List of Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation Historic Landmarks

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Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation (PHLF) Historic Landmark plaque program was begun in 1968 in order to identify architecturally significant structures and significant pieces of Pittsburgh's local heritage throughout Allegheny County. Nominations are reviewed by the private non-profit foundation's Historic Plaque Designation Committee composed of trustees, architectural historians, and citizens.

Beginning in 2010, the committee expanded its program to consider applications for historic status from counties surrounding Allegheny, extending its reach to a 250-mile radius from the city, as long as the site has a connection to the greater Pittsburgh region. Historic designation by the foundation does not protect the building from alteration or demolition. Structures awarded the designation typically have aluminum or bronze plaques affixed to their exterior that signify their status. Over 500 Historic Landmark Plaques have been awarded since the program's inception, although not all structures have been preserved.[1] These designations are not to be confused with City of Pittsburgh historic designations.

The table below lists all Pittsburgh History and Landmark Foundation Historic Landmark designations through 2014 initially sorted alphabetically by their official listing.[2][3][4]

Landmark name Image Year(s) constructed Architect/builder/
Address Location Year of PHLF designation Status
132 East Crafton Avenue (George Leber house) GeorgeLeberHouse.jpg 1938 Rowland George M.George M. Rowland 132 East Crafton Avenue Crafton 2003
841 North Lincoln Avenue 841NorthLincolnAvenue.jpg 1878 841 North Lincoln Avenue Allegheny West 1977
899 Old Thorn Run Road 899OldThornRunRoad.jpg 1814 899 Old Thorn Run Road Moon Township 1988
1133 Penn Avenue (Byrnes & Kiefer Building) Byrnes & Kiefer Building.jpg 1892 Murphy & HamiltonMurphy & Hamilton 1133 Penn Avenue The Strip 1987
1939 House (Good Housekeeping house) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1939 Baum Dwight JamesDwight James Baum 2363 Sebring Place Wilkinsburg 1998
4841 Ellsworth Avenue (Alexander M. Guthrie house) Alexander M. Guthrie House, Shadyside, 2022-02-28, 01.jpg c. 1870 4841 Ellsworth Avenue Shadyside 2012
5800 block of Pierce Street 5800 block of Pierce Street (north side), Shadyside, 2022-08-26.jpg 1891-92 5800 block of Pierce Street Shadyside 2003
6661 Aylesboro Avenue TransparentPlaceholder.png 1886; remodeled 1920s Steen James T.James T. Steen, 1886 6661 Aylesboro Avenue Squirrel Hill 2003
7120 Ohio River Boulevard (George J. Schmitt) GeorgeJ.SchmittHouse.jpg 1916 Janssen & Abbott 7120 Ohio River Boulevard Ben Avon 2003
Addy-Spencer House AddySpencerHouseShadyside.jpg 1864-69 919-20 St. James Street Shadyside 2000
Alden house FrankFrank Alden house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1890 Longfellow, Alden & Harlow 617 Linden Avenue Point Breeze 1995
Alder Court apartments TransparentPlaceholder.png 1913 Kropff Henry M.Henry M. Kropff 6112 Alder Street Shadyside 1975
All Saint's Roman Catholic Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1914 Comes John T.John T. Comès 19 Wilson Street Etna 1997
Allderdice (Taylor) High School Allderdice.jpg 1927 Trimble Robert M.Robert M. Trimble Forward and Shady Avenues Squirrel Hill 2002
Allegheny Arsenal Powder Magazine AlleghenyArsenalPowderMagazine.jpg 1814 Latrobe Benjamin HenryBenjamin Henry Latrobe Arsenal Park Lawrenceville 2003
Allegheny Cemetery Allegheny Cemetery 2008 spires.jpg 1844 (founded) Lawrenceville 1988
Allegheny Cemetery: Butler Street Entrance AllCemButlerstreetGatehouse.jpg 1847, 1870 Chislett John Barr MoserJohn Chislett and Barr & Moser Butler Street Lawrenceville 1974
Allegheny Cemetery, Penn Avenue Entrance PennAvenueGatehouseAlleghenyCemetery.jpg 1887 Dull & Macomb 4715 Penn Avenue Lawrenceville 2001
Allegheny City Electric Light Plant—1895 building 1895 David Hunter, Jr., engineer 822 Riversea Road Central Northside 2012
Allegheny Country Club TransparentPlaceholder.png 1902 Proctor William RossWilliam Ross Proctor Country Club Road Sewickley Heights 2003
Allegheny County Airport Allegheny County Airport.jpg 1931, 1936 Roush Stanley L Hornbostel HenryStanley L. Roush and Henry Hornbostel West Mifflin Township 1981
Allegheny County Court House Allegheny County Courthouse in 2016.jpg 1888 Richardson Henry HobsonHenry Hobson Richardson Grant Street and Fifth Avenue Downtown 1968
Allegheny County Fairgrounds AlleghenyCountyFairgrounds.jpg 1927–1934 South Park South Park Township 2009
Allegheny County Jail (now Family Court Facility, County Court of Common Pleas) FormerAlleghenyCountyJail.jpg 1886 Richardson Henry HobsonHenry Hobson Richardson Ross Street and Fifth Avenue Downtown 1968
Allegheny General Hospital (1930 part) Allegheny General Hospital, 2005.jpg 1928–1930 York & Sawyer East North and Cedar Avenues Central North Side 2002
Allegheny HYP Club (Harvard-Yale-Princeton Club) AlleghenyHYPClub.jpg 1890; remodeled 1930-31 Edward B. Lee, architect for remodeling 617-619 William Penn Place Downtown 2002
Allegheny Market House site AlleghenyMarketHouseHistoricalSign.jpg 1863 Allegheny Center Central North Side 1979
Allegheny Observatory Allegheny Observatory 2007b.jpg 1900 Billquist Thorsten E Brashear John Alfred Keeler James K.Thorsten E. Billquist, architect; John Brashear and James Keeler, consultants Riverview Park, Observatory Hill North Side 1973
Allegheny Regional Branch, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny.jpg 1890 Smithmeyer & Pelz Allegheny Center Central North Side 1970
Allegheny Social Hall AlleghenySocialHall.jpg 1902-03 810-812 Concord Street East Allegheny 2003
Allegheny Traditional Academy (Allegheny Middle School, formerly Allegheny High School) Allegheny High School.jpg 1904, 1937 Osterling Frederick J. Steen Marion M.Frederick J. Osterling, Marion M. Steen 810 Arch Street (Allegheny Center) Central North Side 1992
Allegheny West Historic District Alleghenywest.JPG 1850–1874, 1875–1899 c. Roughly bounded by Brighton Rd., Jabok Way, Ridge and Allegheny Aves. North Side 1997
Allen Hall, University of Pittsburgh (Old Mellon Institute) AllenHall.jpg 1915 Giesey J. H.J. H. Giesey O'Hara and Thackeray Streets Oakland 1972
Alpha Terrace AlphaTerraceHistoricDistrict.jpg 1889 c., 1894 700 block, North Beatty Street East Liberty 1979
Alumni Hall, University of Pittsburgh (Masonic Temple) AlumniHallatPitt.jpg 1914 Benno Janssen & Abbott Fifth and Lytton Avenues Oakland 2002
Anderson Manor (James Anderson house) AndersonManorPittsburgh.jpg 1830 c., 1905 1423 Liverpool Street Manchester 1989
Andrew Carnegie Free Library AndrewCarnegieFreeLibrary.jpg 1899 Struthers & Hannah 300 Beechwood Avenue Carnegie 1979
Arch house JohnJohn Arch house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1874 311 Sharpsburg-Kittaning Road O'Hara Township 1975
Armstrong Tunnel ArmstrongTunnel.JPG 1926-27 Covell Vernon R., Roush Stanley L.Vernon R. Covell, engineer, and Stanley L. Roush, architect Second Avenue to Forbes Avenue Bluff, the 2003
Arrott Building Pittsburgh's oldest skyscraper.jpg 1902 Osterling Frederick J.Frederick J. Osterling Fourth Avenue and Wood Street Downtown 2000
Arsenal Middle School (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) Arsenal Junior High School.jpg 1932 Schwab, Palmgreen & Merrick, Marion M. Steen 3901 Butler Street Lawrenceville 2001
Art Institute of Pittsburgh (formerly the Equitable Gas Company Building) ArtInstituteofPittsburgh.jpg 1924-25 Kuntz J. F.J. F. Kuntz 420 Boulevard of the Allies Downtown 1995
Arthurs-Johnson House ArthursJohnsonHouse.jpg 1873 6925 Ohio River Boulevard Ben Avon 1981
Aspinwall SauerBuildingsHistoricDistrict.jpg 1893 (incorporated) The greater part of the town south of Route 28, and the Sauer Buildings to the north, are included. Aspinwall 1998
Atwell-Christy house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1862 403 Frederick Avenue Sewickley 1979
Bagatelle Pontefract house James G."Bagatelle" (James G. Pontefract house) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1894 Longfellow, Alden & Harlow Little Sewickley Creek Road 40°33′34.77″N 80°11′49.78″W / 40.5596583°N 80.1971611°W / 40.5596583; -80.1971611 (Bagatelle) Edgeworth 1995
Baker Hall (Central Building, Administration Hall) Carnegie-Mellon-University-28.JPG 1914, 1919 Palmer & Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
Baxter-Brushton School (Pittsburgh High School for the Creative & Performing Arts) BaxterHighSchool.jpg 1909; enlarged 1911; further additions 1929 Kiehnel & Elliot Kiehnel, Elliott & Chalfant Kiehnel and Elliott (1909); Kiehnel, Elliott & Chalfant (1911 addition) 925 Brushton Avenue Homewood 2002
Baywood (Alexander King Estate)"Baywood" (Alexander King Estate) KingEstateorBaywood.jpg 1880 c.; 1890 1251 North Negley Avenue Highland Park 2000
Bear's Retreat"Bear's Retreat" TransparentPlaceholder.png 1790, 1840 253 Inglefield Drive Pleasant Hills 1983
Bedford Springs Hotel and Golf Course PA - Bedford Springs - Beford PA 01.jpg c. 1806 and after Solomon Filler, architect of Colonial Building, 1829. Golf course redesign by Donald Ross, 1923. 2138 Business 220 Bedford 2014
Beechwood Elementary School BeechwoodElementarySchool.jpg 1908, 1923 Dowler Press C.Press C. Dowler 810 Rockland Avenue Beechview 2002
Bellefield Hall (YMHA) Bellefield Hall, University of Pittsburgh.jpg 1924 Janssen BennoBenno Janssen 315 South Bellefield Avenue Oakland 1992
Bellevue Public Library Andrew Bayne Memorial Library.JPG 1875 Balph James MadisonJames Madison Balph 34 North Balph Avenue Bellevue 1976
Beltzhoover Elementary School (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) BeltzhooverElementarySchool.jpg 1909 William J. Shaw, Thomas Lloyd Cedarhurst Street and Estella Avenue Beltzhoover 2001
Benedum Center for the Performing Arts (Stanley Theatre) Pittsburgh benedumcenter.jpg 1927 Hoffman-Henon Company Seventh Street and Penn Avenue Downtown 1976
Benedum-Trees Building Benedum-TreesBuilding.jpg 1905 Scott Thomas HThomas H. Scott 221 Fourth Avenue Downtown 1973
Beulah Presbyterian Church BeulahPresbyterianChurch.jpg 1837 McCrea WilliamWilliam McCrea Beulah and McCrady Roads Churchill 1970
Bigham House BighamHouse.jpg 1844 Pennridge Road, Chatham Village 40°25′39.65″N 80°1′6.44″W / 40.4276806°N 80.0184556°W / 40.4276806; -80.0184556 (Bigham House) Mount Washington 1990
Boggs Avenue Elementary School BoggsAvenueElementarySchool.jpg 1925 Heckert Sidney F.Sidney F. Heckert Boggs and Southern Avenues Mt. Washington 2002
Boss Hall Boss Hall.jpg 1916 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
Bost Building Bost Building.jpg 1891-92 621-23 East Eighth Avenue Homestead 2000
Boyer house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1840 c. 5679 Library Road Bethel Park 1990
The Brix at 26 (Pittsburgh Mercantile Company) Pittsburgh Mercantile Company Building.jpg 1908 Rutan & Russell 2600–10 East Carson Street South Side 2014
Braddock Carnegie Library CarnegieFreeLibraryofBraddock.jpg 1888, 1893 Wood William Halsey Longfellow, Alden & HarlowWilliam Halsey Wood and Longfellow, Alden & Harlow Library Street and Parker Avenue Braddock 1976
