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Miss Belgique, Miss België, Miss Belgien
Formation1929; 94 years ago (1929)
TypeBeauty pageant
Official language
Darline Devos

The Miss Belgium is a national beauty pageant in Belgium. The winner of Miss Belgium automatically represents her country at the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants if the dates do not overlap.


  • Belgian nationality
  • to be never married and without children
  • to have an age of 18 to 27 years [2], [3]


Queen of the Beach

The first contest looking for the most beautiful girl in Belgium was in 1928. It was journalist Jean-Jacques Fortis who organised the contest "La Reine de la Plage" - "The Queen of the Beach" as a promotion for the journal Piccolo, now Le Soir. It was Anne Koyaert who won the contest in Blankenberge.[1]

Miss Belgium

Following the success, Fortis was allowed to organise a bigger election. In 1929, Jenny Vanparys was the first girl officially crowned Miss Belgium. She participated in Miss Europe. The next year, Netta Duchâteau was the winner. Duchâteau participated and won the International Pageant of Pulchritude in 1931, earning her the title "Miss Universe 1931". Duchâteau became an instant celebrity and the Miss Belgium contest got a lot of attention.

In 1968, Cécile Muller took interest in the contest. In 1969 she organised for the first time Miss Belgium. Muller, who thought herself to be a feminist, took the contest very serious. She demanded the participants of the contest to be bilingual - being able to talk Dutch and French, the two main languages of Belgium. Muller gave the participants training how to handle interviews. She also followed and guided the winner of the Miss Belgium-title very strictly. Thanks to the guidance of Muller, the contest became bigger every year.[2] Muller saw the contest as an act of feminism and tried not to find the most beautiful face of Belgium but a modern young woman who could represent Belgium in every way.[3] She succeeded on launching the contest at television. In 1993 the contest was broadcast on VTM for the Flanders region and at RTL for the Walloon region. A million viewers saw the elections of Miss Belgium that decennia. Many of those winners - including Goedele Liekens, Lynn Wesenbeek, Sandrine Corman, Dina Tersago and Julie Taton - had successful careers in television. For the election of 1994 a new golden crown was made by a crown maker of Paris.[4]

In 2005, business woman Darline Devos became the new organiser of the election. She organized the election further. She succeeded in changing the preliminary provincial elections and applying the same rules in those contests. Every winner of those provincial contest was awarded one of the same eleven Swarovski-crowns.[5] A new crown for Miss Belgium was made, consisting of 500 Swarovski-crystals.[6] Devos also founded the Miss Belgium house, a house in the center of the country. It serves as the work place for the organisation of Miss Belgium and a place to stay for the reigning Miss Belgium.[7] She made a new deal for the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium with broadcaster VT4.[8] Although the girls of the next years were more successful at the Miss Universe and Miss World contests, the Belgian audience lost its interest in the election. Caused by declining viewership of the election, the contest was broadcast in the Dutch-speaking region by Vijftv, the small affiliate channel of VT4, in 2010-2011 and on digital broadcasters Life! in 2012, Studio 100 TV in 2013–2014, Ment TV in 2015, Fox Flanders in 2016-2018 and Eclips TV in 2019.[9] In the French-speaking region broadcaster RTL stopped broadcasting the election in 2012. It was succeeded by digital broadcaster STAR TV in 2012 and AB3 in 2013–2018. Since 2019 the contest no longer broadcast in Wallonia. Additionally, the election also meets criticism in Wallonia because most winners are from Flanders.[10]

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the election of Miss Belgium 2021 was postponed from January 2020 to March 2021.[11] A new crown made of white stones and some pink stones as finisher debuted at the election of Miss Belgium 2021.[12]

The Reigning Miss Belgium, Chayenne Van Aarle, had a major car accident during her last week of her reign. Since she was still recovering she wasn't able to be present at the election of her successor.[13] The Miss Belgium 2023 pageant show was postponed due to suspicions of a terrorist attack. A suspect was arrested, weapons were found in his car and after the venue was fully searched, the show started with a delay.[14] [15]


The Miss Belgium was met with controversy at different occasions. Miss Belgium 1952, Anne-Marie Pauwels refused to part from her boyfriend during the contest of Miss World 1952. She was disqualified and Belgium wasn't allowed to participate at Miss World 1953.

