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This is a list of all the notable places in the city of Faisalabad, the third largest city in Pakistan. Faisalabad is also called Manchester of Pakistan due its textile importance in Pakistan.[1] The city is known for its colonial heritage and its roots tracing back to the rule of the British Empire.[2]

City District[edit]


Since 2005, the administration of Faisalabad has been divided into eight tehsil municipal administration areas (TMAs):


  • Amin Town, residential neighborhood on the Faisalabad Canal Expressway[3]
  • Batala Colony, residential neighborhood[4]
  • Civil Lines, Civil Lines neighborhood built during the British Raj for British civilian officers[5]
  • D Ground, commercial area[6]
  • Gatwala, commercial area[citation needed]
  • Ghulam Muhammad Abad, residential neighborhood[7][8]
  • Gobind Pura, residential neighborhood[9]
  • Gokhowal, residential neighborhood[10]
  • Gulbahar Colony, residential neighborhood in southern Faisalabad[11]
  • Gulberg, residential and commercial area[12][9]
  • Gulistan Colony, residential neighborhood[13]
  • Madan Pura, residential neighborhood on the Aziz Bhatti Expressway[14]
  • Manawala, residential neighborhood[15]
  • Mansoorabad, residential neighborhood[16]
  • Millat Town, residential neighborhood[17]
  • Motorway City, residential neighborhood[18]
  • Nishatabad, residential neighborhood[19]
Lyallpur Galleria

Points of interest[edit]

Colonial architecture[edit]

Modern architecture[edit]

Colonial buildings[edit]

Structures built by the British Empire.





The Faisalabad clock tower and its eight bazaars (markets) are still a major trading zone in the city today.[20] Each of the eight bazaars has a special name and is known for selling certain goods;[21]

  • Katchery Bazaar, named for the court (Katchery) is known for its mobile phone and accessory market.
  • Rail Bazar is a gold and cloth market.
  • Bhawana Bazaar supplies electrical and electronic goods.
  • Jhang Bazaar supplies fish, meat, vegetables and fruits.
  • Aminpur Bazaar supplies stationery and interior décor.
  • Kharkhana Bazaar is known for herbal medicines.
  • Gol Bazaar contains dry fruit, as well as wholesale soap, oil, and ghee shops.
  • Chiniot Bazaar is famous for allopathic and homeopathic medicinal stores, cloth, blankets, sofa cloth, and curtains. It also has poultry feed wholesale shops.
  • Montgomery Bazaar (also known as Sutar Mandi) is known for yarn and raw cloth trading.






There are a number of Sufi Muslim sites in the city.[22]



  • Gurudwara Panjvin Patshahi Lyallpur[23]



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