Makran (princely state)

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Balochi: مکُران
Princely state of Pakistan
18th century–14 October 1955
Flag of Makran
Makran Map.gif
Map of Pakistan with Makran highlighted
CapitalKech (Turbat)
54,000 km2 (21,000 sq mi)
• Established
18th century
• Disestablished
14 October 1955
Today part ofBalochistan, Pakistan

Makran (Urdu: ریاست مکران) was an autonomous princely state in a subsidiary alliance with British India until 1947, before being absorbed as an autonomous princely state of Pakistan.[1] It ceased to exist in 1955. It was located in the extreme southwest of present-day Pakistan, an area now occupied by the districts of Gwadar, Kech and Panjgur. The state did not include the enclave of Omani Gwadar, which was under Omani rule until 1958.

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