List of first women lawyers and judges in Nebraska

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This is a list of the first women lawyer(s) and judge(s) in Nebraska. It includes the year in which the women were admitted to practice law (in parentheses). Also included are women who achieved other distinctions such becoming the first in their state to graduate from law school or become a political figure.

Firsts in state history[edit]

Ada Bittenbender: First female lawyer in Nebraska (1882)


State judges[edit]

United States Attorney[edit]

  • First female: Deborah Gilg in 2009[12]

County Attorney[edit]

  • First female: Grace Ballard (1914) during the 1920s[13]

Nebraska Bar Association[edit]

  • First female president: Amy Longo (1979) in 1999[14]

Firsts in local history[edit]

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