Brayman house GeorgeGeorge Brayman house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1953 Berndtson Peter Brierly CorneliaPeter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly 2 Canterbury Road Ben Avon Heights 40°30′45″N 80°4′18″W / 40.51250°N 80.07167°W / 40.51250; -80.07167 1989
Bridge piers: Manchester, Point, Wabash ManchesterBridgePierPittsburgh.jpg various various various 1977
Bridgeville Public Library TransparentPlaceholder.png 1870 c. 441 Station Street Bridgeville 1974
Brilliant Cutoff Viaduct of the Pennsylvania Railroad Pennsylvania Railroad Company Brilliant Cutoff Viaduct (Pittsburgh, PA).jpg 1902 William H. Brown, engineer Along Washington Boulevard Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar/Homewood 2003
Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church BrownChapelA.M.E.ChurchPittsburgh.jpg 1903 1400 Boyle Street Central North Side 1988
Brown Road Bridge (in Tinbrook Park) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1891 Davis CharlesCharles Davis Brown and Big Sewickley Creek Roads Franklin Park 1971
Buhl Building BuhlBuildingPittsburgh.jpg 1913 Janssen & Abbott 204 Fifth Avenue Downtown 1981
Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science (now part of the Pittsburgh Children's Museum) BuhlPlanetariumInstitutePopularScience.jpg 1939 Ingham & Boyd Allegheny Center Central North Side 2001
Burke's Building Burke Building.jpg 1836 Chislett JohnJohn Chislett 209 Fourth Avenue Downtown 1970
Burtner House BurtnerStoneHouse.jpg 1821 Burtner Road Harrison Township 1975
Byers Hall, Community College of Allegheny County (Byers-Lyons house) Byers-LyonsHouse.jpg 1898 Alden & Harlow 901 Ridge Avenue Allegheny West 1989
Byham Theater (Fulton or Gayety Theatre) Pittsburgh byhamtheater.jpg 1904 Dodge & Morrison 101 Sixth Street Downtown 2002
Calvary A.M.E. Church of Braddock (Second Presbyterian Church of Braddock) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1892 441 Sixth Street Braddock 2009
Calvary Episcopal Church CalvaryEpiscopalShadysidePHLF.jpg 1907 Cram Ralph AdamsRalph Adams Cram Shady Avenue and Walnut Street Shadyside 1969
Calvary United Methodist Church CalvaryUnitedMethodistChurch.jpg 1895 Vrydaugh Shepherd Wolfe T BVrydaugh and Shepherd, with T. B. Wolfe Allegheny and Beech Avenues Allegheny West 1972
Carlow College Worship and Community Center (St. Agnes' Roman Catholic Church) Carlow University St Agnes 2015.jpg 1917 Comes John T.John T. Comès Fifth Avenue and Robinson Street Oakland 2000
Carnegie Coffee Company (Carnegie U.S. Post Office) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1916 Oscar Winderoth 132 East Main Street Carnegie 2014
Carnegie Free Library of McKeesport CarnegieFreeLibraryofMckeesport.jpg 1902 East William J.William J. East 1507 Liberty Avenue McKeesport 1979
Carnegie Mellon University, the original campus (Carnegie Institute of Technology; Carnegie Technical Schools) CMUquadfromCoLcrop.jpg 1905-32 Palmer & Hornbostel Hornbostel HenryPalmer & Hornbostel, Henry Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street Oakland 2000
Carnegie Institute Carnegie Music Hall Pittsburgh.JPG 1895, 1907 Longfellow, Alden & Harlow 4400 Forbes Avenue Oakland 1970
Carnegie Library of Homestead CarnegieLibraryofHomestead.jpg 1898 Alden & Harlow 510 Tenth Avenue Munhall 1989
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh CarnegieLibraryPittsburghFrontEntrance.jpg 1895 Longfellow, Alden & Harlow Schenley Plaza Oakland 1970
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Homewood Branch HomewoodCarnegieLibraryofPittsburgh.jpg 1910 Jones Howard K. Alden & HarlowHoward K. Jones for Alden & Harlow 7101 Hamilton Avenue Homewood 2004
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville Branch CarnegieLibaryLawrencevillePHLF.jpg 1898 Alden & Harlow 279 Fisk Street Lawrenceville 1988
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Mount Washington Branch CarnegieLibraryofPittsburgh,MountWashington.JPG 1900 Alden & Harlow 315 Grandview Avenue Mount Washington 1989
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, South Side Branch SouthSideCarnegieLibraryPittsburgh.jpg 1909 Alden & Harlow East Carson and South Twenty-second Streets South Side 1990
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, West End Branch WestEndCarnegieLibraryofPittsburgh.jpg 1899 Alden & Harlow 47 Wabash Avenue West End 2012
Carnegie Steel Manager's house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1900 518 East Eleventh Street Munhall 2007
Carrie Furnaces and Pinkerton Landing site Carrie Furnace030.jpg 1884, 1892 Rankin and Swissvale/Homestead (primarily in) 1989
Carson house RachelRachel Carson house RachelCarsonHomestead.jpg 1870 613 Marion Avenue Springdale Township 1975
Cathedral of Learning Cathedral of Learning stitch 1.jpg 1926–1937 Klauder Charles ZCharles Klauder University of Pittsburgh Oakland 1973
Cathedral of Learning interiors, University of Pittsburgh (Nationality Rooms, Commons Room, Darlington Library, Croghan-Schenley Ballroom, Braun Room) Cathedral of Learning inside entrance.jpg 1937–1946 c. Klauder Charles othersCharles Klauder and others Cathedral of Learning Oakland 1972
Croghan-Schenley Ballroom CoL Croghan-Schenley Ballroom.jpg 1835 van Horne MordecaiMordecai van Horne? Cathedral of Learning Oakland 1970
Central Catholic High School View fron 5th.jpg 1927 Weber Edward J. Link & BowersEdward J. Weber, of Weber, Link & Bowers 4720 Fifth Avenue Oakland 1976
Chalfant Hall, Community College of Allegheny County ChalfantHallofCCAC.jpg c. 1900 915 Ridge Avenue Allegheny West 1981
Chalfant house c. 1850 89 Locust Street Etna 2012
Chalfant Log House TransparentPlaceholder.png 1832 2716 West Hardies Road Hampton Township 2007
Chancellor's house (Harvey Childs house) Chancellor'sResidencePitt2.jpg 1896 Peabody StearnsPeabody and Stearns 718 Devonshire Street Shadyside 1973
Chatham Village ChathamVillage1.jpg 1932, 1935 Ingham Boyd Stein Wright Griswold Ralph E.Ingham & Boyd, architects. Stein & Wright, planners. Ralph E. Griswold, landscape architect. Virginia and Bigham Streets Mount Washington 1990
Christian Tabernacle Kodesh Church of Immanuel (St. Paul's Episcopal Church) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1896 Elise MercurElise Mercur 2601 Centre Avenue Hill, the 2007
St. John the Baptist Church (The Church Brew Works) The Church Brew Works.jpg 1903 Beezer Brothers 3501 Liberty Avenue Lawrenceville 2001
Church of Saint Benedict the MoorChurch of St. Benedict the Moor St. Benedict the Moor Church (Pittsburgh).jpg 1894 Moeser & Bippus 89 Crawford Street Hill, the 1998
Church of the Ascension Church of the Ascension Pittsburgh 01.JPG 1898 Wood WIlliam HalseyWilliam Halsey Wood Ellsworth Avenue and Neville Street Shadyside 1971
Church of the Epiphany EpiphanyCathChurchPittsburghcrop.jpg 1902 Stotz EdwardEdward Stotz Washington Place and Centre Avenue Hill, the 1998
Church of the Good Shepherd Church of the Good Shepherd, Hazelwood, 2022-06-09, 02.jpg 1891 Wood WIlliam HalseyWilliam Halsey Wood Second Avenue and Johnston Street Hazelwood 1972
Church of The Holy Cross The (St. James Episcopal Church)The Church of The Holy Cross (St. James Episcopal Church) Church of the Holy Cross, Homewood, 2022-07-15, 02.jpg 1905-06 Carpenter & Crocker 7507 Kelly Street Homewood 2007
City of Pittsburgh Department of Water TransparentPlaceholder.png 1907 (begun c.) Rutan & Russell, Scott Thomas H.Rutan & Russell, Thomas H. Scott 226 Delafield Road Pittsburgh 2000
City Theatre CityTheatreSouthSidePittsburgh.jpg 1859 1300 Bingham Street South Side 2000
City-County Building Pittsburgh City-County Building in 2016.jpg 1915–1917 Hornbostel Henry Lee Edward PalmerHenry Hornbostel, designer; Edward B. Lee, architect, with Palmer, Hornbostel & Jones Grant Street and Forbes Avenue Downtown 1974
Clark Candy Company: chimney D.L.ClarkBuildingPittsburgh.jpg 1924 503 Martindale Street North Shore 1975 Demolished
"Clayton""Clayton" FrickMansionClayton.jpg 1870 c., 1892 Osterling Frederick J.Frederick J. Osterling Penn and Homewood Avenues Point Breeze 2000
College of Fine Arts (School of Applied Design) Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts building.jpg 1912, 1916 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
Colfax Elementary School (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) ColfaxElementarySchool.jpg 1911 Stotz EdwardEdward Stotz Beechwood Boulevard and Phillips Avenue Squirrel Hill 2001
Colonial Place Historic District Colonial Place, 2022-03-29, 03.jpg 1898 Orth George S. Bachman E. H.George S. Orth, architect; E. H. Bachman, landscape artist Colonial Place and Ellsworth Avenue Shadyside 2007
Coltart house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1843 3441 Forbes Avenue Oakland 1972 Demolished
Commerce Court TransparentPlaceholder.png 1918 Station Square South Shore 1982
Concord Elementary School (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) ConcordElementarySchool.jpg 1939 Steen Marion M.Marion M. Steen 2340 Brownsville Road Carrick 2001
Congregation B'nai Israel Congregation bnai israel (4396258970).jpg 1923 Hornbostel Henry Fraser William S Friedman Philip, Sharove AlexanderHenry Hornbostel, with William S. Fraser, Philip Friedman, and Alexander Sharove 327 North Negley Avenue East Liberty 1979
Connelly School CliffordB.ConnellyTradeSchool.jpg 1930 Lee Edward B.Edward B. Lee 1501 Bedford Avenue Hill, the 2002
Conroy Education Center (Conroy Junior High School) (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) ConroyJuniorHighSchool.jpg 1936 Steen Marion M.Marion M. Steen Page and Fulton Streets Manchester 2001
Convent of Mercy Convent of Mercy - Carlow University - IMG 1447.JPG 1909 Stotz EdwardEdward Stotz 3333 Fifth Avenue Oakland 1979
Corliss Tunnel CorlissTunnel.jpg 1914 Roush Stanley L.Stanley L. Roush Corliss Street south from West Carson Street Elliot 2002
Cork Factory The (Armstrong Cork Company Buildings)The Cork Factory (Armstrong Cork Company Buildings) ArmstrongCorkCompany.jpg 1901, 1902; addition 1913 Osterling Frederick J.Frederick J. Osterling 2349 Railroad Street Strip District 2007
County Office Building Allegheny County Office Building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.jpg 1929-31 Roush Stanley L.Stanley L. Roush Ross Street at Forbes Avenue Downtown 2002
Coursin Heights Plan/Becker house TransparentPlaceholder.png 20th century 511 Romine Avenue McKeesport 1989
Craig-Wertheimer house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1870 c. 3210 Niagara Street Oakland 1984 Demolished
Crawford House/Ingleside Hotel TransparentPlaceholder.png 1866 5402 Broad Street Garfield 1982 Demolished
Creighton Avenue CreightonAvenue.jpg 1900 c. Creighton Avenue Crafton 1990
Crescent Apartment BuildingThe Crescent Apartment Building TransparentPlaceholder.png 1904 c. 738 Rebecca Avenue Wilkinsburg 2009
Cross Keys Inn TransparentPlaceholder.png 1851 c. 599 Dorseyville Road Indiana Township 1973
D'Arlington Apartments D'Arlington Apartments Pittsburgh.jpg 1910 Keen EdwardEdward Keen 504 North Neville Street Oakland 1981
Darlington House HarryHarry Darlington House HarryDarlingtonHouse.jpg 1890 c. 721 Brighton Road Allegheny West 1974
Davis farmhouse TransparentPlaceholder.png 1880 c. 3423 Brownsville Road Brentwood 1993 Demolished
Davis House Superintendent Henry J., U.S. Steel Clairton WorksSuperintendent Henry J. Davis House, U.S. Steel Clairton Works TransparentPlaceholder.png 1903–1910 c. 556 Mitchell Avenue Clairton 2009
