List of United States community college records in track and field

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This is a list of records in the sport of Track and Field at the Community College level in the United States. The national governing body of athletics at that level is the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). However, the California Community College system, the largest in the country with over 100 institutions, is not a member of the NJCAA, instead governing its sports through the unaffiliated California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA). Merging the records between these organizations has been left to the independent publication Track and Field News (T&FN) primarily in the person of Robert Hersh, who also supervises records for USA Track and Field (USATF).

Starting in the 1970s, many community colleges began recruiting foreign born athletes. With some of the best athletes in the world competing against American college freshmen and sophomores, an additional set of records for the best American born athletes was also included. T&FN was not 100% accurate when assessing which athletes are not Americans. They were not given assistance by the colleges, who tended not to discuss the foreign roots of some of their recruits. Additionally, with the less restrictive eligibility regulations (as compared to the very strict NCAA regulations), foreign born athletes could be older than the 18- to 20-year-old Americans who entered community college immediately following high school.

All of these records appear to be exclusively from Community College level competition, as opposed to the means T&FN uses in calculating High School records, where they allow all attempts by a high school affiliated athlete made against Open level competitors.


Key:   Awaiting ratification   Record by American-born athlete
' after name = non-U.S. citizen (A) = altitude-aided mark--over 1000m of altitude (in affected events only) i = made indoors (banked-track marks not acceptable)

Event Record Athlete School Place Date Ref Video
100 m
9.93 Kemarley Brown' Jamaica Merritt College Walnut, California 5/17/14 [1]
10.05 Ryan Bailey Rend Lake College Hutchinson, Kansas 5/22/09
200 m
19.82 A Kenny Bednarek Indian Hills Community College Hobbs, New Mexico 5/18/19 [1]
20.08 Aaron Armstrong' Trinidad and Tobago Barton Community College Norman, Oklahoma 4/10/99
400 m 44.52 Tyree Washington San Bernardino Valley College Bakersfield, California 5/03/97
800 m 1:45.15 Boaz Lalang' Kenya Rend Lake College Eugene, Oregon 5/09/08
1:46.60 George Kersh Taft College Walnut, California 4/23/89
1500 m 3:37.62 Boaz Lalang' Kenya Rend Lake College Hillsdale, Michigan 4/25/08
Mile 4:00.0 Reggie McAfee Brevard Community College Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 4/16/71
3000 m steeplechase 8:29.4 Julius Kariuki' Kenya Riverside City College Walnut, California 4/23/88
8:49.7 Nathan Morris Lane Community College Eugene, Oregon 5/14/83
5000 m 13:25.20 Noureddine Morceli' Algeria Riverside City College Walnut, California 4/21/90
