Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (Pakistan)

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Ministry of Regions
وزارتِ ریاستی و سرحدی امور
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Pakistan
HeadquartersIslamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Minister responsible
  • Vacant, Federal Minister
Agency executive

The Ministry of States and Frontier Regions Urdu: وزارتِ ریاستی و سرحدی امور, wazarat-e- reyasti o sarhadi umoor (abbreviated as SAFRON) is a federal ministry in Pakistan.[2]

The main responsibilities of the ministry are the administrative affairs and development activities in the tribal areas of Pakistan, including Frontier Regions of Pakistan and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).[3][4]

Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees[edit]

In 1980, the Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees was established in Islamabad under SAFRON.[5] This was in response to the influx of refugees from Afghanistan to Pakistan from 1979, due to the Soviet invasion and factional fighting in Afghanistan.

The main functions of Commissionerate are to manage Afghan refugees and support the provision of basic facilities for the welfare of Afghan refugees, coordinating activities with federal and provincial government, NGOs, and international agencies specially UNHCR.[6]

There is a Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees in each province except Sindh.[7][8]

Cadet College Razmak[edit]

Cadet College Razmak, North Waziristan Agency is an autonomous body of the ministry.[9]

List of ministers[edit]

Name Entered office Left office
Shaukatullah Khan 11 February 2011 11 February 2012
Chaudhry Muhammad Barjees Tahir 13 June 2012 11 February 2013
Najmud din Khan N/A N/A
Abdul Qadeer Baloch 7 June 2013 28 July 2017
Abdul Qadir Baloch 4 August 2017 31 May 2018
Roshan Khursheed Bharucha 5 June 2018 18 August 2018
Tariq Bashir Cheema (Federal Minister) 20 August 2018 6 September 2018
Shehryar Khan Afridi (Minister of State) 18 April 2019 25 September 2020
Sahabzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan (Federal Minister) 20 November 2019 09 April 2022
Muhammad Talha Mahmood (Federal Minister) 19 April 2022 Till date

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