List of baseball parks in Memphis, Tennessee

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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in Memphis, Tennessee. The information is a compilation of the information contained in the references listed.

AutoZone Park
Central Park
Home of: Memphis Red Stockings or Reds League Alliance 1877
Location: "Dunlap Street, corner Marshall Avenue or Pigeon Roost Road" (1877 Memphis city directory)
Olympic Park later Citizens' Park
Home of: Memphis Reds / Memphis Giants / Memphis Leaguers / Grays / Giants SL 1884–1889, 1892–1895
Location: "North Side of Ohio Avenue; L. & N. Railroad; between Marley, Brinkley and Spring Avenues" (1877 and 1884 Memphis city directories)
Currently: site of Memphis Area Transit Authority Bus Terminal
Russwood Park
Home of:
Memphis Chicks Southern Association 1901–1959 (destroyed by fire April 17–18 1960, just before season opener)
Location: 914 Madison Avenue (south, home plate); Dunlap Street (west, left field); Jefferson Avenue beyond bordering buildings (north, center field); creek (later covered to make a parking lot) outside right field fence
Currently: parking lot for medical center
Martin Stadium orig. Lewis Park
Home of: Memphis Red Sox NNL 1924–1925, 1927, 1929–30 NSL 1932 NAL 1937–1941, 1943–1950
Location: 476 Iowa Avenue (now E.H. Crump Boulevard) (south); South Danny Thomas Avenue/Boulevard (orig. South Wellington Street or LaRose) (west); Driver Street (east); South Lauderdale Street (farther east); railroad (to the north)
Currently: Truck terminal (Tri-State Truck Center is on NE corner) 494 East E.H. Crump
Columbus, Georgia ballpark
Home of: Memphis Chicks, 5 home games 1960
Hodges Field
Home of: Memphis Chicks 1960, a few games after the fire
Location: 1030 Jefferson Avenue (south) – a football field a couple blocks northeast of the Russwood site
Tobey Park
Home of: Memphis Chicks 1960, remainder of the home schedule
Tim McCarver Stadium orig. Blues Stadium, also Chicks Stadium – opened 1963 as American Legion Park
Home of:
Memphis Blues Texas League 1968–1973 / International League 1974–1976
Memphis Chicks Southern League 1978–1997
Memphis Redbirds Pacific Coast League 1998–1999
Location: 800 Home Run Lane (east, right field); Raymond Skinner Drive (south, first base); Early Maxwell Boulevard (west, third base); Seelbinder Drive (north, left field); within the former Mid-South Fairgrounds
Currently: vacant lot (demolished 2005)
AutoZone Park
Home of: Memphis Redbirds 2000–present
Location: 200 Union Avenue (south, first base); South 4th Street (east, right field); Madison Avenue (north, left field); buildings and South B.B. King Boulevard (orig. South 3rd Street) (north, left field); less than two miles straight east along Madison from the Russwood site
FedExPark orig. Nat Buring Field
Home of: University of Memphis Tigers, Metro Conference 1972 – present
Location: East Getwell Loop Street (east, right field); parking lots and South Park Loop (north, left field)

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