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Miss Austria Corporation
Miss Österreich
MISSion Austria
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Kerstin Rigger
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Miss Austria is a national Beauty pageant in Austria.


Began in 1929 the Miss Österreich managed by Illustriate Kronen Zeitug Agency. Since then the winner went to International Pageant of Pulchritude or famously called as Miss Universe. Lisl Goldarbeiter, Miss Austria 1929 of Vienna won the first International competition.

  • Started in 1929, Miss Austria franchised the Miss Europe license.
  • Started in 1953, Miss Austria franchised the Miss Universe license.
  • Started in 1955, Miss Austria franchised the Miss World license.
  • In 1956 Erich Reindl took over the brand of Miss Österreich or Miss Austria.
  • Started in 1960, Miss Austria franchised the Miss International license.
  • In 1992 Emil Bauer bought the Miss Austria Corporation.
  • In 2012 Silvia Schachermayer (formerly Silvia Hackl, Miss Austria 2004) handled the Miss Austria Corporation.[1]
  • Started in 2016, Miss Austria franchised the Miss Earth license.
  • In 2018, Joerg Rigger made his debut to be the CEO of Miss Austria Corporation where later on Kerstin Rigger took over as CEO of Mission Austria.
    • The Miss Austria Organization has returned the Miss World and Miss Universe participation franchises. Therefore, Austria is not allowed to compete on both Miss World and Miss Universe pageants starting in 2018.[2]

Note: In the pageant of Miss Austria, the first and second placed candidates of each federal state take part. So in the final there are 18 delegates from the 9 Bundesländer.

Franchise holders[edit]

The Miss Austria winner traditionally goes to Miss Universe and Miss World competitions, it sometimes could be allocated to Miss Europe. A Runner-up will take over if the winner does not qualify to represent Austria on World stage. In Schachermayer directorship between 2015 and 2017 the Miss Austria result divided into Top 3 classification winners. Before announcing the grand winner of Miss Austria, the Top 3 automatically awarded as Miss Earth Austria, Miss World Austria and lastly, Miss Universe Austria.

Number of wins under
Miss Austria
Pageant Wins
Miss Europe 5
Miss World 2
International Pageant of Pulchritude 1
Miss Universe 0
Miss International 0
Miss Earth 0
Here High Achievement from Miss Austria delegates between 1929 and 2013:
  • Miss Europe (1950, 1958, 1959, 1978, 1980) - Began 2006 the Miss Austria did not send a contestant to Miss Europe, after the organization absence for long time.
  • Miss International (1963, 1972, 1982) - Since 1995 Austria does not present representative at Miss International.
  • Miss World (1969, 1987)
  • Miss Earth (2013) - Began 2018 a delegate from Austria had selected by another franchise holder.
  • Miss Universe (1977)
  • International Pageant of Pulchritude (1929)


