M. A. Khan

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Kunwar Mahmud Ali Khan (16 June 1920 – 22 April 2001) was an Indian politician born in the village of Jogipura, Meerut. He was an Advocate by profession and a farmer. He did BA LLB from Meerut College, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

Political career[edit]

  • Governor of Madhya Pradesh (1990–93)
  • Member of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Congress Party Daasna constituency (1957–62)
  • Member of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (1968–74)
  • Re-entered active politics in 1974
  • Active involvement in Lok Nayak Jaya Prakash Narayan Movement (1974–77)
  • Detained during Emergency under MISA (June 1975 to January 1977)
  • Lok Sabha Member Janata Party from Hapur constituency (1977–80)
  • Member of Central Haj Committee
  • Member of AMU court
  • Member of Government Assurances Committee
  • Member of the Consultative Committee on Law, Justice and Company Affairs
  • Member of National Language Committee
  • Leader of Indian delegation to Russia on Indo-Soviet Friendship Committee
  • Deputy Leader of Janata Parliamentary Party in Lok Sabha (1979)
  • Member of Janata Party Central Parliamentary Board
  • Member of Chandrashekhar-led Janata Party



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