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The Miss Bermuda Foundation
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Milika Trott-Seymour
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The Miss Bermuda is a national Beauty pageant in Bermuda. The pageant was established in 1965 and is the official national pageant to select representative at International pageants.


The Miss Bermuda Pageant has once again become one of the leading events on the Bermuda calendar. Under the direction of Milika Trott-Seymour, the Miss Bermuda contestants participate in an educational development program which is geared toward self-improvement and community service. Since 2016 the pageant has been stopped, due to lack financial resource in the island. Here the Miss Bermuda ownership in history:

  • 2011—2015 Milika Trott-Seymour
  • 1972—2010 Wentworth Christopher
  • 1965—1971 Olive Trott

Miss Universe Bermuda[edit]

Miss Bermuda was identified to have been held for the first time in 1965. The winner then went on to compete at Miss Universe pageant until 1997. Since then, Bermuda did not compete at any beauty contests. The Miss Bermuda Pageant has an illustrious history, first competing in the Miss Universe Pageant in 1965, with Margaret Hill winning Miss Photogenic in 1970. Gina Swainson was the only Miss Bermuda who placed as the 1st Runner-up at Miss Universe 1979.[1]

Miss World Bermuda[edit]

Miss Bermuda began competing in the Miss World Pageant in 1971 and in 1979 Gina Swainson was the first Miss Bermuda to become Miss World.


Year Miss Bermuda
1965 Elaine Simons†
1966 Marie Trott
1967 Cheryl Michele Smith
1968 Victoria Martin
1969 Maxine Bean
1970 Margaret Hill
1971 Rana Furbert
1973 Judy Joy
1972 Helen Brown
1974 Joyce Ann De Rosa
1975 Donna Wright
1976 Vivienne Anne Hollis
1977 Connie Marie Frith
1978 Madeline Joell
1979 Gina Swainson
1980 Jill Murphy
1981 Cymone Florie
1982 Heather Ross
1983 Angelita Emily Diaz
1984 Rhonda Wilkinson
1985 Jannell Ford
1986 Samantha Jayne Morton
1987 Shelley Bascombe
1988 Kim Lightbourne
1989 Cornelia Furbert
1990 Janet Tucker
1991 Andrea Sullivan
1992 Colita Joseph
1993 Kellie Hall
1995 Renita Minors
1997 Naomi Darrell
1998 Joanne Darrell
2011 Jana Lynn Outerbridge
2012 Rochelle Minors
2013 Katherine Arnfield
2014 Lillian Lightbourn
2015 Alyssa Rose


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