In 1971, the Dolle Mina's jumped on stage during the final of the election, yelling “We are not cattle!”.[16]

Miss Belgium 2002, Ann Van Elsen, was one of the candidates who refused to participate in the Miss World competition held in Nigeria in to protest the conviction of Amina Lawal.[17] This was against the wishes of the Miss Belgium organisation. Van Elsen was replaced by her first runner-up Sylvie Doclot.

Miss Belgium 2006, Virginie Claes, was accused of buying her title. No proof of this was found.[18] [19]

Alizée Poulicek, Miss Belgium 2008

The election of Alizee Poulicek, a native speaker of French and Czech, has even been linked to the 2007–08 Belgian government formation. The reason is that, during the traditional language test, she failed to speak or understand Dutch. The audience even booed her for this.[20] The behaviour of the audience was noted across Europe,[21][22] and the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws sarcastically put the headline "Miss Belgium doesn't speak Dutch. Our country is in a deep crisis".

Miss Belgium 2017, Romanie Schotte, was accused of racism because of a post at Instagram. An investigation was started by Unia (the Center of Equal Opportunities) on 17 January but it was already closed on 19 January.[23] In 2018 however, Miss Belgium 2018 Angeline Flor Pua, was met with much racism after winning. The Secretary of State of Equal Opportunities Zuhal Demir disapproved the racist comments and applauded the new Miss Belgium.[24] The reaction of Flor Pua was well received and even broadcast on the BBC.[25]


La Reine de la Plage

Year Miss Belgium Province Region Notes
1928 Anne Koyaert

Pre-World War II

Year Miss Belgium Province Region Notes
1929 Jenny Vanparays Brussels  Brussels
1930 Netta Duchâteau Namur  Wallonia Miss Universe 1931
1931 Suzanne Daudin
1932 Simone Eraerts Brussels  Brussels
1933 Georgette Casteels Brussels  Brussels
1934 Nadia Benedetti
1936 Laura Torfs
1937 Josée Decœur
1938 Mary Van Leda
1939 Gilberte de Somme Namur  Wallonia

