Marthe Matongo

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Marthe Matongo
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Member of the National Assembly
In office
Personal details
Born30 April 1933
Bambari, Ubangi-Shari

Marthe Matongo (born 30 April 1933) was a Central African social worker, politician and women's rights activist. In 1964 she became the first woman elected to the National Assembly.


Matongo was born into a Gbanzili family in Bambari in April 1933.[1][2] Her father Michel was a teacher and she became one of the first girls in Ubangi-Shari to earn a primary school certificate.[1] She subsequently studied in France and became a social worker.[1]

A member of the Movement for the Social Evolution of Black Africa (MESAN), Matongo was a candidate in the 1964 parliamentary elections. MESAN was the sole legal party and ran unopposed, resulting in Matongo becoming the first woman in the National Assembly.[3] In the same year she was one of the founders of the Union of Central African Women, becoming its secretary general, and broadcast a radio programme Magazine of the Women.[1] The National Assembly was subsequently dissolved in 1966 following the Saint-Sylvestre coup d'état.


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