List of poisonous animals

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The hooded pitohui. The neurotoxin homobatrachotoxin on the birds' skin and feathers causes numbness and tingling on contact.

The following is a list of poisonous animals, which are animals that passively deliver toxins (called poison) to their victims upon contact such as through inhalation, absorption through the skin, or after being ingested.[1][2] They are often distinguished from venomous animals, which actively inject their toxins (called venom) into their victims through a venom apparatus such as fangs or a stinger.[1][2] The only difference between poisonous animals and venomous animals is how they deliver the toxins.[3][2] This list deals exclusively with poisonous animals.

Poisonous animals[edit]

This list is a partial list of animals that are poisonous to humans and other animals in that their flesh is toxic if consumed, or in some cases if they are touched:



Frogs and toads[edit]


Most birds dislike the taste of monarch butterflies; they contain toxins from poisonous milkweed, ingested as caterpillars.





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