Miss Earth 2003

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Miss Earth 2003
DateNovember 9, 2003
VenueUniversity of the Philippines Theater, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
WinnerDania Prince
CongenialityYodit Getahun
Best National CostumeJessica Doralis Segui
PhotogenicClaudia Cecilia Azaeda
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Miss Earth 2003, the 3rd edition of the Miss Earth pageant, was held on November 9, 2003, at the University of the Philippines Theater in Quezon City, Philippines.[1][2][3] Fifty-seven delegates from all over the globe participated in the event.[4][5] The pageant was broadcast live via ABS-CBN in the Philippines and to many countries worldwide via Star World, The Filipino Channel and other partner networks.[6][7][8] Winfred Omwakwe from Kenya crowned her successor Dania Prince of Honduras the end of the event.[9] Brazil's Pricila Zandona was selected Miss Air 2003 (first runner-up), Costa Rica's Marianela Zeledon Bolanos was chosen Miss Water 2003 (second runner-up), and Poland's Marta Matyjasik was Miss Fire 2003 (third runner-up).[10] The pageant was hosted by Television show host Ariel Ureta. The candidates were initially presented at the poolside of Hotel Intercontinental Manila in Makati on October 22, 2003.[11]

Beauty for a Cause Award was awarded to Vida Samadzai the first Afghan woman to compete in an international beauty pageant in almost three decades, for helping found a US-based women's charity that seeks to raise awareness of women's rights and education in Afghanistan by "symbolizing the newfound confidence, courage and spirit of today’s women and representing the victory of women’s rights and various social, personal and religious struggles".[12][13]


Countries and territories which sent delegates and results


Placement Contestant
Miss Earth 2003
Miss Earth – Air 2003
  •  Brazil – Priscila Poleselo Zandoná
Miss Earth – Water 2003
Miss Earth – Fire 2003
Top 10

Special awards[edit]

Awards Contestant
Beauty for a Cause  AfghanistanVida Samadzai
Miss Friendship  EthiopiaYodit Getahun
Miss Photogenic  Bolivia – Claudia Cecilia Azaeda
Best Skin  PhilippinesLaura Marie Dunlap
Best in Talent  Bosnia and Herzegovina – Mirela Bulbulija
Miss Avon  HondurasDania Prince
Miss Close-up Smile  Brazil – Priscila Poleselo Zandoná
Best Hair  Vietnam – Nguyễn Ngân Hà
Best in National Costume  Panama – Jessica Doralis Segui †
Best in Long Gown  Brazil – Priscila Poleselo Zandoná
Best in Swimsuit  France – Jennifer Pichard

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Winning answer[edit]

Final Question in Miss Earth 2003: "At the end of each rainbow, so the saying goes, is a pot of gold. As a woman of the earth, instead of a pot of gold, what else would you rather find at the end of the rainbow?"

Winning Answer of Miss Earth 2003: "Honestly, there are things that are much more important than gold. For me personally, the most important is the sentiments of the people. To give love and smile to a human being, to be able to give them a hand when needed, to give help to someone who needs your presence, and also God is always with us which is very important. The first thing I think when I open my eyes is heaven. When we have Him in our hearts and mind, everything is better. And I can see people how they really are inside, not if they have gold or not. For me the rainbow means life, God and happiness." - Dania Prince, represented Honduras.[14][15]


The following is the list of the nine-member board of judges of Miss Earth 2003:[14]

No. Judge Background
1 Jose Cayetano da Silva Ambassador of Portugal to the Philippines
2 Evangeline Pascual Miss World Philippines 1973
3 Inno Sotto Premier Fashion Designer
4 Chito Macapagal General Manager of Unilever Philippines
5 Patricia Tancheong Senior Vice President of Air Philippines
6 Chin Chin Gutierrez TIME Magazine 2003 Asian hero
7 Stefan Voogel General Manager of Hotel Intercontinental Manila
8 Paul Lancos Beauty Expert, Vice President of Avon
9 Elisea Gozun Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources


List of countries/territories and delegates that participated in Miss Earth 2003:[16]




  •  Serbia & Montenegro is technically new, as it was designated in the previous years as "Yugoslavia".



Last competed in 2001:

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