Lubombo Region

Coordinates: 26°25′S 31°45′E / 26.417°S 31.750°E / -26.417; 31.750
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Lubombo Region
Map of Eswatini showing Lubombo district
Map of Eswatini showing Lubombo district
Coordinates: 26°25′S 31°45′E / 26.417°S 31.750°E / -26.417; 31.750
Country Eswatini
 • Regional AdministratorMr Esau Dube
 • Regional SecretaryMr Eric Maziya
 • Total5,849.11 km2 (2,258.35 sq mi)
 (2017 census)
 • Total212,531[1]
Time zoneUTC+2
HDI (2017)0.596[2]

Lubombo is a region of Eswatini, located in the east of the country. It has an area of 5,849.11 km² and a population of 212,531 (2017). Its administrative center is Siteki. It borders all three other regions: Hhohho to the north, Manzini to the west, and Shiselweni to the south. It is divided into 11 tinkhundla.


Geographically, the region is dominated almost entirely by the Lubombo Mountains. The Lubombo District is the easternmost of the four regions of Eswatini. Its capital is Siteki.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Lubombo is subdivided to 11 tinkhundla (or constituencies). These are local administration centres, and also parliamentary constituencies. Each inkhundla is headed by an indvuna yenkhundla or governor with the help of bucopho. The tinkhundla are further divided into imiphakatsi (or chiefdoms). The present tinkhundla are:


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