13:59.20 Mark Ruelas Citrus College Bakersfield, California 5/15/82
10000 m 28:35.0 Mark Roberts' United Kingdom Central Arizona College Walnut, California 4/25/87
29:03.0 Kirk Pfeffer Grossmont College Irvine, California 3/28/76
110 m hurdles 13.32 Ryan Brathwaite' Barbados Barton Community College Austin, Texas 4/04/09
400 m hurdles 49.29 Eric Thomas Blinn College Odessa, Texas 5/21/94
4 × 100 m relay 38.86 Odessa College
(Jon Drummond, James Law, Rodney Eleby, Pat Drake)
Odessa, Texas 5/16/87
4 × 200 m relay 1:20.79 Central Arizona College
(Richard Butler, Garfield Campbell' Jamaica, Patrick O'Connor' Jamaica, Howard Davis' Jamaica)
Walnut, California 4/24/88
4 × 400 m relay
3:01.32 South Plains College
(Alistair Moona' Canada, Daniel Harper' Canada, Vernon Norwood, Bralon Taplin)
Lubbock, Texas 5/05/12
4 × 800 m relay 7:19.24 Blinn College
(Jimmy Pierre-Louis 1:51.5, Jean Destine' Haiti 1:50.7, Cliff Beckford 1:51.3, Savieri Ngidhi' Zimbabwe 1:45.7)
Austin, Texas 4/03/92
4 × 1500 m relay 15:41.66 Blinn College
(Junior Mitchell 3:55.1, Godfrey Siamusiye' Zambia 3:52.5, Richie Dikstall 3:54.8, Herbert Habyarimana' Rwanda 3:59.3)
Brenham, Texas 4/20/94
4×Mile relay 16:31.0 Allegheny College
(Tarald Lindvigsmoen' Norway 4:08.6, Malcolm East' United Kingdom 4:06.4, Amos Korir' Kenya 4:00.2, James Rotich' Kenya 4:15.8)
Knoxville, Tennessee 4/14/78
Sprint medley relay 3:12.67 Blinn College
(James Dibble, Jason Hendrix, Lamont Smith 45.7, Savieri Ngidhi' Zimbabwe 1:45.9)
Austin, Texas 4/02/93
Distance medley relay 9:41.65 Ranger College
(Ricky Roberts, George Bullard, Zak Gwandu' Tanzania, Pat Chester')
Austin, Texas 4/05/85
4x110 Hurdles 56.52 Blinn College
(Henrik Dagård' Sweden, Rory Norris, Brian Richardson, Kevin White)
Lafayette, Louisiana 3/27/93
High jump 2.34 m (7 ft 8 in) Dennis Lewis Long Beach City College Los Angeles, California 3/30/85
Pole vault 5.49 m (18 ft 0 in) Dason Phelps Paradise Valley Community College Glendale, Arizona 3/18/00
Long jump 8.20 m (26 ft 10+34 in) Vernon George Odessa College Odessa, Texas 5/17/85
Triple jump 17.92 m (58 ft 9+12 in) James Beckford'  Jamaica Blinn College Odessa, Texas 5/20/95
17.07 m (56 ft 0 in) Walter Davis Barton Community College Baton Rouge, Louisiana 5/19/00
Shot put 21.35 m (70 ft 12 in) Ron Semkiw Mesa Community College Mesa, Arizona 3/05/74
Discus throw 64.22 m (210 ft 8+14 in) Andrey Kokhanovskiy' Russia Blinn College Pasadena, Texas 4/26/95
63.23 m (207 ft 5+14 in) Brian Williams Iowa Central Community College Mt. Vernon, Iowa 4/26/86
Hammer throw 66.61 m (218 ft 6+14 in) Branislav Daniš' Slovenia Central Arizona College Mesa, Arizona 5/08/07
66.26 m (217 ft 4+12 in) Remy Conatser Saddleback College Los Angeles, California 4/07/12
Javelin throw 75.72 m (248 ft 5 in) Tom Pukstys College of DuPage Tallahassee, Florida 3/18/88
Decathlon 7532 David Lemen Clackamas Community College Spokane, Washington 5/1-2/00
100m (wind) Long jump (wind) Shot put High jump 400m 110H (wind) Discus Pole vault Javelin 1500m
11.46 7.26m
15.09 36.40m


