Lists of United States Supreme Court cases by volume

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The following is a complete list of cases decided by the United States Supreme Court organized by volume of the United States Reports in which they appear. This is a list of volumes of U.S. Reports, and the links point to the contents of each individual volume. Each volume was edited by one of the Reporters of Decisions of the Supreme Court. As of the beginning of the October 2019 Term, there were 574 bound volumes of the U.S. Reports. There were another 14 volumes worth of opinions available as "slip opinions",[1] which are preliminary versions of the opinion published on the Supreme Court's website.[2]

Volumes edited by Dallas[edit]

Volumes edited by Cranch[edit]

Volumes edited by Wheaton[edit]

Volumes edited by Peters[edit]

Volumes edited by Howard[edit]

Volumes edited by Black[edit]

Volumes edited by Wallace[edit]

Volumes edited by Otto[edit]

Volumes edited by Davis[edit]

Volumes edited by Butler[edit]

Volumes edited by Knaebel[edit]

Volumes edited by Wyatt[edit]

Volumes edited by Putzel[edit]

Volumes edited by Lind[edit]

Volumes edited by Wagner[edit]

Volumes edited by Fallon[edit]

Volumes edited by Womeldorf[edit]


  • ^A The first volume of the United States Reports predates the creation of the Supreme Court and does not contain any of its decisions. It is designated volume one because the same reporter, Alexander J. Dallas, published volumes 1–4.
  • ^B Ernest Knaebel resigned as Reporter of Decisions in 1944, and the post was vacant for two years. When Walter Wyatt took office in 1946, he edited the volumes 322-325 with cases for the preceding years.

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