List of baseball parks in Washington, D.C.

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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in Washington, D.C.. The information is a compilation of the information contained in the references listed.

Nationals Park
RFK Stadium
Griffith Stadium
Olympic Grounds
Home of:
Olympic – independent (1870), NA (1871–1872)
National – NA (1872–1873)
Location: 16th Street NW (east); 17th Street NW (west); S Street NW (south) – about a mile west-southwest of the eventual site of Griffith Stadium
Currently: residential, commercial
Athletic Park
Home of: Washington Nationals a.k.a. Statesmen – AA (1884 part)
Location: S Street NW (south); T Street NW (north); 9th Street NW (east) – about a quarter mile southwest of the eventual site of Griffith Stadium
Currently: Residential
Capitol Grounds a.k.a. Capitol Park (I) a.k.a. Union Association Park
Home of: Washington Nationals (UA)UA (1884) / Eastern League (1885)
Location: C Street NE (north); Delaware Avenue NE (west): B Street (now Constitution Avenue) NE (south); First Street NE (east) – a couple of blocks northeast of the Capitol building
Currently: Russell Senate Office Building
Swampoodle Grounds a.k.a. Capitol Park (II)
Home of:
Washington Nationals – NL (1886–1889)
Washington SenatorsAtlantic Association (1890)
Also used as a neutral site for one game in the 1887 World Series
Location: North Capitol Street NE and tracks (west); F Street NE (south); Delaware Avenue NE (east); G Street NE (north) – a couple of blocks north of the first Capitol Park – in the Swampoodle neighborhood
Currently: National Postal Museum and Union Station National Visitors Center
Griffith Stadium prev. Boundary Field, National Park, American League Park (II)
Home of:
Washington Senators – AA (1891), NL (1892–1899)
Washington Senators/Nationals – AL (1904–1960)
Washington Senators – AL (1961)
Homestead GraysNegro leagues (1937–1948) part-time home
Location: Georgia Avenue (extension of 7th Street – formerly Brightwood) NW (west, first base); Florida Avenue NW, Bohrer Street NW, and U Street NW (south, right field); 5th Street NW (east, left/center field); Howard University buildings and W Street NW (north, third base)
Currently: Howard University Hospital
American League Park (I)
Home of: Washington Senators/Nationals – AL (1901–1903)
Location: Florida Avenue NE (southwest, first base); Trinidad Avenue NE (northwest, third base)
Currently: Residential area
RFK Stadium orig. D.C. Stadium
Home of:
Washington Senators – AL (1962–1971)
Washington Nationals – NL (2005–2007)
Location: 2400 East Capitol Street SE – T's into 22nd Street SE (west, home plate); Independence Avenue SE (south/southeast, right field); C Street NE (north/northeast, left field)
Currently: awaiting demolition
Nationals Park
Home of: Washington Nationals – NL (2008–present)
Location: 1500 South Capitol Street SE – Capitol Street (west, third base); N Street SE (north, left-center field); 1st Street SE (east, right field); Potomac Avenue SE (south, first base)

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