Post-World War II

Annelies Törös, Miss Belgium 2015
Cilou Annys, Miss Belgium 2010
Zeynep Sever, Miss Belgium 2009
Véronique De Kock, Miss Belgium 1995
Year Miss Belgium Province Region Notes
1946 Ludovica Bil
1947 Yvette Draux
1948 Lucienne Van de Weghe
1949 Andréa Bouillon
1950 Nicole Poncelet
1951 Lucienne Zadworny
1952 Anne-Marie Pauwels disqualified at Miss World
1953 Sépia Degehet
1954 Nelly Dehem
1955 Rosette Ghislain
1956 Madeleine Hotelet
1957 Jeanne Chandelle
1958 Michèle Goethals
1959 Diane Hidalgo
1960 Huberte Box
1961 Jacqueline Oroi
1962 Christine Delit
1963 Irène Godin
1964 Danièle Defrère
1965 Lucy Nossent
1966 Lucy Nossent
1967 Mauricette Sironval
1968 Sonja Doumen Dilsen  Flanders
1969 Maud Alin Hainaut  Wallonia
1970 Francine Martin Liège  Wallonia
1971 Martine De Hert Antwerp  Flanders
1972 Anne-Marie Roger Brussels  Brussels
1973 Christiane De Visch Antwerp  Flanders
  • 3rd Runner-Up at Miss Europe 1973
1974 Anne-Marie Sikorski Liège  Wallonia
1975 Christine Delmelle Liège  Wallonia
1976 Yvette Aelbrecht Brussels  Brussels
1977 Claudine Vasseur Brussels  Brussels
1978 Maggy Moreau Brussels  Brussels
1979 Christine Cailliau Brussels  Brussels
  • 1st Runner-Up at Miss Europe 1980
1980 Brigitte Billen Limburg  Flanders
1981 Dominique Van Eeckhoudt Brussels  Brussels
1982 Marie-Pierre Lemaître Brussels  Brussels
1983 Francoise Bostoen West Flanders  Flanders
1984 Brigitte Muyshondt Antwerp  Flanders
1985 An Van Den Broeck Antwerp  Flanders
1986 Goedele Liekens Flemish Brabant  Flanders
1987 Lynn Wesenbeek Antwerp  Flanders
1988 Daisy Van Cauwenbergh Antwerp  Flanders
1989 Anne De Baetzelier Flemish Brabant  Flanders
1990 Katia Alens Antwerp  Flanders
1991 Anke Vandermeersch Antwerp  Flanders
1992 Sandra Joine Antwerp  Flanders
1993 Stephanie Meire West Flanders  Flanders
1994 Ilse De Meulemeester Flemish Brabant  Flanders
1995 Véronique De Kock Antwerp  Flanders
1996 Laurence Borremans Walloon Brabant  Wallonia
1997 Sandrine Corman Liège  Wallonia
1998 Tanja Dexters Antwerp  Flanders
1999 Brigitta Callens East Flanders  Flanders
2000 Joke van de Velde East Flanders  Flanders
2001 Dina Tersago Antwerp  Flanders
2002 Ann Van Elsen Antwerp  Flanders
2003 Julie Taton Namur  Wallonia
2004 Ellen Petri Antwerp  Flanders
2005 Tatiana Silva Brussels  Brussels
2006 Virginie Claes Limburg  Flanders
2007 Annelien Coorevits West Flanders  Flanders
2008 Alizée Poulicek Liège  Wallonia
2009 Zeynep Sever Brussels  Brussels
2010 Cilou Annys West Flanders  Flanders
2011 Justine De Jonckheere West Flanders  Flanders
2012 Laura Beyne Brussels  Brussels
2013 Noémie Happart Liège  Wallonia
2014 Laurence Langen Limburg  Flanders
  • Did not compete internationally
2015 Annelies Törös Antwerp  Flanders
2016 Lenty Frans Antwerp  Flanders
2017 Romanie Schotte West Flanders  Flanders
2018 Angeline Flor Pua Antwerp  Flanders
2019 Elena Castro Suarez Antwerp  Flanders
2020 Céline Van Ouytsel Antwerp  Flanders
2021 Kedist Deltour East Flanders  Flanders
2022 Chayenne van Aarle[26] Antwerp  Flanders
2023 Emilie Vansteenkiste[27] Flemish Brabant  Flanders

Titleholders under Miss Belgium org.

