List of Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives personnel

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This is a list of personnel who participated in the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program under the Civil Affairs and Military Government Sections of the Allied armies between 1943 and 1946. "Expertise" attempts to indicate each person's background and suitability for MFAA at the time of their recruitment; many achieved even greater things in their later lives.

Monuments Men (except where stated, information has come from [1])
Name Rank Expertise Nationality Notes
Adams, Edward E Captain Interior architect  US Signatory of the Wiesbaden Manifesto
Albright, Frank P Lieutenant Archaeologist  US
Amand, Marcel Lieutenant Archaeologist  Belgium
Ammons, Jack Pfc.[2]  US Present at Markers salt mine.[3][4]
Anderson, Harry A. Major  US
Apgar, Horace T/Sgt.  US Assigned to MFAA in late 1945; worked as an investigator, involved in the retrieval and restitution of Jewish property
Appel, William B S/Sgt.  US
Archey, Gilbert Lt. Col.  New Zealand
Armstrong, Robert G. S/Sgt.  US
Arnold, John G  US
Avery, Myrtilla Medieval art, art history professor emeritus at Wellesley College  US Volunteer assistant with the American Council of Learned Societies.[5]
Baillie Reynolds, Paul Kenneth Major Classics scholar and archaeologist  UK
Balfour, Ronald Edmond[6] Major Historian and Fellow at King's College, Cambridge  UK Reported the theft of Michelangelo's Madonna of Bruges. Killed at Kleve 10 March 1945.
Barancik, Richard M. Pfc.  US Post-war in 1946, Barancik studied architecture at the University of Cambridge and at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts at Fontainebleau in 1947. After returning from Europe, he finished his degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois. He died on July 14, 2023 at the age of 98, and was reportedly the last surviving member of the MFAA.[7]
Baudouin, Frans  Belgium
Beaufort, René  US
Bell, Harry E. Major  US
Bencowitz, Isaac Captain Chemist, linguist (native Russian speaker)  US Joined MFAA April 1946
Bernholz, Charles Driver and photographer  US Joined MFAA in Italy in January 1945
Bilodeau, Francis W. Pfc.  US
Bleecker, Paul O. Pfc.  US
Boardman, Edward T. Lieutenant  US
Boell, Jesse E.[8] Assistant Director of the War Records Office, U.S. National Archives  US
Bonilla y Norat, Felix Josè[9] Lieutenant[10] Painter, art professor University of Puerto Rico, art critic San Juan Star  Puerto Rico
Bonzom, Eugene  Belgium
Boon, Karel Gerald  Netherlands
Born, Lester K. Major  US
Borouch, Edward J. T/4  US
Bovio, Flora  US
Bowie, Mrs. Barbara H.  UK
Bradford, John S.P. Captain  UK
Breitenbach, Edgar[11] Art historian; native German speaker  US
Broerman, Paul  Belgium
Brooke, Humphrey  UK
Bryant, William C. Captain  US
Brye, Hubert de  France
Buchman, Julius H. Captain  US
Buckingham, Russell H. Pfc.  US
Bumbar, Julianna Lieutenant  US Lt. Bumbar accompanied the Veit Stoss altarpiece and da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine back to Poland in 1946.
Burks, Bernard D. Captain  US
Busey, C. Captain  US
Callon, Margaret  Spain
Carr, Allan  UK
Casson, Stanley Lt. Col.  UK
Chadwick, Gordon Corporal Architect  US
Chance, R. Captain  UK
Charles, Rollo Captain Art academic at Ashmolean Museum at Oxford  UK
Cheguillaume, M. J.  France
Chevigny, Prince  Austria
Child, Sargent Burrage  US
Christopher, William R.  Austria
Clarke, Roger A. Lieutenant  US
Clem, Harold J.  US
Conrad, Doda Lieutenant Musician  US Assigned to MFAA mid-1945
Cook, J. M. Major  UK
Cook, James O. S/Sgt.  US
Cooper, Douglas Squadron Leader Art collector and critic; fluent German speaker; interrogator  UK Noted for his discovery of the Schenker Papers and his investigation into Swiss complicity in the trading of looted artworks
Coremans, Paul B. Chemist and archivist  Belgium
Corrigan, Gordon F. Sergeant  US
Cott, Perry Blythe Lt. Cdr. Curator of European and Asiatic art at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts  US
Coulter, J. Hamilton Lt. Cdr.  US
Croft-Murray, Edward Major Researcher  UK Served with MFAA in Italy and Austria from 1943
Davie, L.G. Sgt Art historian and teacher  UK Served with MFAA in Greece and Italy. Taught in London and Rye, Sussex
Davis, Clyde I Corporal  US
Davis, Richard S. Lieutenant Director of the museum and library at Cranbrook Academy of Art  US
Dawson, Eric A. Captain  UK
de Beer, Esmond Samuel  UK
De Vinna, Maurice A., Jr.  US
Defino, L. S/Sgt.  US
Delsaux  Austria
DeWald, Ernest T.[12] Lt. Col. Professor of Art at Princeton University  US Joined MFAA in Italy in 1943
Dewitt, Roscoe P. Major Architect  US
Dierkauf  Austria
Dignam, Celia  Austria
Diraimondo, Charles J. T/4  US
Dixon-Spain, J.E. Squadron Leader  UK
Dlugosz, Louis F. T/4  US
Doane, Gilbert Harry[8] Director of Libraries and Director of Library School at University of Wisconsin - Madison  US
Dollfus  France
Doman, Andrea  US
Donn, D.L.  UK
Doubinsky, Elie J. B.  France
Downey, Glanville Lieutenant  US
Dreyfus, Carle  France
Druene  France
Duchartre, P. L.  France
Dunbabin, T. J. Lieutenant Colonel  UK
Eden, Peter  UK
Ellis, R. H. Captain  UK
Enthoven, Roedrick E. Captain  UK
Ermatinger, Charles J. T/4 Clerk  US