Devonshire Street TransparentPlaceholder.png 19th century (late) Devonshire Street Shadyside 1974
Dilworth School (Dilworth Traditional Academy) DilworthElementarySchoolFront.jpg 1915 Vrydaugh & Wolfe Collins Street and Stanton Avenue East Liberty 1997
Dixmont State Hospital Dixmont State Hospital.jpg 1862 Ohio River Boulevard Kilbuck Township 1970 Demolished
Dollar Savings Bank Dollar Savings Bank.jpg 1871 Hobbs Isaac & SonsIsaac Hobbs & Sons 348 Fourth Avenue Downtown 1970
Doherty Hall (School of Applied Sciences, Engineering Hall) Doherty Fence Cut.JPG 1908 Palmer & Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
Dormont Swimming Pool (Borough of) Dormontpool.jpg 1920 1801 Dormont Avenue Dormont 2002
Douglas house HarlanHarlan Douglas house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1962-1965 Berndtson PeterPeter Berndtson 155 White Oak Drive Ross Township 1989
Duquesne Club DuquesneClub.jpg 1887 Longfellow, Alden & Harlow 325 Sixth Avenue Downtown 1976
Duquesne Incline Duquesne Incline lower building.jpg 1877 Diescher SamuelSamuel Diescher 1220 Grandview Avenue and West Carson Street Mount Washington and Station Square 1969
East Liberty Presbyterian Church East Liberty Presbyterian Church.JPG 1935 Cram Ralph AdamsRalph Adams Cram Highland and Penn Avenues East Liberty 1969
East Pittsburgh U.S. Post Office TransparentPlaceholder.png 1916 James A. Wetmore 701 Linden Avenue East Pittsburgh 2014
Ebenezer Baptist Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1931 2001 Wylie Avenue Hill, the 1979 Demolished
Edgar Thomson Works, United States Steel Edgar Thomson.jpg 1875 (since) North Braddock 1989
Edgewood Edgewood Borough Building and Statue.jpg 1888 (incorporated) The town as a whole. Edgewood 1998
Edgeworth Club TransparentPlaceholder.png 1930-31 Smith BrandonBrandon Smith 511 East Drive Edgeworth 2007
Eggers House TransparentPlaceholder.png 1860 (prior to) Maple Springs Drive South Park Township 1970
Elizabeth Borough Historic District TransparentPlaceholder.png 1850–1930 c. Second Avenue Elizabeth 2009
Ellsworth Terrace Ellsworth Terrace, 2022-02-28, 01.jpg 1913 Justice William H.William H. Justice?, designer 4800 block, Ellsworth Avenue Shadyside 1985
Elm Ridge James Gardiner Coffin/John Walker house"Elm Ridge", James Gardiner Coffin/John Walker House Elmridge.jpg 1869; Plan published in Hobbs Architecture, 1873 Hobbs Isaac Kerr DavidIsaac Hobbs, architect; David Kerr, builder 1 Breck Drive Leetsdale 2007
Elmhurst Road Historic District TransparentPlaceholder.png 1904-20 May Wilbur M. et al.Wilbur M. May et al. Elmhurst Place Fox Chapel 2007
Elroy Elementary School TransparentPlaceholder.png 1920 and 1925 3129 Elroy Avenue Brentwood 1997
Emmanuel Episcopal Church EmmanuelEpiscopalPittsburgh.jpg 1886 Richardson Henry HobsonHenry Hobson Richardson North and Allegheny Avenues Allegheny West 1968
Emsworth Locks and Dam Emsworth aerial.jpg 1922 and 1928 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ohio River at mile 6.2 Neville Island 2003
Episcopal Church of the Nativity EpiscopalChurchoftheNativityCrafton.jpg 1908; 1935 Topp O. M.O. M. Topp 33 Alice Street Crafton 2000
Episcopal Church of the Redeemer TransparentPlaceholder.png 1937 Robb E. DonaldE. Donald Robb 5700 Forbes Avenue Squirrel Hill 1998
Express House TransparentPlaceholder.png 1900 c. Station Square South Shore 1978
Fay Bear house TransparentPlaceholder.png c. 1950 Peter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly 125 Lutz Lane West Mifflin 2014
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Pittsburgh Branch FederalReserveBankofClevelandPittsburghBranch.jpg 1930-33 Walker & Weeks Hornbostel Henry Wood Eric FIsherWalker & Weeks, Henry Hornbostel, and Eric Fisher Wood 717 Grant Street Downtown 2001
Fifth Avenue High School FifthAvenueHighSchool.jpg 1894 Stotz EdwardEdward Stotz Fifth Avenue and Miltenberger Street Bluff, the 1998
Fineman house F. EstherF. Esther Fineman house Fineman House Pittsburgh.jpg 1952 Berndtson Peter Brierly CorneliaPeter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly 4742 Coleridge Street Stanton Heights 1989
First Associate Reformed Church FirstAssociatedReformedChurch.jpg 1854 20 South Fourteenth Street South Side 1983
First Baptist Church FirstBaptistPittsburghOaklandPHLF.jpg 1912 Goodhue BertramBertram Goodhue Bellefield Avenue and Bayard Street Oakland 1970
First Church of Christ Scientist UniversityChildDevelopmentCenterPitt3.jpg 1905 Beman Solon SpencerSolon Spencer Beman 635 Clyde Street Shadyside 1977
First English Evangelical Lutheran Church First Lutheran Church Grant St Pittsburgh jeh.jpg 1888 Peebles AndrewAndrew Peebles 615 Grant Street Downtown 1975
First Hungarian Reformed Church First Hungarian Reformed Church, Hazelwood, 2022-06-09, 02.jpg 1904 De Bobula TitusTitus de Bobula 221 Johnston Street Hazelwood 1995
First Muslim Mosque of Pittsburgh (Wylie Avenue Branch, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh) 1899 Alden & Harlow 1911 Wylie Avenue Hill District 2012
First National Bank of Pitcairn (now commercial/rental) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1910 c. Kiehnel and Elliott 500 Second Street Pitcairn 2007
First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh in 2016.jpg 1903 Chandler Jr. Theophilus ParsonsTheophilus Parsons Chandler, Jr. 320 Sixth Avenue Downtown 1970
First Presbyterian Church of Edgewood TransparentPlaceholder.png 1918 Hannah Thomas Cram & FergusonThomas Hannah with Cram & Ferguson 120 East Swissvale Avenue Edgewood 1987
First United Methodist Church FirstUMCBloomfieldPitt.jpg 1893 Weary KramerWeary & Kramer Centre and Aiken Avenues, and Baum Boulevard Bloomfield 1974
First United Methodist Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1889 Longfellow, Alden & Harlow Parker Avenue at Library Street Braddock 1981 Designation/plaque withdrawn
First United Methodist Church of McKeesport First Methodist Episcopal Church of McKeesport.jpg 1925 Charles W. Bolton & Son (Philadelphia) Cornell Street and Versailles Avenue McKeesport 2012
First United Methodist Church of Wilmerding TransparentPlaceholder.png 1913-15 Bier C. W.C. W. Bier 400 Westinghouse Avenue Wilmerding 2003
First United Presbyterian Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1893 725 Parker Avenue Braddock 1983
Flatiron Building FlatironBuildingSewickleyPA.jpg 1875 c. Beaver and Division Streets Sewickley 1978
Forbes Field wall: remnant Forbes flagpole.JPG 1909 Leavitt Jr. Charles WCharles Wellford Leavitt Roberto Clemente Drive Oakland 1977
Forsythe Home TheThe Forsythe Home ForsytheHome.jpg 1850 920 Forsythe Road Carnegie 2001
Fort Pitt Blockhouse[4] Bouquet blockhouse.JPG 1764 Point State Park Downtown 2008
Fort Pitt Boulevard Firstside from Mount Washington 2.jpg Between 1850 and 1890[5] between Wood and Market Streets ("Firstside") Downtown 1992
Fort Pitt Elementary School FortPittElementarySchool.jpg 1905; 1910 Bartberger Charles M. Bartberger Edward M.Charles M. Bartberger (1905); Edward M. Bartberger (1910) 5101 Hillcrest Street Garfield 2002
Fortieth Street (Washington Crossing) Bridge Washington Crossing Bridge (Pittsburgh).jpg 1924 Janssen Benno Davis Charles S.Benno Janssen, architect, and Charles S. Davis, engineer Fortieth Street over the Allegheny River Lawrenceville and Millvale 2004
Foster Memorial Stephen CollinsStephen Collins Foster Memorial PittStephenFosterMemorial front.jpg 1937 Klauder Charles ZCharles Klauder University of Pittsburgh Oakland 1973
Four Gateway Center and The Plaza at Gateway Center (Equitable Plaza) Four Gateway Center in Pittsburgh in 2016.jpg 1960 (building), 1962 (plaza) Harrison & Abramovitz (building); Schell & Deeter (plaza); Simonds & Simonds, landscape architects (plaza) 444 Liberty Avenue Downtown 2014
The Four Sisters' House TransparentPlaceholder.png 1872 Zehu P. Smith, builder 310 Peebles Street Sewickley 2014
Fourth Avenue National Register District ArrottBuildingandTheBankTower.jpg c. 1900 Fourth Avenue Downtown 1989, 2012
Fox Chapel Golf Club TransparentPlaceholder.png 1924-25; remodeled and enlarged 1931; golf course designed 1925 Alden & Harlow Smith Brandon Raynor SethAlden & Harlow, architects 1924–1925; Brandon Smith, remodeled and enlarged 1931; Seth Raynor, golf course designer 1925 426 Fox Chapel Road Fox Chapel 2007
Freight House TransparentPlaceholder.png 1897 Station Square South Shore 1979
John Frew House JohnFrewHouse.jpg c. 1790; addition c. 1840 105 Sterrett St. Westwood 1984
Frick Building FrickBuildingPittsburgh.jpg 1902 Burnham D. H. & Co.D. H. Burnham & Company Grant Street and Fifth Avenue Downtown 1974
Frick International Studies Academy (Henry Clay Frick Training School for Teachers) Henry Clay Frick Training School for Teachers - IMG 1427.JPG 1927 Ingham & Boyd Thackeray Street near Fifth Avenue Oakland 2002
Friendship Elementary School Friendship Elementary School.jpg 1899 Bartberger Charles M.Charles M. Bartberger Friendship Avenue and Graham Street Friendship 1998
Fulton Academy of Science (Fulton Elementary School) FultonElementarySchool.jpg 1894, 1900, and 1929 Bartberger Charles Nirdlinger MaximilianCharles M. Bartberger (1894 and 1900 portions); Maximilian Nirdlinger (1929 addition) Hampton and North St. Clair Streets Highland Park 2002
Gardner Steel Conference Center, University of Pittsburgh (Central Turnverein) GardnerSteelConferenceCenter.jpg 1911-12 Kiehnel and Elliott 130 Thackeray Street Oakland 2007
Gardner-Bailey House Gardner-Bailey House.jpg 1864 124 West Swissvale Avenue Edgewood 1984
Garfield-Scott house Garfield-Scott House.jpg 1964 Berndtson PeterPeter Berndtson 5148 Rosecrest Place Stanton Heights 1989
Gatehouse TheThe Gatehouse TransparentPlaceholder.png 1916 Station Square South Shore 1984
Mr. & Mrs. David Giles house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1952 Peter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly 1 Saxman Drive Latrobe 2012
Gilfillan Farm House TransparentPlaceholder.png 1857 1950 Washington Road Upper St. Clair 2001
Gimbel Brothers Department Store (Heinz 57 Center) Heinz57Center.jpg 1914 Starrett & van Vleck 339 Sixth Avenue Downtown 1982
Glenshaw Railroad Station TransparentPlaceholder.png 1915[6] Route 8, Fall Run Park Shaler Township 1975 Demolished
Glenshaw Valley Presbyterian Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1885 Butler Plank Road Shaler Township 1972
Grace Episcopal Church GraceEpiscopalChurchPittsburgh.jpg 1926 Stewart Jr. JJ. Stewart, Jr. Bertha and Sycamore Streets Mount Washington 1971
Grace United Methodist Church Grace Methodist Church Sharpsburg PA.jpg 1872 1512 North Canal Street Sharpsburg 1977
Graff Building TransparentPlaceholder.png 1912 736 North Avenue Wilkinsburg 1979
Graham house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1840 c. 208 Twin Oak Drive Ross Township 1971
Granite Building (German National Bank) German Natl Bank 313 6th Av jeh.jpg 1890 Bickel & Brennan 313 Sixth Avenue Downtown 1987
Great Stone Wall, Allegheny Reservoir GreatStoneWallofAlleghenyReservoir.jpg 1848 Troy Hill 1979
Greenfield Elementary School GreenfieldElementarySchool.jpg 1916-23 Kiehnel and Elliott 1 Alger Street Greenfield 1998 (plaque was awarded conditionally)
Greenstone United Methodist Church GreenstoneUnitedMethodistChurch.jpg 1906 939 California Avenue Avalon 2000
