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Intersex people are born with sex characteristics, such as genitals, gonads and chromosome patterns that, according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, "do not fit the typical definitions for male or female bodies".[1][2]

Intersex people have many different gender identities,[2] and so there is no presumption that people on this list have any particular sex assigned at birth, nor any particular gender identity.

This list consists of well-known intersex people. The individual listings note the subject's main occupation or source of notability.

Notable intersex people[edit]


  • Carlett Brown Angianlee, Naval officer, considered likely to be the first African American to undergo SRS.
  • Eden Atwood, U.S. jazz musician, actor, and an advocate for the civil rights of people born with intersex traits.
  • Kitty Anderson, Icelandic intersex activist who regularly engages in advocacy/policy work and is the co-chair of OII Europe.[3][4]




  • Lisa Lee Dark, Welsh opera singer and voice actress.
  • Georgiann Davis, U.S. sociology scholar and researcher on intersex issues.
  • Vaginal Davis, U.S. genderqueer performing artist, painter, composer and writer.
  • Fiore de Henriquez (1921–2004), Italian-British sculptor.
  • Tiger Devore, U.S. clinical psychologist, educator on intersex issues since 1984, appears in the short film XXXY (2000).
  • Foekje Dillema (1926–2007), Dutch track and field athlete.
  • Arisleyda Dilone, U.S. Latina film director and actor.
  • Betsy Driver, Mayor of Flemington, New Jersey; intersex activist and first intersex elected official in the United States.[15]
  • Karl Dürrge (also known as Maria Dorothea Derrier: 1780–1835), Prussian intersex man and human subject in medical research.


  • Lili Elbe (1882–1931), Danish transgender and intersex woman, one of the earliest transgender women to receive sex reassignment surgery.



  • River Gallo, Salvadoran-American filmmaker, actor, model, and intersex rights activist.
  • Dan Christian Ghattas, German activist, historian and author of Human Rights between the Sexes, a first international comparative study of the human rights of intersex people and executive director of OII Europe.
  • Gottlieb Göttlich (1798–unknown), German medical research subject.
  • Seven Graham (1969), activist, comedian, filmmaker and playwright, and drug addiction counsellor.[19]
  • Sarah Gronert, German tennis player.
  • Sally Gross (1953–2014), South African intersex, anti-apartheid and Israel/Palestine human rights activist; secured first mention of intersex in anti-discrimination law.









  • Pidgeon Pagonis, U.S. intersex artist and activist, nominated as a 2015 Whitehouse LGBT Champion of Change.[39]
  • Dee Palmer, formerly David Palmer, English composer and keyboardist, best known for membership in Jethro Tull.
  • Pinki Pramanik, Indian track athlete.
  • Casimir Pulaski, Polish-American military commander thought to have an intersex trait.








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