Estreicher, Karol Major Art historian  Poland
Ettlinger, Harry L.[13] T/4 Sgt. Native German speaker  US
Faison, S. Lane, Jr.[14] Lt. Cdr. Professor and department head at Williams College  US
Farmer, Walter I.[15] Captain Architect; interior designer  US Signatory of the Wiesbaden Manifesto; MFAA's first director
Fleetwood-Hesketh, P.  UK
Fleischner, Charles Lt. Cdr. Art historian  US Joined MFAA in 1946
Florisoone, Michel  France
Ford, Dale V. Lieutenant  US
France, Leys A. Captain  US
Francois, Michel  France
French, T. W. Major  UK
Fujishiro, Motoko[16]  US
Fuller, A. Captain  US
Gabriel, Richard F. Pfc.  US
Gallagher, Charles F.  US
Gangnat, Philippe  France
Gardner, Paul Lt. Col. Architect; Director of the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art and Mary Atkins Museum of Fine Arts  US Commanded the MFAA in Italy
Gear, William Major Art historian and artist  UK Joined MFAA in mid 1945 and supervised the return of artworks from the Berlin Art Collections
Giuli, Thomas Captain  US
Glass, Robert  Austria
Goldberg, S. L. T/5  US
Goodison, John W.  UK
Gould, Cecil Captain  UK
Granger-Taylor, Jerry  UK
Graswinckel, Dr. Dirk P. Jr. Major  Netherlands Went on to become National Archivist of the Netherlands 1946-1953 and at the request of UNESCO organised and convened the first meeting of the International Council on Archives in 1948.
Grier, Harry D.[17] Captain Architect; director of the Frick Collection  US Joined MFAA mid 1945
Grinbarg, Morrie S. Lieutenant  US
Hald, William Pfc.  US
Hall, Ardelia R.[18]  US Joined MFAA in 1945
Halsall Captain  US
Hammett, Ralph W. Captain Professor of architecture at the University of Michigan 1931-1965  US 1943-1945, England and France, Senior MFA&A Officer at G-5 SHAEF


Hammon, Stratton[19] Lt. Col. architect  US
Hammond, Mason[20] Lt. Col. Classics professor at Harvard University; expert in Italian culture; Italian speaker  US
Hammond, N. C. L. Lt. Col.  US
Hancock, Walker K.[21] Captain Head of the sculpture department at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts  US
Hansen, Robert W. T/4 Professor Emeritus of Art at Occidental College  US
Harboard, Felix  UK
Harris, Clyde K. Lieutenant Painter and arts graduate  US
Hartigan, John D. Major  US
Hartt, Frederick Lieutenant Scholar of Italian art  US Joined MFAA in Italy in 1944
Harvey, John  US
Hathaway, Calvin S. Captain Associate curator at the Cooper Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration in New York.  US
Hauschildt, Kurt F. Lieutenant  US
Haynes, Denys E. L.  UK
Hayward, John F.  UK
Heinrich, Theodore A. Lieutenant Art curator, administrator and collector  US Joined MFAA mid 1945
Henderson, Harold G.[15] Lt. Col. President of the Japan Society in New York  UK
Henraux, A. S.  UK
Henry, Alfred T/5  US
Hensley, Richard G. Major  US
Higgins, Stephen  France
Hocart, Raymond Lt. Col. Professor and crystallographer at the University of Strasbourg  France Served with the French equivalent of the MFAA, the Commission de Récupération Artistique, in 1945
Holland, Eleanor S.  US
Hollis, Howard C.  US
Horn, Walter W. Lieutenant Professor at the University of California at Berkeley; native German speaker  US Directed the discovery of the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire in a walled up passage of the bunkers under Nuremberg
Horne, J. Anthony Lt. Col. Director of the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts  US Joined MFAA in 1946 as its Deputy Chief
Howard, Richard Foster Lt. Col. Director of the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts  US In July 1946, joined MFAA Office of Military Government for Germany (OMGUS) as Deputy Chief. A few months later, he succeeded Maj. Bancel LaFarge as Chief.[22]
Howe, Thomas Carr Jr.[23] Lt. Cmdr. Director of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco  US
Huberman, Harry Sergeant  US
Huchthausen, Walter J. Captain Director of the Department of Design at the Boston Museum School of Fine Art; member of the faculty at the University of Minnesota  US Killed by gunfire April 1945, while working to salvage an altarpiece in Germany
Hugoboom Lieutenant  US
Hutchinson, Lucy  Austria
Hyslop, G. Captain  UK
Jacka, Pauline  Austria
Jaffe, Hans C. L.  Netherlands
Jaujard, Jacques  France
Jefferson Colonel  US
Jenkinson, Hilary[24] Archivist at the Public Record Office  UK
Jennings, R. J. Pfc.  Austria
Johnson, Lorin K. Sergeant  US
Kates, George N.  US
Kavli, Guthorm Captain  Norway
Keck, Sheldon W.[25] Lieutenant Art conservator  US
Keezer, Marcellus B.  US
Kelleher, Patrick J. Captain  US
Keller, Deane[26] Captain Professor at the Yale School of Fine Arts  US
Kern, Daniel J. Lieutenant  US
Keyes, James H.  Austria
King, Donald Beeson Flt. Lt. (subsequently Sqn. Ldr.) Intelligence officer, linguist  UK Subsequently Keeper of Textiles, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; President, Centre International d'Etudes des Textiles Anciens
Kinzie, Joseph R. Capt  US
Kirstein, Lincoln E.[27] Pfc. Founder of the New York City Ballet; driver, writer and translator  US
Koberstein, Freeman G. T/4  US
Koch, Albert C. Lieutenant Architect, widely traveled, did engineering work with Edward D. Stone  US Went on to develop Techbuilt and Techcrete prefabricated structures.