Griffith house LordLord Griffith house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1902 Keen Charles BartonCharles Barton Keen 208 Chestnut Road Edgeworth 1975
Grotto GrottoinAvalonPA.jpg 1928-32 Slovak Franciscans, builders Oak Street and S. Starr Avenue Avalon 2002
Gulf Building Pittsburgh-gulf-tower-2007.jpg 1932 Trowbridge LivingstonTrowbridge & Livingston Seventh Avenue and Grant Street Downtown 1973
Gwinner-Harter House Negley-Gwinner-HarterHouse.jpg 1870 c., 1911; restorations 1986, 1996 Osterling Frederick J.Frederick J. Osterling Fifth and Amberson Avenues Shadyside 2000
Skibo Gymnasium TransparentPlaceholder.png 1923, 1932 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
Half Dingle (Stanley Marshall) TheThe Half Dingle (Stanley Marshall) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1964 Berndtson PeterPeter Berndtson 183 Gilkeson Road Mount Lebanon 1989
Haller-Bursztynowicz house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1890 c. 5738 Northumberland Street Squirrel Hill 1972
Hamburg Hall (U.S. Bureau of Mines) Main Building, U.S. Bureau of Mines.jpg 1915 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel 4800 Forbes Avenue, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
Hamerschlag Hall (Machinery Hall) CMU Hamerschlag Hall.jpg 1906, 1914 Palmer & Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
Hampton Hall TransparentPlaceholder.png 1926 c. 166 North Dithridge Street Oakland 1985
Hampton-Kelly house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1852 Kerr Joseph W.Joseph W. Kerr? 102 Rockridge Road (Evergreen Hamlet) Ross Township 1975
Harbaugh-Grafflin house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1866 Tracy BruceTracy Bruce, builder 604 Maple Lane Sewickley 1975 Demolished
Hartley-Rose Building Hartley-Rose Belting Company Building.jpg 1907 Stotz EdwardEdward Stotz 425 First Avenue Downtown 1985
Hartwood Farms Hartwood Acres Mansion Corner.jpg 1929 (House) Hopkins AlfredAlfred Hopkins Saxonburg Boulevard Indiana Township 1997
Hawker house TransparentPlaceholder.png 19th century (mid) 120 Nelson Run Road Ross Township 1971
Hays house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1870 c. Hardin Place off Whitaker Road Munhall 1975
Heathside CottageHeathside Cottage HeathsideCottage.jpg 1855 Catoma and Myler Streets Fineview 2000
Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts (Penn Theatre) Heinz Hall at Night.jpg 1926, 1971 Rapp and RappRapp and Rapp Sixth Street and Penn Avenue Downtown 1971
Heinz Lofts (five H. J. Heinz Company buildings) HeinzLofts.jpg 1913-27 Heinz H. J. Company Trimble R. M. Kahn AlbertH. J. Heinz Company, R. M. Trimble, and Albert Kahn Progress Street Troy Hill 2007
Heinz Memorial Chapel Heinz Memorial Chapel, exterior (crop).jpg 1938 Klauder Charles ZCharles Klauder University of Pittsburgh Oakland 1973
Hellmund house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1916 Scheibler Jr. Frederick G.Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. 7510 Trevanion Avenue Swissvale 1984
Henderson Hall Henderson Hall.jpg 1916 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
Henderson-Metz House ("the Castle") Henderson-MetzHouse.jpg 1860 c. 1516 Warren Street Fineview 1976
Hendricks-Murray house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1874 c. 319 South Lexington Avenue Squirrel Hill 1981
Heppenstall, Samuel (estate) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1885 c. 610 Lincoln Avenue Larimer 1992
Herron Hill Park (Robert E. Williams Memorial Park) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1889 Hill, the 1989
Highland Park (the Park) HighlandParkPittsburghPark.jpg 1889 (begun) Highland Park 1989
Hill house Howard JHoward J. Hill house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1835 c. 231 Nelson Run Road Ross Township 1971
Highland Towers Highland Towers Apartments.jpg 1913 Scheibler Jr. Frederick G.Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. 340 South Highland Avenue Shadyside 1976
Highwood TheThe Highwood TransparentPlaceholder.png 1929-30 Dickson R. GareyR. Garey Dickson 372 S. Highland Avenue Shadyside 2003
Hiland Presbyterian Church Hiland Presbyterian Church, Ross Township, 2015-08-17, 02.jpg 1940 and earlier 845 Perry Highway Ross Township 1976
Hill-McCallam-Davies house EvergreenHamlet.jpg 1852 Kerr Joseph W.Joseph W. Kerr 164 Rockridge Road, Evergreen Hamlet Ross Township 1971
Holleman house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1920 3200 Brownsville Road Brentwood 1993
Holmes Residence and Gardens JaneJane Holmes Residence and Gardens TransparentPlaceholder.png 1869 Barr & Moser 441 Swissvale Avenue Wilkinsburg 2004
Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church HolyRosaryRCChurchHomewoodPHLF.jpg 1928 Cram Ralph AdamsRalph Adams Cram Lang Avenue and Kelly Street Homewood 1970
Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church HolyVirginRussianOrthodoxGreekCatholicChurch.jpg 1920 214 Mansfield Boulevard Carnegie 2001
Homestead High Level Bridge (Homestead Grays Bridge) Homestead Grays Bridge river reflection.jpg 1935-37 George S. Richardson, chief engineer Monongahela River at Mile 7 Homestead and Squirrel Hill 2001
Homewood Cemetery Homewood Cemetery chapel 2015-01-08, 01.jpg 1878 (incorporated) Dallas and Aylesboro Avenues Squirrel Hill 1992
Honor Built houses (an example of) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1924 804 Walnut Street Edgewood 1990
Horne Company Department Store JosephJoseph Horne Company Department Store JosephHorneCompanyDepartmentStore.jpg 1900, 1923 Peabody Stearns Fraser William S.Peabody & Stearns (1900, 1923) and William S. Fraser (1900) Penn Avenue and Stanwix Street Downtown 1982
Horne House JosephJoseph Horne House JosephHorneHouse.jpg 1889 Longfellow, Alden & Harlow 838 North Lincoln Avenue Allegheny West 1995
Hot Metal Street Bridge (Monongahela Connecting Bridge) and former Hot Metal Bridge Hot metal Bridge 2008 06 18 23 03 0520.jpg 1900 (Hot Metal Bridge) and 1904 (Monongahela Connecting Bridge) Monongahela Connecting Railroad and Jones & Laughlin, Ltd., engineers Monongahela River at Mile 3 Oakland and South Side 2009
Howe-Childs Gatehouse, Chatham College ("Willow Cottage") Howe-ChildsGateHouse.jpg 1860 c. Fifth Avenue and Woodland Road Squirrel Hill 2004
Hunt Armory HuntArmory.jpg 1911, 1916, 1919 Joseph F. Kuntz, architect for W.G. Wilkins Company 324 Emerson Street Shadyside 2014
Husler Building HuslerBuilding.jpg 1896 McClarren Samuel T.Samuel T. McClarren 1 West Main Street Carnegie 2004
Hyeholde Hyeholde.jpg 1931-38, 1952 Kryskill WilliamWilliam Kryskill, designer Coraopolis Heights Road, near Beaver Grade Road Moon Township 2000
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church IHMPittsburgh.jpg 1904 Ginther William P.William P. Ginther 3058 Brereton Avenue Polish Hill 1970
Ingram Elementary School IngramPublicSchool.jpg 1914 Dowler Press C.Press C. Dowler Vancouver Avenue Ingram 1988
Iron fence from "The Maples" (C. L. Magee estate) MageeIronFencePitt.jpg 1890 c. Forbes Avenue and Halkett Street Oakland 1983
Jeffrey house ArthurArthur Jeffrey house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1947 Berndtson Peter Brierly CorneliaPeter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly 8235 Foxridge Road Allison Park 1989
Jenkins Arcade FifthAvenuePlaceArcadeShopsFoodCourt.jpg 1913 Topp O. M.O. M. Topp Liberty Avenue at Fifth Street Downtown 1972 Demolished
Jerusalem Baptist Church Deutsche Vereinigte Evangelische Kirche, West End, 2022-05-15, 03.jpg 1864 Steuben and Sanctus Streets West End 1982
Jones Hall, Community College of Allegheny County (B.F. Jones, Jr. house) B.F.JonesHouse.jpg 1908 c. Rutan & Russell Ridge Avenue and Brighton Road Allegheny West 1970, 1990
Jones house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1915 1831 Ardmore Boulevard Forest Hills 1979
Katz house Joseph (McComb house)Joseph Katz house (McComb house) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1950 Berndtson Peter Brierly CorneliaPeter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly 111 Lutz Lane West Mifflin 1989
Kaufmann Auditorium PittsburghPaKaSe.JPG 1928 Stotz EdwardEdward Stotz 1835 Centre Avenue Hill, the 1998
Kaufmann's Department Store and Clock (Macy's) KaufmannsStoreClockMacys.jpg 1898, 1913 Bickel Charles Janssen & AbbottCharles Bickel and Janssen & Abbott Fifth Avenue and Smithfield Street Downtown 1981
Kennywood Park: Casino Parkside Cafe.jpg 1899 Kennywood West Mifflin 1982
Kennywood Park: Grand Carousel Kennywood Carousel DSCN2827.JPG 1926 c. Dentzel William H.William H. Dentzel Kennywood West Mifflin Township 1976
Kennywood Park Racer theKennywood Park: the Racer KW-Racer.jpg 1927 Miller John A.John A. Miller, designer Kennywood West Mifflin Township 1995
Keown house ThomasThomas Keown house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1842-50 272 West Ingomar Road McCandless Township 1979
Klages house Allen M.Allen M. Klages house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1923 Scheibler Frederick G.Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. 5525 Beverly Place Highland Park 1995
Knoxville Elementary School (Knoxville Junior High School) KnoxvilleJuniorHighSchool.jpg 1927; 1931 and 1935 Dowler Press C. Steen Marion M.Press C. Dowler (1927 and 1931); Marion M. Steen (1935) 324 Charles Street Knoxville 2002
Kopp Glass, Inc. TransparentPlaceholder.png 1899 2108 Palmer Street Swissvale 2009
Koppers Building Koppers Building cropped.jpg 1929 Graham Anderson Probst WhiteGraham, Anderson, Probst & White Seventh Avenue and Grant Street Downtown 1973
Kramer house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1854 c. 119 Kramer Street Sewickley 1981 Demolished
Kuykendall-Forsyth-Reed farm TransparentPlaceholder.png 1768, 1852 561 State Route 885 Jefferson Township 1979
La Tourelle Edgar J. Kaufmann house"La Tourelle" (Edgar J. Kaufmann house) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1924 Janssen & Cocken 8 La Tourelle Lane Fox Chapel 2003
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Landis house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1957 Peter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly 2717 Mount Royal Road Squirrel Hill 2012
Langley High School (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) LangleyHighSchool.jpg 1900 c., 1929 MacClure & Spahr Sheraden Boulevard and Chartiers Avenue Sheraden 2001
Lark Inn TransparentPlaceholder.png 1798 634 Beaver Road Leetsdale 1979
Lawrence Hall, Point Park University (Keystone Athletic Club) Lawrence Hall.jpg 1927-29 Janssen Benno Janssen & CockenBenno Janssen for Janssen & Cocken Wood Street at Third Avenue Downtown 2007
Lebanon Presbyterian Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1871 2800 Old Elizabeth Road West Mifflin 1975 Demolished
Lemington Elementary School (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) LemingtonElementarySchool.jpg 1937 Steen Marion M. Weber Edward J. Navarro CorpMarion M. Steen, Edward J. Weber, Navarro Corp. 7061 Lemington Avenue Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar 2001
Letsche Education Center (Letsche School) LetscheElementarySchoolFront.jpg 1905; 1941 unknown Steen Marion M.unknown, 1905; Marion M. Steen, 1941 1530 Cliff Street Hill, the 2002
