List of heads of state of Trinidad and Tobago

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From 1962 to 1976 the head of state under the Trinidad and Tobago Independence Act 1962 was the Queen of Trinidad and Tobago, Elizabeth II, who was also the Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. The queen was represented in Trinidad and Tobago by a governor-general. Trinidad and Tobago became a republic under the Constitution of 1976 and the monarch and governor-general were replaced by a ceremonial president.

Monarch (1962–1976)[edit]

The succession to the throne was the same as the succession to the British throne.

No. Portrait Monarch
Reign Royal house Prime minister
Reign start Reign end Duration
1 Queen Elizabeth II official portrait for 1959 tour (retouched) (cropped) (3-to-4 aspect ratio).jpg Queen Elizabeth II
31 August 1962 1 August 1976 13 years, 336 days Windsor Williams


The governor-general was the representative of the monarch in Trinidad and Tobago and exercised most of the powers of the monarch. The governor-general was appointed for an indefinite term, serving at the pleasure of the monarch. After the passage of the Statute of Westminster 1931, the governor-general was appointed solely on the advice of the Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago, without the involvement of the British government. In the event of a vacancy the chief justice served as officer administering the government.

  Denotes chief justice acting as officer administering the government
No. Portrait Governor-General
Term of office Prime minister Monarch
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Flag of the Governor-General of Trinidad and Tobago (1962–1976).svg Sir Solomon Hochoy
31 August 1962 15 September 1972 10 years, 15 days Williams Elizabeth II
2 Sir Ellis Clarke (cropped 2).jpg Sir Ellis Clarke
15 September 1972 1 August 1976 3 years, 321 days

President of Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

Under the 1976 Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the president replaced the monarch as head of state. The president was elected by Parliament for a five-year term. In the event of a vacancy the President of the Senate served as acting president.

  Denotes acting President
Portrait President
Elected Term of office Prime minister(s)
No. Took office Left office Time in office
1 Sir Ellis Clarke (cropped 2).jpg Sir Ellis Clarke
1 August 1976 24 September 1976 10 years, 230 days Williams
24 September 1976 19 March 1987
2 Flag of the President of Trinidad and Tobago.svg Noor Hassanali
20 March 1987 17 March 1997 9 years, 362 days Robinson
3 A. N. R. Robinson (cropped).jpg A. N. R. Robinson
1997 18 March 1997 16 March 2003 5 years, 363 days Panday
4 Professor George Maxwell Richards 1 (cropped 2).jpg George Maxwell Richards
17 March 2003 18 March 2013 10 years, 1 day Manning
5 Anthony Carmona.jpg Anthony Carmona
(born 1953)
2013 18 March 2013 19 March 2018 5 years, 1 day Persad-Bissessar
6 Paula-Mae Weekes 2019.jpg Paula-Mae Weekes
(born 1958)
2018 19 March 2018 20 March 2023 5 years, 1 day Rowley
7 The Hon Christine Kangaloo.jpg Christine Kangaloo
(born 1961)
2023 20 March 2023[1] Incumbent 1 day Rowley



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