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Miss Earth Albania
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss Earth
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Franchise Holder
Agnesa Vuthaj Association
Key people
Agnesa Vuthaj
Miss Earth Albania 2009 Suada Saliu during the Miss Earth 2009 Pageant Press Presentation

Miss Earth Albania, formerly "Miss Shqiptarja", is the national beauty pageant preliminary of Miss Earth in Albania. The winner represents Albania to the Miss Earth pageant from 2006 to 2009. In 2013, Agnesa Vuthaj, a former Miss Albania herself, started the National Directorship of Miss Earth Albania.


Miss Earth Albania emerged from the pageant, Miss Shqiptarja held in United Kingdom, an international pageant dedicated to Albanian women. In 2006, the winner of Miss Shqiptarja 2006 (Blerta Halili) participated in Miss Earth 2006 in the Philippines. The pageant was moved to Shkodër, Albania and changed its name to Miss Earth Albania to promote environmental protection in Albania. The pageant is under the direction of Enkeleida Omi, Artan Zeneli, and Tauland Omi of Alba Media Entertainment until 2009.[1] Agnesa Vuthaj is now the Albanian National Director for Miss Earth.


Year Miss Earth Albania Municipality Placement/Achievement Special awards
Philippines 2006 Blerta Halili[2][3] Tirana Unplaced
Philippines Vietnam 2007 Shpresa Vitia Tirana Unplaced
Philippines 2008 Rudina Suti[4][5][6] Tirana Unplaced
Philippines 2009 Suada Saliu[7][8] Tirana Unplaced Best in Use of Indigenous Products Wear
Philippines 2013 Natalia Stamuli[9] Tirana Unplaced
Philippines 2014 Doroilda Kroni Tirana Did not compete
2021 Ornella Karruku Tirana Did not compte
Philippines 2022 Rigelsa Cybi[10] Tirana Unplaced
Vietnam 2023

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