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This is a list of educational institutions located in the district of Jhelum District in Pakistan.

Primary and secondary educational institutions[edit]

Tertiary and quaternary educational institutions[edit]


Women's degree colleges[edit]

  • Govt. College for Women, Pind Dadan Khan, District[4]
  • Govt College For Women, Katchery Road
  • Govt. College for Women, Dina, District[5]
  • Community Model Girls higher Secondary School Sanghoi

Men's degree colleges[edit]

Co-educational colleges[edit]

  • Federal Govt. College, Mangla Cantt[12]
  • Bahria Foundation College, GT Road[13]

Commerce colleges[edit]

  • Govt. College of Commerce, Bilal Town[14]
  • Wings College of Commerce, 4-Civil Lines[15]
  • M.A. Jinnah College of Commerce & Computer Science, Al-Bilal Building, Old G.T. Road[16]

Law colleges[edit]

  • Jinnah Law College near Kutcheri[17]

Medical colleges[edit]

  • Jhelum Homeopathic Medical College, GT Road Jada[18]
  • Jhelum Medical College (under process)


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