Margaret Beavan

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Margaret Beavan (1877 – 22 February 1931) was an English politician who was the first female Lord Mayor of Liverpool in 1927.[1][2][3][4]

Beaven attended Belvedere School, and then the Royal Holloway College.[5] She was also educated at Liverpool Institute High School for Girls, in the same form as Maude Royden. Outside of her political career, she was a well known campaigner for the welfare of children and their mothers.[6] She founded the Liverpool Child Welfare Association, Liverpool Open Air Hospital for Children, Royal Liverpool Babies Hospital, Ellen Gonner Convalescent Home, and the Tired Mothers' Rest Home.[5]

In 1927, Beaven became the first woman Lord Mayor of Liverpool. At the 1929 United Kingdom general election, she stood unsuccessfully as a Conservative Party candidate in Liverpool Everton. She was also a member of the National Council of Women of Great Britain.[5]


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