Event Record Athlete School Place Date Ref Video
100 m 11.12 Natasha Mayers' Saint Vincent and the Grenadines LA Southwest College Walnut, California 5/12/01
11.23 Zelda Johnson Mt. San Antonio College Bakersfield, California 5/26/84
200 m 22.39 Veronica Campbell' Jamaica Barton Community College Odessa, Texas 5/18/02
23.12 Zelda Johnson Mt. San Antonio College Bakersfield, California 5/26/84
22.86p Ashton Purvis Laney College Norwalk, California 5/19/12
400 m 50.92 Sandie Richards' Jamaica San Jacinto College Odessa, Texas 5/16/87
52.68 Gwen Gardner West Los Angeles College Westwood, California 5/16/82
800 m 2:01.92 Claudine Williams' Jamaica Barton Community College Edwardsville, Illinois 5/16/98
2:03.9 Ruth Wysocki Citrus College Fresno, California 5/06/78
1500 m 4:17.82 Sylvia Mosqueda East Los Angeles College Stanford, California 3/29/86
3000 m 9:13.0 Trina Painter Phoenix College Walnut, California 4/26/86
3000 m steeplechase
5000 m 15:52.5 Sylvia Mosqueda East Los Angeles College Walnut, California 5/16/86
10000 m
34:29.36 Jessica Mildes Community Colleges of Spokane Walnut, California 4/17/14
100 hurdles 13.13 Nichole Belcher Essex County College Odessa, Texas 5/20/95
400 hurdles 56.92 Tanya Jarrett' Jamaica Central Arizona College Walnut, California 4/20/97
58.96 Margaret Hemmans El Camino College Bakersfield, California 5/26/84
4 × 100 m relay 43.83 Barton Community College
(Dionne Rose' Jamaica, Juliet Campbell' Jamaica, Beverly McDonald' Jamaica, Cheryl Ann Phillips' Jamaica)
Austin, Texas 4/05/91
4 × 200 m relay 1:33.63 Barton Community College
(Natalee Sterling' Jamaica,[2] Sonia Williams' Antigua and Barbuda, Mikessis Triplett', Aleen Bailey' Jamaica)
Lawrence, Kansas 4/21/00
4 × 400 m relay 3:30.66 San Jacinto College
(Jackie Gayle' Jamaica 52.0, Karlene Haughton' Jamaica 52.2, Avia Morgan' Jamaica 53.3, Lorieann Adams' Guyana 53.2)
Austin, Texas 5/08/92
4 × 800 m relay 8:37.75 Barton Community College
(Nancy Torres 2:15.0, Karen Bennett'  Jamaica 2:08.5, Mardrea Hyman'  Jamaica 2:09.5, Inez Turner'  Jamaica 2:04.8)
Austin, Texas 4/03/93
Sprint Medley Relay
1:38.93 San Jacinto College
(Karlene Haughton' Jamaica, Avia Morgan' Jamaica, Merlene Frazer' Jamaica 22.6, Lorieann Adams' Guyana 51.5)
Austin, Texas 4/03/93
Sprint Medley Relay
3:46.37 San Jacinto College
(Andrea Giscombe' Jamaica 24.0, Avia Morgan' Jamaica 23.5, Ellen Grant' Jamaica 52.3, Lorrieann Adams' Guyana 2:06.6)
Austin, Texas 4/09/94
Distance Medley Relay 11:37.17y Barton Community College
(Inez Turner' Jamaica, Karen Bennett' Jamaica, Janice Turner' Jamaica, Mardrea Hyman' Jamaica)
Lawrence, Kansas 4/17/93
High Jump 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in) Shaunette Davidson' Jamaica Barton Community College Levelland, Texas 5/08/04
1.83 m (6 ft 0 in) Phyllis Bluntson El Camino College Bakersfield, California 5/16/79
Kathy Raugust Hartnell College Porterville, California 5/10/81
Shenell Searcy Odessa College Odessa, Texas 5/18/91
Hyleas Fountain Barton Community College Odessa, Texas 5/16/02
Pole Vault 14-4 Becky Holliday Clackamas Community College Spokane, Washington 5/24/01
Long Jump 22-6¼ Elva Goulbourne' Jamaica Central Arizona College Tucson, Arizona 5/03/01
21-3½ Sheila Nicks College of the Sequoias Modesto, California 5/21/83
Triple Jump 46-3½ Yuliana Perez Pima Community College Odessa, Texas 5/18/02
Shot Put 55-3¾ Grace Apiafi' Nigeria Mt. San Antonio College Santa Barbara, California 5/19/90
16.31 m (53 ft 6 in) Janeah Stewart Iowa Central Community College Des Moines, Iowa 4/30/16
Discus 183-2 Ilona Rutges' Central Arizona College Tucson, Arizona 3/16/02
181-2 Stacy Ainlay Glendale Community College Odessa, Texas 5/16/91
Hammer 197-6 Kate Burton Clark College Vancouver, Washington 5/07/05
Javelin 169-5 Trina Rogers Clackamas Community College Eugene, Oregon 5/27/99
Heptathlon 5687 Lisa Wright' Jamaica Barton Community College Odessa, Texas 5/15-16/96
100m H (wind) High jump Shot put 200m (wind) Long jump (wind) Javelin 800m
14.44 1.77m
5'9 ¾"
5673 Hyleas Fountain Barton Community College Odessa, Texas 5/16-17/02
100m H (wind) High jump Shot put 200m (wind) Long jump (wind) Javelin 800m
13.78w 1.83m

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