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This list of awards for contributions to society is an index to articles on notable awards for contributions to society. It excludes humanitarian and service awards, religion-related awards, peace prizes, law enforcement awards and honors and legal awards, which are covered by separate lists. The list is organized by region and country of the award sponsor, but some awards are open to people or organizations around the world.


Country Award Venue / sponsor Notes
Australia Community Award United Nations Association of Australia (Queensland) "Selfless and often uncelebrated efforts and commitment in their day-to-day lives relating to issues of peace, human rights, social justice and equality — efforts that serve to better the society we live in".[1]
Austria Essl Social Prize Essl Foundation Projects developed by social entrepreneurs[2]
Bangladesh Begum Rokeya Padak Ministry of Women & Children Affairs Pioneering contribution of an individual in empowering women and raising women's issues.[3][4]
Denmark Crown Prince Couple's Awards Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark Exceptional achievement in the arts and culture and in social work[5]
Europe European Citizens' Prize European Parliament Projects and initiatives that contribute to European cooperation and the promotion of common values[6]
Germany German Africa Prize German Africa Foundation Promote peace, democracy, social market economy and human rights[7]
India Jamnalal Bajaj Award Bajaj Group Promoting Gandhian values, community service and social development[8]
India Nari Shakti Puraskar President of India Achievements and contributions of women[9]
International IPDC-UNESCO Prize for Rural Communication International Programme for the Development of Communication Initiatives for improving communication in rural communities, mainly in developing countries[10]
International UN Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Prize United Nations Service to humanity, in the promotion of reconciliation and social cohesion, and in community development[11]
Jamaica Prime Minister's Medal of Appreciation Prime Minister of Jamaica Significant contribution to the economic, social, cultural or political development of Jamaica or to Jamaicans residing abroad[12]
Japan Nikkei Asia Prize The Nikkei People in Asia who have made significant contributions in regional growth; science, technology and innovation; or culture[13]
Kosovo Hero of Kosovo President of Kosovo Historical figures of Kosovo as well as citizens of Kosovo who have contributed to freedom and independence[14]
Netherlands Erasmus Prize Praemium Erasmianum Foundation Individuals or institutions that have made exceptional contributions to culture, society, or social science in Europe and the rest of the world[15]
Pakistan HBL PSL Hamaray Heroes Award Pakistan Cricket Board This award (along with a Cash Prize of PKR 240,000.00) was introduced by Pakistan Cricket Board during the tournament of Pakistan Super League in 2020. Individuals from different walks of life (including peace, human rights, sports, education, healthcare, art, culture, music, social work and technology) can be nominated.
Sudan Ibrahim Prize Mo Ibrahim Foundation Excellence in African leadership[16]
Sweden Right Livelihood Award Right Livelihood Award Foundation Practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing us today[17]
United States Computerworld Smithsonian Award Computerworld Individuals who have used technology to produce beneficial changes for society[18][19][20]
United States Dr. Nathan Davis Awards American Medical Association Public servants in national, state, and local governments for outstanding government service[21]
United States El-Hibri Peace Education Prize El-Hibri Foundation Individuals who embody the principles of peace, justice, and inclusion[22]
United States Eugene V. Debs Award Eugene V. Debs Foundation Person whose work has been consistent with the spirit, values, and legacy of Eugene V. Debs and who has contributed to the advancement of the causes of industrial unionism, social justice, or world peace[23]
United States Heinz Awards Heinz Foundations Contributions in Arts and Humanities; Environment; Human Condition; Public Policy; and Technology, the Economy and Employment[24]
United States Henry Viscardi Achievement Awards Viscardi Center Exemplary leaders in the disability sector around the globe[25]
United States Hoover Medal American Society of Mechanical Engineers Outstanding extra-career services by engineers to humanity[26]
United States Wasserstein Fellow Harvard Law School Exemplary members of the bar who engage in public service[27][28]
United States Ronald Reagan Freedom Award Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum Those who have made monumental and lasting contributions to the cause of freedom worldwide[29]

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