Merging Technologies

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Merging Technologies S.A.
IndustryProfessional audio
Founded1990; 33 years ago (1990) in Puidoux, Switzerland
FounderClaude Cellier
Area served
  • Pyramix
  • Ovation
  • VCube
  • Horus
  • Hapi

Merging Technologies is a Swiss manufacturer of professional audio hardware and software.


Merging Technologies was founded in 1990 in Puidoux, Vaud, by EPFL electrical engineering graduate Claude Cellier.[1][2]

In 2022, Merging Technologies was acquired by Sennheiser.[3] [4][5]

Digital eXtreme Definition[edit]

DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition) is a digital audio format that originally was developed by Philips and Merging Technologies[6] for editing high-resolution recordings recorded in DSD, the audio standard used on Super Audio CD (SACD).



Hardware manufactured by Merging includes the following:

  • MERGING+ANUBIS (Networked AD/DA audio interface)[7]
  • Horus (Networked AD/DA audio interface)[8]
  • Hapi (Networked AD/DA audio interface)[8]
  • Hapi MkII (Networked AD/DA audio interface)[9]
  • MERGING+NADAC (Audiophile DAC)[10]
  • Mykerinos (DSP card, now discontinued)
  • DUA & DUAII (AD/DA converters, now discontinued)
  • Sphynx & Sphynx 2 (AD/DA converters, now discontinued)


Merging develops software products which include the following:

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