List of memorials to Thomas Jefferson

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This is a list of memorials to Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president of the United States and the author of the United States Declaration of Independence.


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It is notable that Jefferson County in Virginia became part of West Virginia as a result of the American Civil War. Virginia sued West Virginia to regain it, but lost the case before the United States Supreme Court when it was decided in 1871.




  • Jefferson Highway, running from New Orleans to Winnipeg
  • Jefferson Road, Metro Detroit, Michigan
  • Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, California
  • Jefferson Drive on the National Mall, Washington, DC
  • Jefferson Street, Miami Beach, Florida
  • Jefferson Ave. Newport News, Virginia
  • Thomas Jefferson Parkway. Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Jefferson Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo, New York


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