Winner.
  Ended as Runner-up.
  Ended as Finalist or Semi-finalist.
Year Miss Earth Mexico Represented Placement Special Awards
2022 Indira Pérez Meneses[7] Veracruz Best National Costume (Americas)
2021 Natalia Denisse Durán Ramos Tamaulipas
2020 Graciela Natali Ballesteros Castro Coahuila
2019 Hilary Riguel Osmara Islas Montés Nayarit
2018 Melissa Flores Godínez Michoacán Miss Fire (3rd Runner-up) Best Eco-Media Award
Miss Earth JACMI
Miss Psalmstre New Placenta
1st place, gold medalist(s) National Costume (North & Central America)
1st place, gold medalist(s) Swimsuit (Water group)
1st place, gold medalist(s) Resorts Wear (Water group)
2017 Ana Karen Bustos González San Luis Potosí 2nd place, silver medalist(s) Long Gown (Group 3)
2016 Itzel Paola Astudillo Aréchiga Chiapas Top 16 1st place, gold medalist(s) Swimsuit (Group 1)
1st place, gold medalist(s) Best in Long Gown (Group 1)
1st place, gold medalist(s) National Costume (The Americas)
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Best in Resorts Wear (Group 1)
Miss Earth Yoshinoya
Miss Irosin
Best in Production Number
Miss Glutamax
Miss Isa
2015 Gladys Flores Simon Puebla
2014 Yareli Guadalupe Carrillo Salas Sinaloa Top 16
2013 Yuselmi Kristal Silva Dávila Tamaulipas Top 8 Miss Golden Sunset
Miss Careline
2012 Paola Aguilar Concha Yucatan Top 16
2011 Casandra Becerra Vázquez[8][9] Distrito Federal Top 8 Best in Evening Gown
2010 Claudia López Mollinedo[10][11] Tabasco
2009 Natalia Quiñones Pérez[12][13] Jalisco
2008 Abigail Elizalde Romo[14][15] Coahuila Miss Water (2nd Runner-up) Best in Swimsuit
2007 María Fernanda Cánovas Leal[16][17] Tamaulipas
2006 Alina García Valdez Yucatán
2005 Lorena Jaime Hochstrasser Yucatán
2004 Valentina Cervera Avila Yucatán
2003 Lorena Irene Velarde Briceño Jalisco
2002 Libna Viruega Roldán Distrito Federal

Minor International beauty pageant[edit]

Miss Supranational[edit]

Year Miss Supranational Mexico Represented Placement Special Awards
2019 Dariana Giselle Urista Soto Sinaloa Top 25 Best national costume

Miss Intercontinental[edit]

Year Miss Intercontinental Mexico Represented Placement Special Awards
2020 Paulina Uceda Escorcia Michoacán 1st Runner-Up Miss Intercontinental North America
2019 Sofía Miñarro Pedraza Querétaro Unplaced None


  • Perla Beltrán won second place (Miss Earth México Air 2007) in Miss Earth México 2007. Later, she competed in Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa where she won second place; she was later designated to compete in Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2008 where she won Nuestra Belleza Mexico Mundo and the right to represent Mexico in Miss World 2009,[18][19] where she won the second place (Miss World first runner up) in the pageant[20] and the title of Miss World Americas and Miss World Top Model.[21]

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