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Miss Bahamas World
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Miss Bahamas is a national Beauty pageant in The Bahamas.


The Miss Bahamas Committee staged the Miss Bahamas Pageant for 40 years. In 2002, the franchise for the Miss Universe pageant was awarded to Theophilus Fritz and Gaynell Rolle who ran the pageant until 2009. In 2010, the Miss Bahamas Organization (MBO) headed by journalist Michelle Malcolm was awarded the franchise for Miss Universe [1]. At the time, MBO - which was formed in 2006 - was already producing the Miss World Bahamas pageant since the year 2007.

After receiving the Miss Universe franchise, MBO combined the Miss World and Miss Universe systems into one local pageant, crowning one winner who would compete in both international pageants. This was the first time in the history of pageants in The Bahamas that the license for both Miss Universe and Miss World were held by the same organization. Braneka Bassett competed in Miss Universe in 2010 and went unplaced. She then competed in Miss World that same year and advanced to the semifinals. The following year, MBO crowned two winners - Anastagia Pierre for Miss Universe and Sasha Joyce for Miss World. Runners up were sent to Miss Supranational and Miss Intercontinental. In 2012 due to a change in date of the Miss World pageant, Daronique Young - 1st runner up to Sasha Joyce in 2011 - represented The Bahamas at the Miss World competition where she went unplaced. Celeste Marshall was crowned Miss Universe Bahamas in 2012 and competed in Miss Universe in 2012. De'Andra Bannister was crowned Miss World Bahamas and competed in Miss World in 2013 and went unplaced.

In 2013 after undergoing a major restructuring process, MBO separated the two national pageants into separate events - Miss Universe Bahamas and Miss World Bahamas. In 2014 MBO sent Tomacina "Tomii" Culmer to Miss Universe, and this was the last time MBO would hold the Miss Universe franchise for The Bahamas.

In 2015, 2016 and 2017 the Miss Universe franchise for The Bahamas as Miss Universe Bahamas was operated by Albany Resort and Ivy Lane Ltd. Michelle Collie and Loretta Thomas were National Directors. In 2015, Toria Nichole Penn represented The Bahamas at Miss Universe, and in 2016 Cherell Williamson competed at Miss Universe. In 2017 Ivy Lane Ltd. sent Yasmine Cooke as Miss Universe Bahamas to Las Vegas to compete at Miss Universe. This would be the last time Albany Resort together with Ivy Lane Ltd. would hold the Miss Universe franchise for The Bahamas.

In 2018 the Miss Universe franchise for The Bahamas as Miss Universe Bahamas is operated by Westpoint Media Global Ltd. At the time, Westpoint Media was already producing the Miss Teen Bahamas Scholar Pageant since the year 2016 and the Miss Teen Bahamas International Pageant from 2012 to 2015. Headed by Anthony Smith, he became the National Director on June 4, 2018. PJ Michelle Douglas Sands is the Director of Pageant and Branding Affairs. The Miss Bahamas Universe Executive Board and Committee is composed of several professionals with decades of experience in pageantry, entertainment, coaching and careers in law, medicine, government, tourism, hospitality, entertainment, TV, stage and film. Westpoint Media opted to change the name back to Miss Bahamas Universe to restore and continue to retain use of Miss Bahamas as this is the Official and National Pageant of The Bahamas with Miss Universe being the most coveted title in the worldwide pageant scene. Contestants from around the world compete for the title of Miss Universe each year.

On September 16, 2018 Danielle Simone Grant was selected as Miss Bahamas Universe and will represent The Bahamas in Bangkok, Thailand at Miss Universe on December 16, 2018.


  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner

Miss Bahamas Universe

The main winner of Miss Bahamas was previously sending to Miss Universe pageant. Since 2018 Miss Universe Bahamas Organization took the franchise in the Bahamas.

Miss Bahamas World

The Bahamas sent the official candidates to Miss World since 1966. The Miss Bahamas World winner sends to Miss World pageant.
Year Miss Bahamas World
Miss Bahamas (MB Organization)
Placement at Miss World Special Awards Notes
2021 Sienna Evans[1] Top 40
2020 Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no pageant in 2020
2019 Nyah Christine Barber Unplaced
2018 Brinique Gibson Unplaced
2017 Geena Alyssa Thompson Unplaced
2016 Ashley Bettina Hamilton Unplaced
2015 Chantel O'Brian Unplaced Later Miss Bahamas Universe 2021
2014 Rosetta Cartwright Unplaced
2013 De'Andra Bannister Unplaced
2012 Daronique Rashan Chalandra Young Unplaced
  • World Designer Dress Award
Appointed ― Miss Bahamas 2010 (2nd Runner-up)
2011 Sasha Celesie Joyce Unplaced
2010 Braneka Constance Bassett Top 25
2009 Joanna Brown Unplaced
2008 Tinnyse Johnson Unplaced
2007 Anya Watkins Unplaced
2006 Deandrea Conliffe Unplaced Michelle Malcolm Directorship
2005 Ordain Moss Unplaced
Miss Bahamas World
2004 Brianna Clarke Unplaced
2003 Shantell Hall Unplaced
2002 T’Shura Ambrose Unplaced
2001 Kiara Sherman No official Miss Bahamas 2001 titleholder for Miss World 2001 and the representative that was planned to represent the country at Miss World backed out due to lack of time and preparation and also because she wasn't an official titleholder of Bahamas.[2] Later Miss Bahamas Universe 2009.
2000 Latia Bowe Unplaced
1999 Mary Watkins Unplaced
1998 LeTeasha Henrietta Ingraham Unplaced
Miss Commonwealth Bahamas (MCB Committee)
1998 Nadia Rodgers-Albury Did not compete Miss Bahamas Committee lost the Miss World franchise and the new organization decided to hold a new contest thus, Nadia Rodgers-Albury did not compete at Miss World.
1997 Alveta Adderley Unplaced
1996 Nicole Symonette Miss Bahamas World 1996 was still held but due to financial problems their winner, Nicole Symonette, could not compete and the committee that organized both this pageant could not send her to Miss World.
1995 Loleta Marie Smith Unplaced
1994 Deanna Tamara North Unplaced
1993 Jacinda Saye Francis Unplaced
1992 Jody Barbara Weech Top 10
1991 Tarnia Paula Newton Stuart Unplaced
1990 Lisa Gizelle Strachan Unplaced
1989 Carolyn Moree Unplaced
1988 Natasha Rolle Unplaced
1987 Indira Regina Wood Unplaced
1986 Bridgette Strachan Unplaced
1985 Rhonda Lea Cornea Unplaced
1984 Yvette Monique Rolle Unplaced
1983 Lucille Bullen Unplaced
1982 Oralee Laverne Stubbs Unplaced
1981 Monique Ferguson Unplaced
1980 Bernadette Louise Cash Unplaced
1979 Deborah Elizabeth Major Unplaced
1978 Donna Marie McCook Unplaced
1977 Laurie Lee Joseph Unplaced
1976 Larona Miller Unplaced
1975 Ava Marilyn Burke Unplaced
1974 Monique Betty Cooper Unplaced
1973 Deborah Louise Isaacs Unplaced Appointed ― Miss Bahamas World 1972 (3rd Runner-up)
1972 Heather (Hedda) Cleare Unplaced
1971 Frances Clarkson Unplaced
1970 June Justina Brown Unplaced
1969 Wanda Pearce Unplaced
1968 Rose Helena Dauchot Unplaced
1967 Did not compete in 1967.
1966 Dorothy Cooper Unplaced
Did not compete from 1951-1965, debuted in 1966.

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