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European Museum of the Year Award

This list of awards for contributions to culture is an index to articles about notable awards for contributions to culture in a general sense. The awards listed here have a relatively open-ended scope, e.g. they apply to the arts irrespective of category. Alternatively, they pertain to a culture-related field that is not covered by a more specific list, such as promotion of culture, conservation of cultural heritage, museums, etc. The list is organized by region and country of the award sponsor, but some awards are open to people or organizations around the world.


Country Award First awarded
/ established
Venue / sponsor Notes
(European Union)
European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Awards 2002 Europa Nostra Best practice in heritage conservation.[1]
Denmark Crown Prince Couple's Awards 2004 Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark;
Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark
Exceptional achievement in the arts and culture and in social work[2]
Denmark Sonning Prize 1950 / 1959 University of Copenhagen Outstanding contributions to European culture[3]
Faroe Islands Faroese Cultural Prize 1998 Faroe government Faroese writers, musicians, artists etc.[4]
Germany Herder Prize 1964 / 1963 Alfred Toepfer Foundation Scholars and artists from Central and Southeast Europe whose life and work have contributed to the cultural understanding of European countries and their peaceful interrelations.
Discontinued and merged in 2007 to create the KAIROS Prize.
Germany KAIROS Prize 2007 Alfred Toepfer Foundation European artists and scholars from the fields of visual and performing arts, music, architecture, design, film, photography, literature and journalism.[5]
Germany Maecenas-Ehrung 1989 Association of Independent Cultural Institutions Personalities that have significantly promoted art and culture in Germany.[6]
Jamaica Prime Minister's Medal of Appreciation Prime Minister of Jamaica Significant contribution to the economic, social, cultural or political development of Jamaica or to Jamaicans residing abroad[7]
Japan Nikkei Asia Prize 1996 The Nikkei People in Asia who have made significant contributions in regional growth; science, technology and innovation; or culture[8]
Nepal Danyahira Sirpa 2004 Nepal Bhasa Academy Outstanding contributions or achievements in the field of Newari literature or music[9]
Netherlands Erasmus Prize 1958 Praemium Erasmianum Foundation Individuals or institutions that have made exceptional contributions to culture, society, or social science in Europe and the rest of the world[10]
North Korea People's Prize 1958 People's Prize Awarding Commission Achievements in arts and sciences[11]
United Kingdom
(Council of Europe)
European Museum of the Year Award 1977 European Museum Forum Unique atmosphere, imaginative interpretation and presentation, a creative approach to education and social responsibility[12]
United Kingdom Museum of the Year 1973 Art Fund Museum or gallery in the United Kingdom for a track record of imagination, innovation and excellence[13]
United States Handel Medallion 1959 Government of New York City Individuals for their contribution to the city's intellectual and cultural life.[14]
United States Heinz Awards 1993 Heinz Foundations Contributions in Arts and Humanities; Environment; Human Condition; Public Policy; and Technology, the Economy and Employment[15]
United States Howland Memorial Prize 1916 Yale University Achievement of marked distinction in the field of literature or fine arts or the science of government[16]
United States Library of Congress Living Legend Library of Congress Creative contributions to American life[17]
Retired in 2018.
United States St. Louis Walk of Fame 1989 Joe Edwards Notable people from St. Louis, Missouri, who made contributions to the culture of the United States[18]

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