Miss Universe Belgium

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
Miss Belgium has started to send a Miss Belgium to Miss Universe from 1952. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. [28]
Year Province Miss Belgium Placement at Miss Universe Special Awards
2024 TBA
2023 Flemish Brabant Emilie Vansteenkiste Unplaced
2022 Antwerp Chayenne van Aarle[29] Unplaced
2021 East Flanders Kedist Deltour[30] Unplaced
2020 Antwerp Dhenia Covens[31] Unplaced
2019 Antwerp Angeline Flor Pua[32] Unplaced
2018 Namur Zoé Brunet Top 20[33]
2017 East Flanders Liesbeth Claus[34] Unplaced
2016 East Flanders Stephanie Geldhof[35] Unplaced
2015 Antwerp Annelies Törös Top 15[36]
2014 Flemish Brabant Anissa Blondin[37] Unplaced
2013 Liège Noémie Happart[38] Unplaced
2012 Brussels Laura Beyne[39] Unplaced
2011 West Flanders Justine De Jonckheere[40] Unplaced
2010 West Flanders Cilou Annys Top 15[41]
2009 Brussels Zeynep Sever[42] Top 15
2008 Liège Alizée Poulicek[43] Unplaced
2007 West Flanders Annelien Coorevits[44] Unplaced
2006 Brussels Tatiana Silva Unplaced
2005 Brussels Debby De Waele Unplaced
2004 Brussels Lindsy DeHollander Unplaced
2003 Namur Julie Taton Unplaced
2002 Antwerp Ann Van Elsen Unplaced
2001 Antwerp Dina Tersago Unplaced
2000 East Flanders Joke van de Velde Unplaced
1999 Antwerp Tanja Dexters Unplaced
1998 Liège Sandrine Corman Unplaced
1997 Walloon Brabant Laurence Borremans Unplaced
1996 Antwerp Véronique De Kock Unplaced
1995 Did not compete
1994 Christelle Roelandts Unplaced
  • Best Hairstyle
1993 Antwerp Sandra Joine Unplaced
1992 Antwerp Anke Vandermeersch Top 6
1991 Antwerp Katia Alens Unplaced
1990 Did not compete
1989 Flemish Brabant Anne De Baetzelier Unplaced
1988 Antwerp Daisy Van Cauwenbergh Unplaced
1987 Did not compete
1986 Flemish Brabant Goedele Liekens Unplaced
1985 Antwerp An Van Den Broeck Unplaced
1984 Antwerp Brigitte Muyshondt Unplaced
1983 West Flanders Francoise Bostoen Unplaced
1982 Brussels Marie-Pierre Lemaître Unplaced
1981 Brussels Dominique Van Eeckhoudt 4th Runner-up [45]
1980 Limburg Brigitte Billen Unplaced
1979 Brussels Christine Cailliau Unplaced
1978 Françoise Helene Julia Moens Top 12
1977 Brussels Claudine Vasseur Unplaced
1976 Brussels Yvette Aelbrecht Unplaced
1975 Liège Christine Delmelle Unplaced
1974 Liège Anne-Marie Sikorski Unplaced
1973 Antwerp Christiane De Visch Unplaced
1972 Brussels Anne-Marie Roger Top 12
1971 Antwerp Martine De Hert Unplaced
1970 Liège Francine Martin Unplaced
1969 Danièle Roels Unplaced
1968 Sonja Doumen Unplaced
1967 Mauricette Sironval Unplaced
1966 Mireille De Man Unplaced
1965 Lucy Emilie Nossent Unplaced
1964 Danièle Defrère Unplaced
1963 Irène Godin Unplaced
1962 Christine Delit Unplaced
1961 Nicole Ksinozenicki Unplaced
1960 Huberte Box Unplaced
1959 Hélène Savigny Top 15
1958 Liliane Taelemans Unplaced
1957 Janine Hanotiau Unplaced
1956 Lucienne Auquier Top 15
1955 Nicole De Meyer Top 15
1954 Christiane Darnay Neckaerts Unplaced
1953 Elayne Cortois Unplaced
1952 Myriam Lynn Unplaced

Miss World Belgium

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
Year Province Miss Belgium Placement at Miss World Special Awards
2023 East Flanders Kedist Deltour TBA
2022 Miss World 2021 was rescheduled to 16 March 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Puerto Rico, no edition started in 2022
2021 Antwerp Céline Van Ouytsel Unplaced
2020 Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no competition held
2019 Antwerp Elena Castro Suarez Unplaced
2018 Antwerp Angeline Flor Pua Top 30
2017 West Flanders Romanie Schotte Unplaced
2016 Antwerp Lenty Frans Top 11
2015 West Flanders Leylah Alliët Unplaced
2014 Flemish Brabant Anissa Blondin Unplaced
2013 Liège Noémie Happart Top 20
2012 Brussels Laura Beyne Unplaced
2011 West Flanders Justine De Jonckheere Unplaced
2010 West Flanders Cilou Annys Unplaced
2009 Brussels Zeynep Sever Unplaced
2008 Liège Alizée Poulicek Unplaced
2007 Brussels Halima Chehaima Unplaced
2006 Limburg Virginie Claes Unplaced
2005 Brussels Tatiana Silva Unplaced
2004 Antwerp Ellen Petri Unplaced
2003 Namur Julie Taton Unplaced
2002 Sylvie Doclot Unplaced
2001 Antwerp Dina Tersago Unplaced
2000 East Flanders Joke van de Velde Unplaced
1999 East Flanders Brigitta Callens Unplaced
1998 Antwerp Tanja Dexters Unplaced
1997 Liège Sandrine Corman Unplaced
1996 Walloon Brabant Laurence Borremans Top 10
1995 Antwerp Véronique De Kock Unplaced
1994 Flemish Brabant Ilse De Meulemeester Unplaced
1993 West Flanders Stéphanie Meire Unplaced
1992 Antwerp Sandra Joine Unplaced
1991 Antwerp Anke Vandermeersch Unplaced
1990 Antwerp Katia Alens Unplaced
1989 Greet Ramaekers Unplaced
1988 Antwerp Daisy Van Cauwenbergh Unplaced
1987 Antwerp Lynn Wesenbeek Unplaced
1986 Flemish Brabant Goedele Liekens Unplaced
1985 Antwerp An Van Den Broeck Unplaced
1984 Antwerp Brigitte Muyshondt Unplaced
1983 West Flanders Francoise Bostoen Top 15
1982 Brussels Marie-Pierre Lemaître Unplaced
1981 Brussels Dominique Van Eeckhoudt Top 15
1980 Limburg Brigitte Billen Unplaced
1979 Brussels Christine Cailliau Unplaced
1978 Françoise Helene Julia Moens Unplaced
1977 Brussels Claudine Vasseur Unplaced
1976 Brussels Yvette Aelbrecht Unplaced
1975 Liège Christine Delmelle Unplaced
1974 Liège Anne-Marie Sikorski Unplaced
1973 Antwerp Christiane De Visch Unplaced
1972 Brussels Anne-Marie Roger Unplaced
1971 Antwerp Martine De Hert Unplaced
1970 Liège Francine Martin Unplaced
1969 Hainaut Maud Alin Unplaced
  • Miss Friendship



