Mazum reservoir

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Mazum Dam
Mazum reservoir is located in Gujarat
Mazum reservoir
Location of Mazum Dam in Gujarat
Mazum reservoir is located in India
Mazum reservoir
Mazum reservoir (India)
Official nameMazam Dam
Coordinates23°29′16″N 73°21′06″E / 23.487701°N 73.3515453°E / 23.487701; 73.3515453
PurposeFlood Control, Irrigation
Construction began1979
Opening date1984[1]
Dam and spillways
Type of damEarthen
ImpoundsMazum River
Length2402 m[1]
CreatesMazam Reservoir
Total capacity1916 TMC[1]

The Mazum Dam (alternatively Mazam) is built on the small river Mazum in the Aravalli District about 9 km from Modasa, Gujarat, India. The dam supplies water, allowing farmers to harvest their crops, and is also used when nearby towns are running out of water.


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