Letter Carriers' Local 84 Union Hall (New Brighton Theatre) Pittsburgh Calbride 2019-08-04 Brighton Theater 01.jpg 1928 Rubin & VeShancey 841 California Avenue California-Kirkbride 2014
Liberty Tunnels Ventilating Plant Ventilation plant, Liberty Tunnels, 2022-07-15, 02.jpg 1928 Roush Stanley L.Stanley L. Roush 201 Secane Avenue Mt. Washington 2003
Lightner House IsaacIsaac Lightner House IsaacLightnerHouse.jpg 1833 2407 Mount Royal Boulevard Shaler Township 1976
Lincoln Avenue Viaduct TransparentPlaceholder.png 1905 City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Construction, engineers Lincoln Avenue over Washington Boulevard Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar and Larimer 2003
Lincoln Elementary School (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) LincolnElementarySchool.jpg 1931 Pringle Thomas Robling Oliver J.Thomas Pringle, Oliver J. Robling 328 Lincoln Avenue (near the corner of Lincoln and Frankstown Avenues) Larimer 2001
Linden Elementary School Linden Avenue School Comprehensive.jpg 1903; 1927; 1960 Dean Ellsworth Pringle & RoblingEllsworth Dean, 1903; Pringle & Robling, 1927 Linden Avenue near Beechwood Boulevard Point Breeze 2002
Linwood Apartments TransparentPlaceholder.png 1907 Scheibler Jr. Frederick G.Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. McPherson Boulevard at Linden Avenue Point Breeze 1976
Lipkind house SaulSaul Lipkind house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1954 Berndtson Peter Brierly CorneliaPeter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly 1137 Onondago Street Swisshelm Park 1989
Longue Vue Club LongueVueClubandGolfCourse.jpg 1925 Janssen & Cocken Oakwood Road Penn Hills 1985
Lyndhurst estate wall"Lyndhurst" estate wall TransparentPlaceholder.png 1885 c. Lyndhurst Drive Point Breeze 1984
Lysle Boulevard Bridge (Jerome Street Bridge) JeromeStreetBridge.jpg 1937 George S. Richardson Youghiogheny River near the Monongahela River McKeesport 2004
Madison Elementary School (formerly Minersville Public School) (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) MadisonElementarySchool.jpg 1902, 1929 Peoples Ulysses J. L. Pringle & RoblingUlysses J. L. Peoples, Pringle & Robling 3401 Milwaukee Street (at the corner of Milwaukee and Orion Streets) Hill District 2001
Malick house H. P.H. P. Malick house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1900 c. 3406 Brownsville Road Brentwood 1995
Manchester Manchesterstreet.jpg 1838 (platted) district and Liverpool Street North Side 1976
Mansions on Fifth (Willis F. McCook house and Mrs. Edgar McCook Reed house) WillisMcCookHouse.jpg 1905-07 Carpenter & Crocker 5105 Fifth Avenue (Willis F. McCook house) and 925 Amberson Avenue (Mrs. Edgar McCook Reed house) Shadyside 2009
Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall (Margaret Morrison Carnegie School for Women) School of design.jpg 1906, 1914 Palmer & Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
Market at Fifth (consists of four buildings: former Regal Shoe Company building, 489-491 Market Street, and the former John R. Thompson building) MarketatFifth.jpg 1870s (489-491 Market Street), 1908-09 (Regal Shoe building), 1927 (Thompson building), remodeled 2007-09 Alden & Harlow Landmarks Design Associates ArchitectsAlden & Harlow (Regal Shoe building); Landmarks Design Associates Architects (remodeled 2007–2009) Fifth Avenue at Market Street and Graeme Street Downtown 2009
Market Square Place (portion) (G.C. Murphy Store No. 12) Art Deco Doorway, 219 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, 2020-02-06.jpg 1930 Harold E. Crosby 219 Forbes Avenue Downtown 2014
Masonic Building TransparentPlaceholder.png 1909 Reed Charles F. & Bros. Lumber Co.Charles F. Reed & Bros. Lumber Co., builders 322 Center Avenue Verona 2009
Mauro water tower TransparentPlaceholder.png 1900 c. Blackburn Road Sewickley Heights 1978
McCleary Elementary School McClearyElementarySchool.jpg 1900 Peoples Ulysses J. L.Ulysses J. L. Peoples 201 McCandless Avenue Lawrenceville 2002
McGill Hall McGill Hall.jpg 1916 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
McGinley house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1804 McGinley Road Monroeville 1977
McGuffey Building (formerly, Glenshaw School) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1882 1439 Butler Plank Road Shaler Township 1979
McKees Rocks Bridge McKeesRocksBridge.jpg 1930-32 George S. Richardson, engineer Ohio River at mile 3.3 McKees Rocks 2003
McKeesport National Bank McKeesportNationalBank.jpg 1891 Longfellow, Alden & Harlow Fifth Avenue and Sinclair Street McKeesport 1981
McKeesport Waterworks TransparentPlaceholder.png 1908, 1925 Railroad Street at the Fifteenth Street Bridge McKeesport 1982
Meado'cots"Meado'cots" TransparentPlaceholder.png 1912 Scheibler Frederick G.Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. 425-47 Rosedale Street Homewood 2001
Mellon Bank FormerMellonNationalBankBuilding.jpg 1924 Trowbridge & Livingston Fifth Avenue and Smithfield Street Downtown 1976 Interior destroyed
Mellon house Andrew W.Andrew W. Mellon house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1897; after 1917 MacClure & Spahr Woodland Road Shadyside 2001
Mellon Institute of Industrial Research Mellon Institute 01.JPG 1931-37 Janssen & Cocken 4400 Fifth Avenue Oakland 2003
Mellon Park MellonParkFountain.jpg 1943 Fifth Avenue (at the corner of Fifth and Shady Avenues) Point Breeze and Shadyside 1982
Mellon Square MellonSquarePittsburgh.jpg 1954-55 Mitchell James A. Mitchell & Ritchey Simonds & SimondsJames A. Mitchell for Mitchell & Ritchey, architects; Simonds & Simonds, landscape architects Between Smithfield Street and William Penn Place and Oliver and Sixth Avenues Downtown 2007
Mellor Library and Edgewood Club C. C.C. C. Mellor Library and Edgewood Club TransparentPlaceholder.png 1914 Lee Edward B.Edward B. Lee Pennwood and West Swissvale Avenues Edgewood 2000
Mexican War Streets National Register District Mexican War Streets neighborhood 210038.jpg 1850–1900 c. North Side 1988
Mifflin Elementary School (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) MifflinElementarySchool.jpg 1932 Link Weber & Bowers Weber Edward J.Link, Weber & Bowers; Edward J. Weber Mifflin Road at Lincoln Place Hays 2001
Miller African-Centered Academy (Miller Elementary School) PittsburghPaMs049.jpg 1905; 1939 Elliott John Blair Steen Marion M.John Blair Elliott, 1905; Marion M. Steen, 1939 61 Reed Street Hill, the 2002
Miller–Cole house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1952 Peter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly 629 Oakhill Lane Greensburg 2012
Miller Homestead OliverOliver Miller Homestead JamesMillerHouse.jpg 1808, 1830 Stone Manse Drive east of Corrigan Drive, South Park South Park Township 1979
Miller House TheThe Miller House TransparentPlaceholder.png 1905 Scheibler Jr. Frederick G.Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. 7506 Trevanion Avenue Swissvale 2000
Andrew S. Miller House Andrew S Miller House in Bellevue, PA.jpg 1902 Century Architectural and Engineering CompanyCentury Architectural and Engineering Company 366 Lincoln Avenue Bellevue 2018
Miller-Zorn-Bush house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1840–1850 c. 503 Hill Street Sewickley 2009
Monongahela Incline Monongahela Incline.jpg 1870 (opened) Endres John and Diescher SamuelJohn Endres and Samuel Diescher Grandview Avenue and Wyoming Street and West Carson Street near Smithfield Street Mount Washington and Station Square 1970
Montgomery house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1877 424 Shady Avenue Shadyside 1979
Moore Elementary School TransparentPlaceholder.png 1914, 1941, 1997 3809 Dalewood Avenue Brentwood 1997
Moreland-Hoffstot House Moreland-Hoffstot House.jpg 1914 Irwin PaulPaul Irwin 5057 Fifth Avenue Shadyside 1985
Morrow Barn (Penn-Hebron Garden Club) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1834 Jefferson Road Penn Hills 1974
Morrow Elementary School JohnMorrowElementarySchool.jpg 1895; additions McClarren Samuel T.Samuel T. McClarren 1611 Davis Avenue Brighton Heights 2002
Most Holy Name of Jesus Rectory MostHolyNameofJesusRectory.jpg 1875 c. 1700 Harpster Street Troy Hill 1983
Motor Square Garden (East Liberty Market) Motor Square Garden Front.JPG 1900 Peabody StearnsPeabody and Stearns Centre Avenue and Baum Boulevard East Liberty 1975, 1988
Mount Assisi TransparentPlaceholder.png 1927 Weber Edward J. of Link, Weber & BowersEdward J. Weber of Link, Weber & Bowers 934 Forest Avenue Ross Township 2003
Mount Lebanon Golf Course (Castle Shannon Golf Club)Mt. Lebanon Golf Course (Castle Shannon Golf Club) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1907-08 Ormiston George A.George A. Ormiston, landscape architect/designer 1000 Pine Avenue Mt. Lebanon 2007
Mount Lebanon Municipal BuildingMt. Lebanon Municipal Building Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building, 2015-06-22, 01.jpg 1928-30 King, Jr. William H.William H. King, Jr. 710 Washington Road Mt. Lebanon 2007
Munhall Volunteer Fire Company #1 TransparentPlaceholder.png 1902 1300 Martha Street Munhall 2009
Municipal Building TransparentPlaceholder.png 1938 Lake CliffordClifford Lake 2 Race Street Edgewood 1998
Muottas Walker house William"Muottas" (William Walker house) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1904 Alden & Harlow Little Sewickley Creek Road 40°33′44.01″N 80°11′41.93″W / 40.5622250°N 80.1949806°W / 40.5622250; -80.1949806 (Muottas) Edgeworth 1995
Murray Hill Avenue Historic District TransparentPlaceholder.png 1890 (after) 1010–1201 Murray Hill Avenue Squirrel Hill 2004
Murray house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1830 c. 423 Washington Avenue Bridgeville 1985
Muse house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1820 4222 Third Street McKeesport 2001
National Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural and Educational Center (St. John the Baptist Greek Catholic Church) NationalCarpatho-RusynCulturalEducationalCenter.jpg 1903 De Bobula TitusTitus de Bobula 911 Dickson Street Munhall 1988
Natrona Bank (Sweeny Hotel and Saloon) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1900 46-48 Chestnut Street Natrona 2009
Neill Log House NeillLogHouse.jpg 1765–1770 c. East Circuit Road Schenley Park 1970
Neville house ("Woodville") Woodville plantation house, Heidelberg, PA.jpg 1785 and after Route 50 Collier Township 1976
New Granada Theater (Pythian Temple) NewGranadaTheater.jpg 1927-28; remodeled in 1937-38 Bellinger Louis A. S. Marks Alfred M.Louis Arnett Stuart Bellinger, 1927–28; Alfred M. Marks, 1937–38 2007 Centre Avenue Hill, the 2007
New Zion Baptist Church (Deliverance Baptist Christian Center) NewZionBaptistChurchPittsburgh.jpg 1867 Barr & Moser 1304 Manhattan Street Manchester 1976
Newington"Newington" DavidShieldsHouse.jpg 1816, 1823 Shields Lane Edgeworth 1976
North Park Golf Club House TransparentPlaceholder.png 1937 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel Kummer Road McCandless Township 2003
Notz house Hulda and LouiseHulda and Louise Notz house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1940 Brierly CorneliaCornelia Brierly 120 Lutz Lane West Mifflin 2009
Oakmont Carnegie Library Carnegie Library, Oakmont, 2015-02-27.jpg 1901 Alden & Harlow Allegheny River Boulevard Oakmont 1979
