List of baseball parks in Rockford, Illinois

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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in Rockford, Illinois. The information is a compilation of the information contained in the references listed.

Ticket booth at Beyer Stadium
The Commons
Occupant: Forest Citys – independent (1865)
Location: North Whitman Street (southwest); Church Street (southeast)
Currently: Residential
Sources: Filichia, Benson
ballpark unknown
Occupants: Rockford – 2 clubs – Northwestern League 1869–1870
Source: Filichia
Agricultural Society Fair Grounds later renamed Fairgrounds Park
Forest City – independent (1866–1870), NA (1871 only)
Rockford White Stockings – Northwestern League 1879 only
Original boundaries: Oak (now Acorn) Street (north); Pecatonica Street and Cherry Street (northeast); buildings and Horsman Street (east); Mulberry Street (south); Kent Creek and St. Paul Railroad (later Milwaukee Road) tracks (west)
Current boundaries: Harkins Aquatic Center and Acorn Street (north); Kilburn Avenue, buildings and Horsman Street (east); West Jefferson Street aka Business US-20 (south); and Mulberry Street, Kent Creek and railroad tracks (west) – address 900 West Jefferson Street
Sources: Filichia, Benson, Lowry, contemporary maps, Google Maps
North Church Street Grounds
Occupant: Rockford – Central Inter-State League (1888 only)
Location: somewhere on North Church Street (potentially same area as The Commons)
Source: Filichia, local newspapers
West End Park
Occupant: Rockford Hustlers – Illinois–Iowa League (1891–1892)
Location: uncertain
Source: Filichia, local newspapers
Riverside Park
Rockford Reds (aka Nicol Platers – manager Hugh Nicol) / Forest City / Rough Riders – Western Association (1895–1899)
Rockford Red Sox – Three-I League (1901–1904)
Rockford Reds / Hottentots / Indignants / Wolverines – Wisconsin-Illinois League (1908–1912)
Original location listed as north of Auburn Street (city limits) at B Avenue and Melrose Street
Final location listed as Fulton Avenue (north); Oxford Street (east); Van Wie Avenue (south); Cumberland Street (west)
Sources: Filichia, local newspapers, city directories
Kishwaukee Park aka Rockford Base Ball Park – sold to Rockford High School in December 1923
Rockford Indignants (aka Drys) / Wolves – Wisconsin-Illinois League (1913)
Rockford Wakes (aka Rox 1917) – Three-I League (1915 - mid-1917) (league disbanded)
Rockford Rox (aka Bells / Rocks) – Three-I League (1919–1923)
Location: 311-335 15th Avenue; just east of Seminary Street
Sources: Filichia, local newspapers, city directories
Rockford Municipal Stadium aka 15th Avenue Stadium - renamed Beyer Stadium, 1948
Rockford Peaches – All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (1943–1954)
Rockford High School baseball, football, track and field
Location: same as Kishwaukee Park - 311 15th Avenue (north, left field); Seminary Street (west, third base); entrance booth at 15th and Seminary
Sources: Filichia, local newspapers, city directories
Rox Park or 15th Avenue Park
Occupant: Rockford Rox (aka Rocks) – Central Association (1947–1949)
Location: adjacent to Beyer Stadium, just to the east
Currently: Beyer Early Childhood Center and parking lots
Source: local newspapers
Marinelli Field
Rockford Expos / Royals / Cubbies / Reds – Midwest League (1988–1999)
Rockford RiverHawksFrontier League (2002–2005)
Location: at the north end of Blackhawk Park – 15th Avenue (north, right field); Nelson Boulevard and Rock River (west, left field) – about 4 blocks west of Beyer Stadium – address is 101 15th Avenue
Sources: Filichia, Benson, Google Maps
Aviators Stadium now known as Rivets Stadium; orig. RiverHawks Stadium, then Road Ranger Stadium
Rockford RiverHawks – Frontier League (2006–2009)
Rockford RiverHawks Northern League (2010 only)
Rockford RiverHawks / Aviators – Frontier League (2011–2015)
Location: Loves Park, Illinois – 4503 Interstate Boulevard (west, third base); Orth Road (north, left field); Paladin Parkway (east, right field); Commerce Drive (south, first base)

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