List of United States collegiate men's ice hockey champions

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Prior to the advent of the NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Tournament in 1948, the champion of college ice hockey in the United States was not officially decided, at least not according to the NCAA.


Inn the early years, naming a champion was a fairly easy task as there were few active teams and many played one another during the season. Some upper-echelon schools formed an intercollegiate hockey league around the turn of the century and began playing one another on a consistent basis. Due to this informal schedule the schools were able to declare a champion between the members and have that team serve as the de facto collegiate champion. Several of the smaller schools, like Williams College or Union College were not considered for the championship for a few reasons, chief among which was that their level of competition usually did not raise to the standards of Harvard or Yale.

After World War I ice hockey teams began sprouting up across New England and the rust belt making the naming of an individual champion more difficult. As a result the regions (East and West) would usually have their own intercollegiate champion.


Year Winning team Coach Record
1898 Brown No coach 4–0–1
1899 Yale No coach 5–0–0
1900 Yale No coach 7–0–0
1901 Yale No coach 5–2–0
1902 Yale No coach 8–0–0
1903 Harvard No coach 7–0–0
1904 Harvard Alfred Winsor 4–0–0
1905 Harvard Alfred Winsor 6–0–0
1906 Harvard Alfred Winsor 4–0–0
1907 Princeton None 4–0–0
1908 Yale None 5–0–0
1909 Harvard Alfred Winsor 6–0–0
1910 Princeton None 7–2–0
1911 Cornell None 10–0–0
1912 Princeton None 8–2–0
1913 Harvard Alfred Winsor 8–1–0
1914 Princeton Gus Hornfeck 7–1–0
1915 Harvard Alfred Winsor 7–1–0
1916 Harvard Alfred Winsor 6–0–0
1917 None None N/A
1918 None None N/A
1919 None None N/A
1920 Harvard William Claflin 7–0–0