List of members of the 2nd National Assembly of Pakistan

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The 2nd Parliament of Pakistan was the unicameral legislature of Pakistan formed after the first assembly was dissolved by Ghulam Muhammad. There were 72 members of parliament, including 40 from East Bengal, 21 from West Punjab, 4 from the Northwest Frontier Province, 5 from Sindh, 1 from Balochistan and 1 from Karachi.[1]

East Bengal[edit]


North-West Frontier Province[edit]

  1. Abdul Rashid Khan
  2. Jaffer Shah
  3. Jalal-ud-din Jalal Baba
  4. M.R. Kayani


  1. M.A. Khuhro
  2. Siroomal Kirpaldas
  3. Ali Mohammad Rashdi
  4. Moula Bakhsh Soomro
  5. Ghulam Ali Khan
  6. K.S Sardar Khan Khoso


  1. Khan Sahib


  1. Yusuf A. Haroon

Changes in members of Second Constitutional Assembly[edit]

August, 1955[edit]

  1. Mian Abdus Salam
  2. Ahmad Nawaz Shah
  3. Mir Bai Khan
  4. M.A.H. Jahan Zeb
  5. Jahangir Khan Maddakhel
  6. Mehrdil Khan Mahsud
  7. Waris Khan
  8. M.H. Kizilbash

March, 1956[edit]

  1. I.I. Chundrigarh
  2. Mozaffar Ali Khan
  3. Abdur Rashid Khan

October, 1956[edit]

  1. Ramizudin Ahmad
  2. Syed Amjad Ali
  3. Akber Hussain Akhund

January, 1958[edit]

  1. Mian Gul Aurangzeb
  2. Nadir Ali Shah
  3. Akber Khan Bughti
  4. Dingomal N. Ramchandan

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