Oakmont Country Club OakmontCountryClub.jpg 1904 Stotz EdwardEdward Stotz Hulton Road Plum Borough 1985
Ober-Guehl house Ober-GuehlHouse.jpg 1877 and later 1501 Lowrie Street Troy Hill 1985
Old Crossroads Presbyterian Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1896 2574 Mosside Boulevard Monroeville 1975
Old Heidelberg Apartments Old Heidelberg Apartments.jpg 1905, 1908 Scheibler Jr. Frederick G.Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. Braddock Avenue and Waverly Street Park Place 1970
Old Saint Luke's (Saint Luke's Episcopal Church)Old St. Luke's (St. Luke's Episcopal Church) OldSt.LukesEpiscopalChurch.jpg 1852 Washington Pike and Church Street Scott Township 1976
Old Sewickley Train Station (Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Station) OldSewickleyTrainStation.jpg 1887 20 Chadwick Street Sewickley 1993
Old Stone Bridge TransparentPlaceholder.png 1870 c. Near Old William Penn Highway and Beatty Road Monroeville 1985
Old Toll House (Rising Sun Inn) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1827 3835 Northern Pike Monroeville 1975
Oliver Building Henry W.Henry W. Oliver Building HenryW.OliverBuilding.jpg 1910 Burnham D. H. & Co.D. H. Burnham & Company Smithfield Street and Oliver Avenue Downtown 1974
Oliver High School (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) DavidOliverHighSchool.jpg 1925 Steen James T. & SonsJames T. Steen & Sons Brighton Road and Island Avenue Marshall-Shadeland 2001
Osterling Studio and Office Frederick J. Osterling Office and Studio.jpg 1917 Osterling Frederick J.Frederick J. Osterling 228 Isabella Street North Shore 2004
Oyster House (Bear Tavern Site) OysterHouseMarketSquarePHLF.jpg 1827 (Bear Tavern Site), 1870 (Oyster House) Market Square Downtown 1971
Panther Hollow Bridge Panther Hollow Bridge 04.JPG 1897 Rust Henry B.Henry B. Rust, engineer Over Panther Hollow Schenley Park 2000
Parkstone Dwellings TransparentPlaceholder.png 1922 Scheibler Jr. Frederick G.Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. 6937 Penn Avenue Point Breeze 2001
Parkway steps ParkwayStepsChalfantPA.jpg 1936 Works Progress Administration Between Parkway and North Avenues Chalfant 2009
Peleponesus"Peleponesus" TransparentPlaceholder.png 1835 c. 7900 Lincoln Road Penn Hills 1979
Penn Brewery and Brewery Innovation Center (Eberhardt & Ober Brewery) PennBrewery.jpg 1880 c. and after, 1884 Stillburg JosephJoseph Stillburg, architect of Stock House, 1884 Troy Hill and Vinial Street Troy Hill 2000
Pennsylvania Railroad Fruit Auction & Sales Building Pennsylvania Railroad Fruit Auction & Sales Building (8808976964).jpg 1929 Office of Division Engineer (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania Railroad Company 2100 Smallman Street Strip District 2014
Pennsylvania Railroad Station Edgewood station (40178821264).jpg 1903 Furness, Evans & Co. Swissvale and Maple Avenues Edgewood 1998
Pennsylvania Railroad Station Pennsylvania Railroad Station in Wilkinsburg.jpg 1916 Cookson Walter H.Walter H. Cookson Hay Street at Ross Avenue Wilkinsburg 1976
Pennsylvania Railroad Station Rotunda Pittsburgh Union Station Rotunda 1876px.jpg 1898–1903 Burnham D.H. & Co.D. H. Burnham & Company Liberty Avenue and Grant Street Downtown 1991
Pennsylvanian The Union StationThe Pennsylvanian (Union Station) Pittsburgh Union Station Wide 2900px.jpg 1898–1903 Burnham D.H. & Co.D. H. Burnham & Company 1100 Liberty Avenue Downtown 2003
Perry Traditional Academy (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) Perry High School, Pittsburgh.jpg 1899 Perrysville Avenue and Semicir Street Perry North 2001
Phipps Conservatory Phipps Conservatory 4.jpg 1893 Lord & Burnham Schenley Drive Schenley Park 1970
Pierce house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1850 (prior to) 88 Donna Drive Franklin Park 1971
Pitt Building (Americus Club) PittBuilding.jpg 1918 Lee Edward BEdward B. Lee 213 Smithfield Street Downtown 1972
Pittsburgh Athletic Association Pittsburgh Athletic Association.jpg 1911 Janssen Benno & AbbottJanssen & Abbott Fifth Avenue and Bigelow Boulevard Oakland 1970
Pittsburgh Ballet Theater Building 109-115 Wood Street.jpg 1900 c. 244 Boulevard of the Allies, 109-115 Wood Street Downtown 1975
Pittsburgh Brewing Company PittsburghBrewingCompany.jpg 1888 and after 3340 Liberty Avenue Lawrenceville 1979
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (Arts and Crafts Center) Pittsburgh Center for the Arts - DSC04992-001.JPG 1912, 1980s Keen Charles BartonCharles Barton Keen Fifth and Shady Avenues Squirrel Hill 1971
Pittsburgh Children's Center The (Gulf Research Laboratory)The Pittsburgh Children's Center (Gulf Research Laboratory) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1930 Ludlow & Schwab 327 Craft Avenue Oakland 2001
Pittsburgh Children's Museum (Allegheny [Old] Post Office) Allegheny Post Office front.jpg 1897 Aiken William MartinWilliam Martin Aiken 10 Children's Way (Allegheny Center) Central North Side 1971
Pittsburgh Engineer's Building (Union Trust Company) FormerUnionTrustCoBuilding.jpg 1898 Burnham D. H. and co.D. H. Burnham & Company 337 Fourth Avenue Downtown 1974
Pittsburgh Gifted Center (McKelvy School) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1911 Strong CarltonCarlton Strong Bedford Avenue and Erin Street Hill, the 2002
Pittsburgh Golf Club TheThe Pittsburgh Golf Club TransparentPlaceholder.png 1899; enlarged 1904 Alden & Harlow 5280 Northumberland Street Squirrel Hill 2004
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Coraopolis Station ROLINSON 20151112 7399-2.jpg 1895 Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge Neville Avenue and Mill Street Coraopolis 2012
Pittsburgh Lake Erie Railroad Landmarks BuildingPittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Station (The Landmarks Building) P&LERR station.jpg 1901 Burns William GeorgeWilliam George Burns Station Square South Shore 1970
Pittsburgh Musical Theater (St. James School) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1916 327 South Main Street West End 2014
Pittsburgh's Grand Hall at the Priory (St. Mary's German Catholic Church) PittsburghsGrandHallatthePriory.jpg 1854; addition 1906 Stibiel Father John Heckert SidneyFather John Stibiel, 1854; Sidney Heckert, 1906 Pressley and Nash Streets Deutschtown 2004
PNC Train Station at Greensburg (Greensburg Railroad Station, Pennsylvania Railroad) Greensburg train station.jpg 1911 William H. Cookman 101 Ehalt Street Greensburg 2014
Porter Hall (School of Applied Industries) CMU Porter Hall.jpg 1905, 1915 Palmer & Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
Powers Homestead JamesJames Powers Homestead TransparentPlaceholder.png 1797 108 White Gate Road O'Hara Township 2001
Prospect Elementary School ProspectJuniorHighandElementarySchool.jpg 1931; 1936 Steen Marion M. Steen James T. & Sons Steen Marion M.Marion M. Steen for James T. Steen & Sons, 1931; Marion M. Steen, 1936 Prospect Street near Southern Avenue Mt. Washington 2002
Provincial House of Sisters of Divine Providence TransparentPlaceholder.png 1927 Kauzor John E.John E. Kauzor 9900 Babcock Boulevard McCandless Township 1984
Rankin house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1831 1114 Rankin Road White Oak 1981
Red Gables Alden Frank house"Red Gables" (Frank Alden house) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1894 Longfellow, Alden & Harlow 605 Maple Lane Edgeworth 1995
Regional Enterprise Tower (Alcoa Building) ALCOA Building Entrance (Pittsburgh).jpg 1950-53 Harrison & Abramovitz 425 Sixth Avenue Downtown 2004
Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel (Fulton Building) Fulton Building in Pittsburgh in 2016.jpg 1906 Atterbury GrosvenorGrosvenor Atterbury 107 Sixth Street Downtown 2003
Lydia A. Riesmeyer house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1914 Richard Kiehnel, Kiehnel and Elliott 5818 Aylesboro Avenue Squirrel Hill 2014
Riverview United Presbyterian Church (Watson Memorial Presbyterian Church) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1907 Allison & Allison 3505 Perrysville Avenue Perry North 2009
Robin Hill"Robin Hill" RobinHillHouse.jpg 1926 Gilchrist HenryHenry Gilchrist 949 Thorn Run Road Moon Township 2004
Rodef Shalom Congregation RodefShalomPittsburgh.jpg 1906 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel Fifth and Morewood Avenues Shadyside 1971
Rogers School for the Creative and Performing Arts Rogers CAPA.jpg 1914 Janssen & Abbott 5525 Columbo Avenue Garfield 2002
Roslyn Place (entire fabric) Roslyn Place sin Pittsburgh.jpg 1913 (begun) Off 5400 block, Ellsworth Avenue Shadyside 2000
Roslyn Place pavement Roslyn Place Pittsburgh.jpg 1913 and after Off 5400 block, Ellsworth Avenue Shadyside 1976
Ross-Tooke house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1835 c. Old State Road Pine Township 1979
Round Hill United Presbyterian Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1804 2150 Round Hill Church Road Elizabeth Township 1979
Marius Rousseau House Marius Rousseau House in Bellevue, Pennsylvania.jpg 1906 Marius RousseauMarius Rousseau 100 Watkins Avenue Bellevue 2016
Royal York Apartments Royal York Apartments, Oakland, Pittsburgh, 2021-08-30, 02.jpg 1937 Stanton FrederickFrederick Stanton 3955 Bigelow Boulevard Oakland 2000
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church SacredHeartRCChurchShadysidePHLF.jpg 1924-53 Strong CarltonCarlton Strong Walnut Street and Shady Avenue Shadyside 1970
Saint Adalbert ChurchSt. Adalbert Church St.AdalbertChurch.jpg 1889 South Fifteenth Street South Side 1984
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church complex St. Andrews’s Episcopal Church, Highland Park, 2015-08-10, 02.jpg 1909 Carpenter & Crocker 5801 Hampton Street Highland Park 2012
Saint Anselm's Roman Catholic ChurchSt. Anselm's Roman Catholic Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1924 Link Albert F.Albert F. Link 7446 McClure Avenue Swissvale 2000
Saint Augustine's ChurchSaint Augustine's Church StAugustineRCChurchPHLF.jpg 1899 Rutan Russell Comes John T.Rutan & Russell and John T. Comès 37th and Bandera Streets Lawrenceville 1998
Saint Basil's Roman Catholic ChurchSt. Basil's Roman Catholic Church St. Basil Church, Carrick, 2020-12-10, 02.jpg 1923 Lang Herman J.Herman J. Lang 1735 Brownsville Road Carrick 2000
Saint Bernard's Roman Catholic ChurchSt. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church Bernard RCC Lebo sunset jeh.jpg 1933-47 Perry William RichardWilliam Richard Perry 311 Washington Road Mount Lebanon 1988
Saint Boniface ChurchSt. Boniface Church St.BonifaceRomanCatholicChurch.jpg 1926 Link Albert F.Albert F. Link East Street at Royal Street East Street Valley 1974
Saint Colman's SchoolSt. Colman's School St.ColmansSchool.jpg 1928 Link, Weber & Bowers Hunter and Thompson Streets Turtle Creek 1997
St. James Terrace TransparentPlaceholder.png 1915 John E. Born, builder 5300–5312 St. James Terrace Shadyside 2012
Saint John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic ChurchSt. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church St.JohntheBaptistUkranianCatholicChurch.jpg 1895, 1917 West Carson and South Seventh Streets South Side 1968
Saint Josaphat's Roman Catholic ChurchSt. Josaphat's Roman Catholic Church St.JosaphatsRomanCatholicChurch.jpg 1909-16 Comes John TheodoreJohn Theodore Comes 2301 Mission Street South Side Slopes 2003
Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic ChurchSt. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church StJosephsRCChurchBloomfieldPHLF.jpg 1886 Druiding AdolfAdolf Druiding 4712 Liberty Avenue Bloomfield 1987
Saint Luke's Evangelical Lutheran ChurchSt. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1927 King Jr. William H.William H. King, Jr. 305 Center Avenue West View 2003
Saint Margaret's Hospital ChapelSt. Margaret's Hospital Chapel TransparentPlaceholder.png 1894 Flagg ErnestErnest Flagg Forty-sixth Street Lawrenceville 1973 Demolished
Saint Mary Magdalene ChurchSt. Mary Magdalene Church St.MaryMagdaleneChurch.jpg 1895; 1936 Sauer Frederick C. Button & MacLeanFrederick C. Sauer, Button & MacLean East Tenth Avenue and Amity Street Homestead 2001
Saint Mary of the Mount ChurchSt. Mary of the Mount Church St. Mary of the Mount Church, Mount Washington, Pittsburgh.jpg 1896 Sauer Frederick C.Frederick C. Sauer 403 Grandview Avenue Mount Washington 1998 (plaque was awarded conditionally and given in 1999)
Saint Mary's ChurchSt. Mary's Church St. Mary's Church Pittsburgh 2018.jpg 1874 Devlin James SylvesterJames Sylvester Devlin 340 46th Street Lawrenceville 1971
Saint Mary's PriorySt. Mary's Priory St.MarysPriory.jpg 1888 Moser HenryHenry Moser 614 Pressley Street Deutschtown 1988
Saint Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox ChurchSt. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church St.Mary'sUkrainianOrthodoxChurch.jpg 1922 Strong CarltonCarlton Strong 116 Ella Street McKees Rocks 2000
Saint Matthew's A.M.E. Zion ChurchSt. Matthew's A.M.E. Zion Church St.MatthewsA.M.E.ZionChurch.jpg 1910 c. Thorn and Walnut Streets Sewickley 1997
Saint Michael Archangel ChurchSt. Michael Archangel Church St Michael the Archangel Church, Munhall, 01.jpg 1927 Comes, Perry & McMullen E. Ninth Avenue and Liberty Place Munhall 2001
Saint Michael Archangel Church theSt. Michael the Archangel Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1851 Anderson John Richards John L.John Anderson and John L. Richards, designers Fifth and Bayard Streets Elizabeth 1987 Demolished
Saint Michael Archangel Church the (Angel's Arms Condominiums)St. Michael the Archangel Church (Angel's Arms Condominiums) FormerSaintMichaelsRomanCatholicChurch.jpg 1861 Bartberger CharlesCharles Bartberger One Pius Street South Side Slopes 1970
Saint Michael's Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic ChurchSt. Michael's Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1903–1910 43 Reed Street Hill, the 2001
Saint Nicholas Cathedral (First Congregational Church)St. Nicholas Cathedral (First Congregational Church) StNicholasGreekOrthodoxCathedralPittsburgh.jpg 1904 Hannah ThomasThomas Hannah 419 South Dithridge Street Oakland 1982
Saint Nicholas Croatian ChurchSt. Nicholas Croatian Church St.NicholasCroatianChurch.jpg 1900 Sauer Frederick C.Frederick C. Sauer 24 Maryland Avenue Millvale 1979
Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic ChurchSt. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church FirstSt.NicholasCroationCatholic.jpg 1900 Sauer Frederick C.Frederick C. Sauer 1326 East Ohio Street Troy Hill 1976 Demolished[7]
Saint Paul Baptist ChurchSt. Paul Baptist Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1887 Valk Lawrence B.Lawrence B. Valk 6701 Penn Avenue Point Breeze 1998
Saint Paul of the Cross MonasterySt. Paul of the Cross Monastery St.PauloftheCrossMonastery.jpg 1854 and later Bartberger CharlesCharles Bartberger 143 Monastery Street South Side Slopes 1982
Saint Paul's Roman Catholic CathedralSt. Paul's Roman Catholic Cathedral Saint Paul Cathedral in Pittsburgh as seen from Fifth Avenue in 2016.jpg 1906 Egan PrindevilleEgan & Prindeville Fifth Avenue and Craig Street Oakland 1975
Saint Peter's Episcopal ChurchSt. Peter's Episcopal Church StPeterPGH.jpg 1852 Norman JohnJohn Norman Forbes and Craft Avenues Oakland 1972 Demolished
Saint Peter's Evangelical and Reformed ChurchSt. Peter's Evangelical and Reformed Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1889 Penn Circle East East Liberty 1975
Saint Peter's Roman Catholic ChurchSt. Peter's Roman Catholic Church St.PetersRomanCatholicChurchPittsburgh.jpg 1874 Peebles AndrewAndrew Peebles 720 Arch Street (Allegheny Center) Central North Side 1972
Saint Philip's Roman Catholic ChurchSt. Philip Roman Catholic Church St.PhilipRomanCatholicChurch.jpg 1906 Ginther William P.William P. Ginther West Crafton and Broadhead Avenues Crafton 1970
Saint Stanislaus Kostka ChurchSt. Stanislaus Kostka Church St.StanislausKostka.jpg 1891 Sauer Frederick C.Frederick C. Sauer Smallman and Twenty-first Streets Strip District 1970
Saint Stephen's Episcopal ChurchSt. Stephen's Episcopal Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1903 Nattress George & SonsGeorge Nattress & Sons 600 Pitt Street Wilkinsburg 2004
Saint Thomas Roman Catholic ChurchSt. Thomas Roman Catholic Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1904 1001 Braddock Avenue Braddock 1983 Demolished
Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church SS Peter and Paul, East Liberty, 2014-03-14, 02.jpg 1891 Druiding Adolphus Comès John TheodoreAdolphus Druiding and John T. Comès 130 Larimer Avenue East Liberty 1983
St. Peter & St. Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church St.Peter&St.PaulUkrainianOrthodoxGreekCatholicChurch.jpg 1906 De Bobula TitusTitus de Bobula 200 Walnut Street Carnegie 1977
Salk Hall (Municipal Hospital) Pitt Salk Hall.jpg 1940 Irving Eicholz Richard TheodoreRichard Irving and Theodore Eicholz University of Pittsburgh, 3501 Terrace Street Oakland 1972
Schenley Apartments Schenley Quadrangle in Pittsburgh in 2016.jpg 1922 Hornbostel Henry Rutan RussellHenry Hornbostel, with Rutan & Russell Fifth Avenue opposite Thackeray Street Oakland 1972, 2012
Schenley Bridge Schenley Bridge from South Oakland 3.jpg 1897 Rust Henry B.Henry B. Rust Schenley Plaza to Schenley Park over Junction Hollow Oakland 2001
Schenley Farms District 20th Century Club Pittsburgh.jpg 1905 (planned) Bigelow Boulevard and Parkman Avenue Oakland 1976
Schenley High School SchenleyHigh2007.jpg 1915-16 Stotz EdwardEdward Stotz Bigelow Boulevard and Centre Avenue Oakland 1992
Schenley Hotel William Pitt Union 02p.jpg 1898 Rutan & Russell Bigelow Boulevard and Forbes Avenue Oakland 1984
Schenley Park SchenleyPark1.JPG 1889 (begun) Oakland 1989
Schenley Park Visitors Center SchenleyParkCaféandVisitorCenter.jpg 1910 Rutan & Russell 101 Panther Hollow Road Schenley Park 2004
Schiller Classical Academy (formerly Schiller School) (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) SchillerElementarySchool.jpg 1939 Steen Marion M. Weber Edward J. Crump, Jr. Edward, Inc.Marion M. Steen, Edward J. Weber, Edward Crump, Jr., Inc. 1018 Peralta Street East Allegheny 2001
Schiller house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1807, 1846 123 Faybern Drive Penn Hills 1976
Schoolhouse Arts Center TransparentPlaceholder.png 1905 South Park Road at Park Avenue Bethel Park 1990
Schwab house CharlesCharles Schwab house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1893 Osterling Frederick JohnFrederick J. Osterling 541 Jones Avenue North Braddock 1985
Scobell Hall Scobell Hall.jpg 1918 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
Second Presbyterian Church of Wilkinsburg SecondPresbyterianChurchofWilkinsburg.jpg 1905; 1910; 1928 Hoffman F. & Co. Wolfe T. LawrenceF. Hoffman & Co., 1905; T. Lawrence Wolfe, 1910 740 South Avenue Wilkinsburg 2002
Seldom Seen Arch SeldomSeenArch.jpg 1903 Boller & Hodge, engineers Saw Mill Run Boulevard east of Woodruff Street 40°25′31.6194″N 80°1′14.8722″W / 40.425449833°N 80.020797833°W / 40.425449833; -80.020797833 (Seldom Seen Arch) Mount Washington 2001
Sellers-Carnahan House SellersHouse.jpg 1858 Shady Avenue and Walnut Street Shadyside 1969
Sellers-Grove house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1851 c. 161 Rockridge Road, Evergreen Hamlet Ross Township 1971
Settler's Cabin (Walker-Ewing-Glass house) Walker-Ewing-GlassLogHouse1780s.jpg 1780s?, 1855 c. Settler's Cabin Park North Fayette 1970
Sewickley Post Office OldSewickleyPostOffice.jpg 1910 Taylor James KnoxJames Knox Taylor Bank and Broad Streets Sewickley 2000
Sewickley Presbyterian Church SewickleyPresbyChurchPHLF.jpg 1861 Kerr Joseph W.Joseph W. Kerr 414 Grant Street Sewickley 1979
Sewickley Public Library SewickleyPublicLibrary.jpg 1923; annex 2000 Gilchrist Henry D.Henry D. Gilchrist, 1923 Thorn and Broad Streets Sewickley 2003
Shadyside Presbyterian Church ShadysidePresbyterianChurchPHLF.jpg 1889, 1892 Shepley, Rutan & CoolidgeShepley, Rutan & Coolidge Amberson Avenue and Westminster Place Shadyside 1971
Shaw house James WilsonJames Wilson Shaw house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1827 1825 Mount Royal Boulevard Shaler Township 1979
Shaw house ThomasThomas Shaw house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1824, 1832 1491 Butler Plank Road Shaler Township 1984
Shaw-Tatom house Shaw-TatomHouse.jpg 1824, 1832 1526 Butler Plank Road Shaler 1970
Shelly/Stella Street terracing ShellyStellaStreetTerracing.jpg 1930s Shelly and Stella Streets South Side Slopes 1998
Shields Presbyterian Church ShildsChapelGraceEpiscopalEdgworthPit.jpg 1869 Kerr Joseph W.Joseph W. Kerr? Church Lane and Oliver Road Edgeworth 1975
Shinn-Beall house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1851 c. 168 Rockridge Road, Evergreen Hamlet Ross Township 1971
Shouse house PeterPeter Shouse house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1840 c. 451 Main Street Crescent Township 1987 Demolished
Shrine of St. Anthony of Padua SaintAnthony'sChapelPittsburghPA.jpg 1880, 1891 Harpster Street Troy Hill 1968
Siebert house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1892 241 South Winebiddle Street Bloomfield 1982
Singer house John F.John F. Singer house John F. Singer House.jpg 1865 Kerr Joseph W.Joseph W. Kerr? 1318 Singer Place Wilkinsburg 2000
Sixteenth Street Bridge SixteenthStreetBridgePittsburghPA.jpg 1923 H. G. Balcom, engineer; Warren & Wetmore, architects Allegheny River at Mile 1.3; Sixteenth Street Strip District and the Northside 2001
Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth Street Bridges. (Roberto Clemente Bridge; Andy Warhol Bridge; Rachel Carson Bridge) HAER PBG 6thStreet 361497cv.jpg 1926-28 Allegheny County Department of Public Works, engineers Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth Streets Allegheny River, Downtown and North Shore 1988
Smithfield Congregational (United) Church SmithfieldCongregational(United)Church.jpg 1926 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel 620 Smithfield Street Downtown 1976
Smithfield Street Bridge Smithfield Street Bridge.jpg 1883 Lindenthall GustavGustav Lindenthal Smithfield Street over the Monongahela River Downtown, South Side 1970
Snyder house William PennWilliam Penn Snyder House WilliamPennSnyderHouse.jpg 1911 Orth George BrothersGeorge Orth & Brothers Ridge and Galveston Avenues Allegheny West 1972
Snyder-Bockstoce house (Bockstoce-Fulton house) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1835-50 Shady Drive East near Alfred Street Mount Lebanon 1974, 1976 Demolished
Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Hall SoldiersMemorial Pittsburgh.jpg 1911 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel Fifth Avenue and Bigelow Boulevard Oakland 1970
South Craig Street District TransparentPlaceholder.png 19th century (late) and 20th century (mid) including 207–213, between Henry Street and Forbes Avenue Oakland 1976
South Hills Retirement Residence (South Hills High School) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1924 Howard K. Jones, Alden & Harlow 125 Ruth St. Mount Washington 2014
South Park Golf Club House TransparentPlaceholder.png 1938 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel Brownsville Road South Park Township 2003
South Side Market House SouthSideMarketBuilding.jpg 1891, 1915 South Twelfth and Bingham Streets South Side 1968
South Vo-Tech High School (South Side High School) SouthSideHighSchool.jpg 1897, 1923 Stotz EdwardEdward Stotz East Carson and South Tenth Streets South Side 1992
Southminster Presbyterian Church (Mt. Lebanon Presbyterian Church) Southminster Presbyt Ch Lebo jeh.jpg 1927-28 Pringle ThomasThomas Pringle 799 Washington Road Mt. Lebanon 2007
Tillie S. Speyer house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1963 A. James Speyer 1500 Wightman St. Squirrel Hill 2014
Steinberg house AbraamAbraam Steinberg house Abraam Steinberg House.jpg 1951 Berndtson Peter Brierly CorneliaPeter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly 5139 Penton Road Squirrel Hill 1989, 1995
Sterrett Classical Academy (formerly Sterrett School) (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) SterrettSub-DistrictSchool.jpg 1898 Carlisle Edward J.Edward J. Carlisle 339 Lang Avenue Point Breeze 2001
Stevens Elementary School (formerly Thaddeus Stevens School) (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) StevensElementarySchool.jpg 1940 Steen Marion M.Marion M. Steen 824 Crucible Street Elliott 2001
Stevens house Louis S.Louis S. Stevens house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1925 Stevens Louis S.Louis S. Stevens, designer 4344 Brownsville Road Brentwood 1993
Stevenson Building StevensonBuildingEastLibertyPHLF.jpg 1896 Proctor W. RossW. Ross Proctor South Highland Avenue and Penn Circle South East Liberty 1977
Stewart Avenue Lutheran Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1927 Topp O. M.O. M. Topp 2810 Brownsville Road Carrick 2001
Stewart/Howard Stewart house W. J.W. J. Stewart/Howard Stewart house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1873 124 Hastings Avenue Oakdale 2007
Stewart-Schlag house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1834 Sangree Road Ross Township 1971 Demolished
Strawberry Way StrawberryWay.jpg 1890 c. Strawberry Way Downtown 2004
Sunnyledge"Sunnyledge" (McClelland house) Sunnyledge, Pittsburgh, 2016.jpg 1886 Longfellow HarlowLongfellow & Harlow Fifth and Wilkins Avenues Squirrel Hill 1974
Swan Acres Historic District TransparentPlaceholder.png 1936 Beck Quentin S. Beck, Pople & BeckQuentin S. Beck for Beck, Pople & Beck Swan Drive Ross Township 2007
Swindell Bridge E. H. East Street Bridge Essen Street BridgeE. H. Swindell Bridge (East Street Bridge or Essen Street Bridge) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1930 Charles and Essen Streets Perry South, Northview Heights 2003
Tarentum Historic District TransparentPlaceholder.png 1886–1920 Fifth Avenue Tarentum 2009
Temple Sinai (Worthington house) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1910, 1915 Stevens Louis S.Louis S. Stevens 5505 Forbes Avenue Squirrel Hill 1976
Teutonia Maennerchor TeutoniaMaennerchorHall.jpg 1888 Ott GeorgeGeorge Ott 857 Phineas Street East Deutschtown 2004
Thaw Hall, University of Pittsburgh (School of Engineering) ThawPitt.jpg 1909 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel 4015 O'Hara Street Oakland 2003
Third Presbyterian Church ThirdPresbyterianPHLF.jpg 1903 Chandler Jr. Theophilus ParsonsTheophilus Parsons Chandler, Jr. Fifth and Negley Avenues Shadyside 1973
Thornburg house FrankFrank Thornburg house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1907 c. McClarren Samuel T.Samuel T. McClarren 1132 Lehigh Road Thornburg 1993
Titlenure"Titlenure" TransparentPlaceholder.png 1770 c. 3215 Kennebec Road Bethel Park 1983
Torrence house TorrenceHouse.jpg 1790s, 1883 121 Colson Drive Pleasant Hills 1983
Trapp house OlinOlin Trapp house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1963 Berndtson PeterPeter Berndtson 1551 Old Beulah Road Penn Hills 1989
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Pittsburgh trinitychurch.jpg 1872 Lloyd Gordon WGordon W. Lloyd 322 Sixth Avenue Downtown 1970
Trinity German Evangelical Lutheran Church TrinityGermanEvangelicalLutheranChurch.jpg 1868 2500 Brandt School Road Franklin Park 1971, 1983
Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ (St. Mary's Episcopal Church) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1901 Bartberger Charles M.Charles M. Bartberger 618 Lillie Avenue Braddock 2009
Troy Hill Fire Station #39 TroyHillFireStationNo.39.jpg 1901 Stillburg JosephJoseph Stillburg Corner of Ley and Froman Streets Troy Hill 2001
Troy Hill Incline site TroyHillInclineStation.jpg 1887 Lowrie to East Ohio Street, 1700 blocks Troy Hill 1987
Union Trust Building Union Trust Building in 1978 from an upper floor of Kaufmann's.jpg 1917 Osterling Frederick JohnFrederick John Osterling Fifth Avenue and Grant Street Downtown 1968
United Steelworkers Building (Five Gateway Center, IBM Building) United Steelworkers Building, Pittsburgh, 2019-12-12.jpg 1963 Curtis and Davis 60 Boulevard of the Allies Downtown 2014
Urban Room, William Penn Hotel UrbanRoomWilliamPennPHLF.jpg 1929 Urban JosephJoseph Urban, designer Grant Street and Sixth Avenue Downtown 1979
U.S. Post Office TransparentPlaceholder.png 1912 Taylor James KnoxJames Knox Taylor 140 East Ninth Avenue Homestead 1988
Veronica's Veil Auditorium (South Side Catholic High School: West Building or St. Michael's Maedchen Schule) VeronicasVeilCommunityArtsCenter.jpg 1900 44 Pius Street South Side Slopes 2003
Victoria Hall (Ursuline Academy, now the Waldorf School) VictoriaHallUrsulineAcademyLynchHouse.jpg 1868 and after 201 S. Winebiddle Street Bloomfield 1984
Victory Baptist Church VictoryBaptistChurchPittsburgh.jpg 1865 1437 Juniata Street Manchester 1976
Joseph Vokral house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1936 Quentin S. Beck 1919 Woodside Road Shaler Township 2012
Walker house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1844 1026 Third Avenue Elizabeth 2001
Walker-Ewing Log House Walker-EwingLogHouse.jpg 1790 c. Noblestown Road east of Pinkerton Run Road Collier Township 1970
Walker-Way house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1810; 1820; 1841 203 Beaver Road Edgeworth 1995
Warhol Museum Andy (Volkwein's, Frick & Lindsay Building)Andy Warhol Museum (Volkwein's, Frick & Lindsay Building) Andy Warhol Museum.jpg 1913 c. Kuntz Joseph Franklin, of W. G. Wilkins Co.Joseph Franklin Kuntz, of W. G. Wilkins Co. Sandusky and General Robinson Streets North Shore 2000
Washington Polytechnic Academy (Washington School) Washington Education Center.jpg 1908; 1920?; 1937 Bier Charles W. unknown Steen Marion M.Charles W. Bier, 1908; unknown; Marion M. Steen, 1937 169 Fortieth Street Lawrenceville 2002
Waverly Presbyterian Church TransparentPlaceholder.png 1930 Ingham & Boyd 590 South Braddock Avenue Point Breeze 2012
Way house Abishai NicholasAbishai (or Nicholas) Way House NicholasWayHouse.jpg 1838 Beaver Road Edgeworth 2002
Weil Technology Institute (Weil School) TransparentPlaceholder.png 1942 Steen Marion M.Marion M. Steen Centre Avenue and Soho Street Hill, the 2002
Weinberger house EdwardEdward Weinberger house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1948 Berndtson Peter Brierly CorneliaPeter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly 6380 Canon Street Squirrel Hill 1989
Welch Hall Welch Hall.jpg 1918 Hornbostel HenryHenry Hornbostel Between Forbes Avenue and Frew Street, Carnegie Mellon University Oakland 2000
West End Bridge West End Bridge From West End Overlook.jpg 1930-32 George S. Richardson, principal engineer Ohio River at Mile 1 West End and North Side 2001
West End Park TransparentPlaceholder.png 1908 McCallum NeilNeil McCallum, planner West End 1979
West End United Methodist Church WestEndUnitedMethodistChurch.jpg 1887 Longfellow, Alden & Harlow 621 Main Street Elliott 1976
West Hall, Community College of Allegheny County (Memorial Hall, Western Theological Seminary) WestHallofCCAC.jpg 1912 Hannah ThomasThomas Hannah 826 Ridge Avenue Allegheny West 1990
Western Pennsylvania Hospital West Penn Hospital, 2015-03-11, 02.jpg 1909 and after Beatty John LJohn L. Beatty 4800 Friendship Avenues Bloomfield 1973
Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf WesternPASchoolDeafEdgewood.jpg 1892 (after), 1903 (administrative building) Alden & Harlow, architects for administrative building, 1903 Swissvale Avenue and Walnut Street Edgewood 1998
Westinghouse Air-Brake Company Administrative Building WestinghouseAirBrakeCompanyGeneralOfficeBuilding.jpg 1890, 1896, 1927 Osterling Frederick Janssen CockenFrederick J. Osterling and Janssen & Cocken Herman Drive and Commerce Street Wilmerding 1975
Westinghouse Atom Smasher WestinghouseAtomSmasher.jpg 1937 Avenue A and West Street Forest Hills 2000
Westinghouse High School (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) WestinghouseHighSchool.jpg 1917 Ingham & Boyd 1101 North Murtland Street Homewood 2001
Westinghouse Memorial Bridge Westinghousebridge.jpg 1932 Allegheny County Department of Public Works, engineers U.S. Route 30 over Turtle Creek East Pittsburgh 1984
Whitehall, TheThe Whitehall TransparentPlaceholder.png 1906 Scheibler Jr. Frederick G.Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. 201 East End Avenue Park Place 1983
William Penn Hotel (Omni William Penn Hotel) Omni William Penn Hotel.jpg 1916, 1928 Janssen Benno Abbot CockenJanssen & Abbot; Janssen & Cocken Grant Street and Sixth Avenue Downtown 1972
Wilner house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1843 c.[8] 203 Crider Lane McCandless Township 1971 Demolished
Wilpen Hall Stone building of Wilpen Hall through trees, Sewickley Heights, Pennsylvania, 2012-09-11.JPG 1897–1900 Orth George S. & BrothersGeorge S. Orth & Brothers Blackburn Road 40°32′51.97″N 80°9′5.99″W / 40.5477694°N 80.1516639°W / 40.5477694; -80.1516639 (Wilpen Hall) Sewickley Heights 2001
Witzel house JacobJacob Witzel house TransparentPlaceholder.png 1820 3392 Evergreen Road Ross Township 1981
Woman's Club of Mount LebanonWoman's Club of Mt. Lebanon TransparentPlaceholder.png 1940 Ingham & Boyd 750 Hollycrest Drive Mt. Lebanon 2009
Woodland Hills Academy (Turtle Creek High School; East Junior High School) TurtleCreekHighSchool.jpg 1917–1919 Schwan George H.George H. Schwan 126 Monroeville Avenue Turtle Creek 2009
Woodland Road District TransparentPlaceholder.png 1860 (begun c.) Squirrel Hill 1982
Woolslair Elementary Gifted Center (formerly Woolslair Elementary School) (City of Pittsburgh Public Schools) WoolslairElementarySchool.jpg 1897, 1925 McClaren Samuel T.Samuel T. McClaren 40th Street and Liberty Avenue Lawrenceville 2001
Wyckoff-Mason House Wyckoff-MasonHouse.jpg 1775 c. 6133 Verona Road Penn Hills 1970

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