In 1993, the election of Miss Belgium debuted on television.[48] Since then the election was broadcoasted every year.

Miss Belgium Date Winner Presentation Broadcoaster
Flanders Wallonia Flanders Wallonia
1993 ? Stephanie Meire Lynn Wesenbeek ? VTM RTL
1994 ? Ilse De Meulemeester ?
1995 ? Véronique De Kock ?
1996 ? Laurence Borremans ?
1997 ? Sandrine Corman ?
1998 ? Tanja Dexters ?
1999 ? Brigitta Callens ?
2000 ? Joke van de Velde ?
2001 8-12-2000 Dina Tersago Francesca Vanthielen[49] Jean-Michel Zecca
2002 7-12-2001 Ann Van Elsen
2003 29-11-2002 Julie Taton
2004 12-12-2003 Ellen Petri
2005 12-12-2004 Tatiana Silva
2006 18-12-2005 Virginie Claes
2007 19-12-2006 Annelien Coorevits
2008 15-12-2007 Alizée Poulicek Véronique De Kock VT4[50]
2009 23-12-2008 Zeynep Sever]
2010 10-1-2010 Cilou Annys Sandrine Corman Vijftv
2011 9-1-2011 Justine De Jonckheere
2012 5-3-2012 Laura Beyne Sophie Pendeville Life! STAR TV
2013 6-1-2013 Noémie Happart Jean-Luc Bertrand Studio 100 TV AB3
2014 11-1-2014 Laurence Langen Patrick Ridremont
2015 10-1-2015 Annelies Törös Ment TV
2016 9-1-2016 Lenty Frans Fox Flanders
2017 14-1-2017 Romanie Schotte
2018 13-1-2018 Angeline Flor Pua
2019 12-1-2019 Elena Castro Suarez Virginie Claes[51] / Eclips TV
2020 11-1-2020 Céline Van Ouytsel Gaëtan Bartosz RTL Play
2021 31-3-3021 Kedist Deltour Jill Vandermeulen
2022 26-3-2022 Chayenne van Aarle Gaëtan Bartosz Sudinfo
2023 11-2-2023 Emilie Vansteenkiste

In 2002 and 2003, VTM aired the docuseries Miss België, achter de schermen about the candidates and the preparation for the election show.[52] [53] In 2008, when the show was moved to broadcoaster VT4, a new docusoap Wie wordt Miss België 2008 aired.[54] [55]


In 1999, Miss Belgium-organiser Cécile Muller wrote a book about her 30 year experience of the contest and the 600 girls she guided.[56]

In 2007 a book Een leven als Miss België was released. It included a timeline about the contest, interviews of 15 ex-winners and the diary of Miss Belgium 2007, Annelien Coorevits.[57] [58]

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