List of counts and dukes of Vendôme

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Counts of Vendôme

Count of Vendôme and, later, Duke of Vendôme were titles of French nobility. The first-known holder of the comital title was Bouchard Ratepilate. The county passed by marriage to various houses, coming in 1372 to a junior branch of the House of Bourbon. In 1514, Vendôme was made a duchy-peerage.

In 1589, the then Duke of Vendôme came to the throne as Henry IV of France, and the title passed into the royal domain. It was re-granted to his illegitimate son César in 1598, and held by his descendants until the extinction of the legitimate male line in 1727.

The title was later revived by Orléanist claimants to the throne of France as a courtesy title.

Counts of Vendôme[edit]


House of Nevers[edit]

House of Anjou[edit]

House of Nevers[edit]

  • Fulk de Vendôme (1056–1066), reinstated by Henry I of France
  • Bouchard III (1066–1085)
    • under the regency of Guy of Nouastre (1066–1075)

House of Preuilly[edit]

House of Montoire[edit]

House of Bourbon[edit]

English Counts of Vendôme[edit]

Dukes of Vendôme[edit]

Arms of the original Bourbon-Vendôme house

House of Bourbon[edit]

House of Bourbon-Vendôme[edit]

Arms of the second Bourbon-Vendôme house

The Vendôme name was annexed into the royal domain by Louis XIV of France in 1712, on the pretext that Philip's membership in the Order of Malta as grand prior of France prevented him from holding it, but he retained the title.

Courtesy title[edit]

The title was revived by Orléanist claimants to the throne of France as a courtesy title. However, it is invalid in French law.[citation needed]