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Miss Terra Brasil
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersSão Paulo
  • Brazil
Miss Earth
Official language
National Director
José Alonso Dias
WebsiteOfficial website

Miss Terra Brasil (in native language, or Miss Earth Brazil) is an annual national beauty pageant realized in Brazil to select its entrant in the Miss Earth pageant.


Priscilla Meirelles of Brazil is the winner of Miss Earth 2004 and Miss Globe International 2003.

2001-2007: Beleza Brazil

Miss Terra Brasil is the official preliminary of the international Miss Earth beauty pageant in Brazil. It was founded in 2001 and was originally called Beleza Brasil organized by Beauty Productions Brazil Ltda. from 2001 to 2007.

The first titleholder of the pageant was Simone Régis, who was crowned Beleza Brasil 2001. She went to represent Brazil in the first edition of Miss Earth beauty pageant in the Philippines and she won the Miss Air crown (first runner up) on 28 October 2001.[1][2][3]

In 2003, Priscila Poleselo Zandoná from the state of Paraná duplicated the feat of Régis when she won the Miss Air crown in the Miss Earth 2003.[4][5][6]

2008-present: Miss Terra Brazil

Miss Earth Fire 2008 Tatiane Alves from Brazil during the Miss Earth 2008 press presentation

The pageant changed its name in 2008 to Miss Terra Brasil organized by Look Top Beauty Productions. The organization is led by the current national director José Alonso Dias from Minas Gerais.[7][8]

The Miss Terra Brasil is part of a major campaign which values the ecological advocacy of each region of the country. The pageant contributes to the promotion of environmental preservation, ecological diversity, and ecotourism in Brazil.[9]

Every year, each state holds a preliminary competition to choose their delegate for the national competition, Miss Terra Brasil pageant. The winners have the task of representing their state with beauty and elegance and defend the ecological cause of the country, as the slogan of the competition. Although the highest scoring candidate will receive the title of Miss Terra Brasil and will compete on behalf of the country in the Miss Earth international competition, the pageant also chooses three other winners: Miss Fire, Miss Water, and Miss Air and will represent Brazil in other international competitions.[10][11]

In 2010, the pageant further intensified its ecological preservation campaign, and so each candidate represents an ecological niche or a tourist spot in her state which can have up to three to four representatives each state.[10]

Starting 2011, the winner of Miss Terra Brasil 2012 and its three elemental court will receive brand new cars as prizes and all expenses paid for their stay at the Divinópolis City and will remain there throughout the period before the international contest in which they will participate, where all the preparations will be held, including beauty treatments, psychological training, postural training, English language and speech enhancement, physical fitness, runway skills, environmental education, and dietary guidelines among others. The candidates who will compete for the title of Miss Terra Brasil 2012 will represent cities or tourist spots of ecological tourism in Brazil. Each regional coordinator will be entitled to submit up to four representatives to the competition, representing cities and tourist points of ecological tourism of their respective states.[11]


Color key
  •   Declared as Winner
  •   Ended as runner-up
  •   Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  • Below, the winners of the national beauty pageant:
Miss Earth 2009, Larissa Ramos.
Year Miss Earth Brazil Represented Placement Special awards
2001 Simone Régis Santa Catarina Miss Wind (1st Runner-up)
2002 Adriana Reis Minas Gerais Did not compete
2003 Priscila Zandoná Paraná Miss Air (1st Runner-up) Best in Long Gown
2004 Priscilla Meirelles Amazonas Miss Earth 2004 Miss Photogenic
Miss Avon
Miss Close-up Smile
2005 Isabella Chaves Minas Gerais Unplaced
2006 Ana Paula Quinot Rio Grande do Sul Unplaced Top 5 Best in Swimsuit (Batangas group)
2007 Patrícia Andrade Minas Gerais Unplaced Best in Áo dài
2008 Tatiane Alves Minas Gerais Miss Fire (3rd Runner-up) Miss Golden Sunset
Best Smile
2009 Larissa Ramos Amazonas Miss Earth 2009 Top 05 Best in Evening Gown (Group 3)
Top 05 Best in Swimsuit (Group 3)
2010 Luísa Lopes Pernambuco Unplaced Top 18 Miss Talent
Top 5 Best in National Costume
Top 5 Best in Evening Gown
Top 5 Best in Swimsuit
2011 Driely Bennettone São Paulo Miss Air (1st Runner-up)
2012 Camila Brant Minas Gerais Miss Fire (3rd Runner-up)
2013 Priscilla Martins Minas Gerais Unplaced Miss Ever Bilena
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Swimsuit Preliminary Competition
2nd place, silver medalist(s) National Costume Competition (The Americas)
2014 Letícia Silva Paraná Top 8 Miss Gandang Rick Reyes
1st place, gold medalist(s) Best Teacher (Group 2)
1st place, gold medalist(s) Evening Gown Competition (Group 2)
2015 Thiessa Sickert Minas Gerais Miss Fire (3rd Runner-up) 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Swimsuit Competition
2016 Bruna Zanardo São Paulo Miss Fire (3rd Runner-up)
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Swimsuit Competition (Group 1)
2017 Yasmin Engelke Pará Unplaced Top 16 Figure and Form
2018 Sayonara Veras Pernambuco Top 18 Miss Psalmstre New Placenta
Miss Pontefino Estates
Top 10 Intelligence Preliminary Round
2019 Maria Gabriela Batistela São Paulo Unplaced San Vicente's Choice Award
RUJ Beauty Care & Spa Choice Award
Wolffis Land Development Corp Choice Award
PR Company Choice Award
2020 Thaís Cristina Bergamini Amazonas Unplaced 2nd place, silver medalist(s) National Costume Competition (The Americas)
2021 Cássia Adriane Araújo Pará Unplaced
2022 Jéssica Scandiuzzi Pedroso São Paulo Top 12 Miss Brookes' Point
1st place, gold medalist(s) Beach Wear Competition (Water Group)
2023 Morgana Carlos Ceará TBA TBA

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