Year Miss Austria Province/State Notes
1927 Hilde Ptack Vienna
1929 Lisl Goldarbeiter Vienna Miss Universe 1929
International Pageant of Pulchritude
1930 Ingeborg von Grienberger Styria
1931 Hertha van Haentjens Vienna
1948 Ingrid Jonaszin Vienna
1949 Nadja Tiller Vienna
1950 Hanni Schall Vienna Miss Europe 1950
1951 Nadja Tiller Vienna Did not compete
1952 Inge Fröwis Vorarlberg
1953 Lore Felger Wien
1954 Sonja Waltraude Edelmann Vienna
1955 Felicitas von Goebel Vienna
1956 Traudl Eichinger Burgenland
1957 Hannerl Melcher Vienna
1958 Hanni Ehrenstrasser Vienna Miss Europe 1958
1959 Christl Spazier[3] Vienna Miss Europe 1959
1960 Luise Kammermeier Burgenland
1961 Heidi Fischer Vienna
1962 Dorli Lazek Vienna
1963 Erika Kammbach Burgenland Did not compete
1964 Evi Rieck Lower Austria Did not compete
1965 Carin Schmidt Salzburg
1966 Brigitte Krüger Salzburg
1967 Christl Bartu[4] Vorarlberg
1968 Eva Rueber-Staier Styria Miss World 1969
1969 Evi Kurtz Styria
1970 Sonja Milnaric Tyrol Did not compete
1971 Roswita Winkler Lower Austria Did not compete
1972 Ursula Bacher[5] Carinthia
1973 Roswitha Kobald[6] Styria
1974 Evelyn Engleder Upper Austria
1975 Rosemarie Holzschuh Lower Austria
1976 Heidi Passian Lower Austria
1977 Eva Maria Düringer Vorarlberg Miss Europe 1978
1978 Doris Anwander Vorarlberg
1979 Karin Zorn Styria Miss Europe 1980
1980 Helga Scheidl Lower Austria Did not compete
1981 Edda Schnell Lower Austria
1982 Elisabeth Kawan Styria
1983 Mercedes Stermitz Styria
1984 Michaela Nußbaumer Vorarlberg
1985 Elfride Heindl Styria Did not compete
1986 Ulli Harb Styria Did not compete
1987 Marielle Moosmann Vorarlberg Did not compete
1988 Sabine Grundner Carinthia Did not compete
1989 Nicole Natter Vorarlberg Did not compete
1990 Susanne Hausleitner Styria Did not compete
1991 Christine Heiss Vorarlberg Did not compete
1992 Tamara Mock Vorarlberg Did not compete
1993 Jutta Mirnig Carinthia
1994 Eva Medosch Vienna Did not compete
1995 Dagmar Perl Styria Did not compete
1996 Sonja Horner Upper Austria Did not compete
1997 Susanne Nagele Tyrol
1998 Sabine Lindorfer Upper Austria
1999 Sandra Köbl Vorarlberg
2000 Patricia Kaiser Upper Austria
2001 Daniela Rockenschaub Upper Austria
2002 Céline Roscheck Lower Austria Did not compete
2003 Tanja Duhović Vienna Did not compete
2004 Silvia Hackl Upper Austria Did not compete
2005 Isabella Stangl Salzburg Did not compete
2006 Tatjana Batinić Vienna
2007 Christine Reiler Lower Austria
2008 Marina Schneider Tyrol Did not compete
2009 Anna Hammel Upper Austria
2010 Valentina Schlager Carinthia Did not compete
2011 Carmen Stamboli Vienna Did not compete
2012 Amina Dagi Vorarlberg
2013 Ena Kadic Tyrol
2014 Julia Furdea Upper Austria
2015 Annika Grill Upper Austria
2016 Dragana Stankovic Lower Austria
2017 Celine Schrenk Lower Austria
2018 Daniela Zivkov Upper Austria Dethroned
Did not compete
Izabela Ion Vorarlberg Successor
2019 Larissa Robitschko Styria Did not compete
2021/2022 Linda Lawal Upper Austria Did not compete
2023 Valentina Bleckenwegner Upper Austria Did not compete


Big Four pageants representatives[edit]

The following women have represented Austria in the Big Four international beauty pageants, the four major international beauty pageants for women.[7][8] These are Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth.[9][10][11]

Miss Universe Austria[edit]

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The Miss Austria competes at Miss Universe pageant. Between 2005-2012, Austria did not participate at the Miss Universe pageant due to lack sponsorship. In 2013, Miss Austria Organization regained the license to compete at the Miss Universe pageant. In 2018, the organization returned the local franchise to the MUO organization.[citation needed]
Year Province Miss Universe Austria Placement at Miss Universe Special Awards Notes
Did not compete since 2018—Present
2017 Lower Austria Celine Schrenk Unplaced
2016 Upper Austria Dajana Dzinic Unplaced Received the title of "Miss Universe Austria" in the Top 3 finale
2015 Vorarlberg Amina Dagi Unplaced Appointed as "Miss Universe Austria 2015" after the Miss Austria 2015 allocated to Miss World — Amina Dagi was Miss Austria 2012
2014 Upper Austria Julia Furdea Unplaced
2013 Upper Austria Doris Hofmann Unplaced Silvia Schachermayer Directorship
Did not compete between 2005—2012
2004 Vienna Daniela Strigl Unplaced Vladimir Kraljević (Miss Universe Croatia Organization) Directorship
Did not compete between 2000—2003
1999 Vienna Katja Giebner Unplaced
Did not compete between 1994—1998
1993 Vienna Rosemary Bruckner Unplaced
1992 Vienna Karin Friedl Unplaced Emil Bauer Directorship
1991 Did not compete
1990 Vienna Sandra Luttenburger Unplaced
1989 Vienna Bettina Berghold Unplaced
1988 Vienna Maria Steinhart Unplaced
1987 Vienna Kristina Sebestyen Unplaced
1986 Vienna Manuela Redtenbacher Unplaced
1985 Vienna Martina Haiden Unplaced
1984 Vorarlberg Michaela Nußbaumer Unplaced
1983 Styria Mercedes Stermitz Unplaced
1982 Styria Elisabeth Kawan Unplaced
1981 Vienna Gudrun Gollop Unplaced
1980 Vienna Isabel Stefanie Muller Unplaced
1979 Styria Karin Zorn Unplaced
1978 Vorarlberg Doris Anwander Unplaced
1977 Vorarlberg Eva Düringer 1st Runner-up
1976 Lower Austria Heidi Passian Unplaced
1975 Lower Austria Rosemarie Holzschuh Unplaced
1974 Upper Austria Evelyn Engleder Unplaced
1973 Styria Roswitha Kobald Unplaced
1972 Carinthia Ursula Bacher Unplaced
1971 Vienna Edeltraud Neubauer Unplaced
1970 Vienna Evi Ifriede Kurz Unplaced
1969 Styria Eva Rueber-Staier Top 12
1968 Salzburg Brigitte Krüger Unplaced
1967 Vorarlberg Christl Bartu Unplaced
1966 Vienna Renate Polacek Unplaced
1965 Salzburg Carin Schmidt Unplaced
  • Miss Photogenic
1964 Vienna Gloria Mackh Unplaced
1963 Vienna Gertraud Bergler Top 15
1962 Vienna Christa Linder Top 15
1961 Vorarlberg Ingrid Bayer Unplaced
1960 Vienna Elizabeth Hodacs 2nd Runner-up
1959 Vienna Christl Spazier Unplaced
1958 Did not compete
1957 Vienna Hannerl Melcher Top 16 Erich Reindl Directorship
Did not compete between 1954—1956
1953 Vienna Lore Felger Top 16 Illustriate Kronen Zeitug Agency

Miss World Austria[edit]

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
Year Province Miss World Austria Placement at Miss World Special Awards Notes
Did not compete since 2019—Present
2018 Vorarlberg Izabela Ion Unplaced Selected as the new Miss Austria 2018; Ion previously placed as the 1st Runner-up
2017 Vienna Sarah Chvala Unplaced Received the title of "Miss World Austria" in the Top 3 finale
2016 Lower Austria Dragana Stankovic Unplaced
2015 Upper Austria Annika Grill Unplaced
2014 Upper Austria Julia Furdea Unplaced
2013 Tyrol Ena Kadic Unplaced
2012 Vorarlberg Amina Dagi Unplaced Later Miss Universe Austria 2015
2011 Vienna Julia Hofer Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
2010 Did not compete
2009 Upper Austria Anna Hammel Unplaced
2008 Vienna Kathrin Krahfuss Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
2007 Lower Austria Christine Reiler Top 16
2006 Vienna Tatjana Batinić Unplaced
Did not compete between 2002—2005
2001 Upper Austria Daniela Rockenschaub Unplaced
2000 Upper Austria Patricia Kaiser Unplaced
1999 Vorarlberg Sandra Köbl Unplaced
1998 Upper Austria Sabine Lindorfer Unplaced
1997 Tyrol Susanne Nagele Unplaced
1996 Vienna Bettina Buxbaumer Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1995 Vienna Elizabeth Unfried Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1994 Vienna Bianca Engel Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1993 Carinthia Jutta Mirnig Unplaced
1992 Vienna Kerstin Kinberg Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1991 Vienna Andrea Isabella Pfeiffer Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1990 Vienna Carina Friedberger Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1989 Vienna Marion Amann Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1988 Vienna Alexandra Werbanschitz Top 15 Runner-up / Appointed
1987 Styria Ulla Weigerstorfer Miss World 1987 Runner-up / Appointed
1986 Vienna Chantal Schreiber 2nd Runner-up Runner-up / Appointed
1985 Gabriele Maxonus Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1984 Upper Austria Heidemarie Pilgerstorfer Top 15 Runner-up / Appointed
1983 Styria Mercedes Stermitz Top 15
1982 Did not compete
1981 Vorarlberg Beatrix Kopf Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1980 Sonya-Maria Schlepp Top 15 Runner-up / Appointed
1979 Styria Karin Zorn 6th Runner-up
1978 Vorarlberg Doris Anwander Top 15
1977 Vorarlberg Eva Düringer Top 15
1976 Monika Muhlbauer Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1975 Lower Austria Rosemarie Holzschuh Unplaced
1974 Upper Austria Evelyn Engleder Unplaced
1973 Roswitha Kobald Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1972 Carinthia Ursula Bacher 3rd Runner-up
1971 Waltraud Lucas Top 15 Runner-up / Appointed
1970 Rosemarie Resch Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1969 Styria Eva Rueber-Staier Miss World 1969
1968 Brigitte Krüger Top 15
1967 Vorarlberg Christl Bartu Unplaced
1966 Did not compete
1965 Ingrid Kopetzky Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1964 Vienna Dorli Lazek Unplaced
1963 Sonja Russ Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1962 Inge Jaklin Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1961 Hella Wolfsgruber Top 15 Runner-up / Appointed
1960 Did not compete
1959 Helga Knofel Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1958 Did not compete
1957 Lilo Fischer Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1956 Margaret Scherz Unplaced Runner-up / Appointed
1955 Vienna Felicitas von Goebel Top 15

Miss Earth Austria[edit]

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
Began 2016 Miss Earth Austria becomes a major title of Miss Austria Organization. In 2018 the Miss Earth Austria moved to another franchise holder.
Year Province Miss Earth Austria Placement at Miss Earth Special Awards Notes
2017 Upper Austria Bianca Kronsteiner Unplaced Received the title of "Miss Earth Austria" in the Top 3 finale
2016 Lower Austria Kimberly Budinsky Unplaced Received the title of "Miss Earth Austria" in the Top 3 finale

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