Koch, Robert A.[28] Lieutenant Professor of fine arts and archeology at Princeton University  US
Kormendi, Andre S/Sgt.  US
Kovalyak, Stephen Lieutenant  US
Kuhlke, Richard H. Lieutenant  US Joined MFAA mid 1945; honored by Poland for his work with the MFAA
Kuhn, Charles L. Lt. Cdr. Director of the Busch-Reisinger Museum; professor at Harvard University  US
La Boulaye, Paul de  France
Lacey, George T. Captain  US
LaFarge, L. Bancel[15] Major Architect  US Received honors from the United States, France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and the Netherlands for his service with MFAA
Langui, Emile A curator at the Ghent Museum of Fine Arts; Secretary to the Minister of Public Works  Belgium
Lardner, W. C. Cpl.  US
Larwood, James B.[29] Captain  US
Lazarev, Professor Viktor  Soviet Union
Lee, Sherman E.[30] Lieutenant Curator of Far Eastern Art at the Detroit Institute of Arts  US Served with MFAA in Japan; received the Order of the Sacred Treasure and the Legion of Honor
Lehmann-Haupt, Hellmut Curator of rare books at Columbia University; assistant professor of book arts at Columbia's School of Library Service; visiting lecturer at Smith College and at the University of Illinois; native German speaker  US Joined MFAA in 1946
Lemaire, Raymond  Belgium
Leonard, Stewart Bomb-disposal expert; director of the Zanesville Art Institute in Ohio  US Head of MFAA in Bavaria in 1947; strongly disputed the return of certain artworks to Italy and consequently resigned from MFAA in 1948
Lesley, Everett Parker Jr. Captain Scholar and expert on the decorative arts; professor at the University of Minnesota  US Co-author and signatory of the Wiesbaden Manifesto
Lewis  Austria
Lindsay, Kenneth C.[31] Sergeant Art history professor at Binghamton University  US
Lovegrove, William A. Lieutenant Sculptor and diplomat  US Signatory of the Wiesbaden Manifesto; subsequently worked with the French Commission de Récuperation and received the French Legion of Honor
Lucia, A. P. Sergeant  US
Maehler, Wolfgang Pvt.  US
Markham, S. F. Major  UK
Markus, Werner Pvt.  US
Marriott, Basil Captain  US
Marteau  Belgium
Mast, Gerald  US
Maxse, Fred, H.J. Captain  UK
McCain, William D. Captain  US
McDonnell, A. J. L. Lt. Col.  UK
McDowall, E.  UK
McGinn, Elizabeth A. T/5  US
Meekings, Cecil A.F. Major  UK
Merola  Austria
Merrill, Keith Cdr. Administrator  US Recruited to MFAA in 1945 as deputy to Lieutenant Lamont Moore to assist with the shipment of 202 German-owned paintings to Washington for safekeeping. This project was the object of protests in the Wiesbaden Manifesto
Merrill, Richard P. Pfc.  US
Methuen, Lord Anthony Major Architect  UK
Miller, Robert M. T/3  US
Minet, Marcelle  France
Mitchell, Charles Captain  Austria
Monroe, Robert  US
Moore, Lamont Lieutenant Curator of the education department of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.  US
Morey, Jonathan T. Captain  US
Munby, A. N. L.  US
Munich  Austria
Munsing, Stefan P. Interior designer  US
Murray-Baillie, Hughe Captain  UK
Mutrux, E. J. Captain  US
Myers, Denys P. T/5 Architectural historian  US
Newton, Henry C. Colonel  US
Newton, Norman[32] Lt. Col. Landscape architecture professor at Harvard University  US Director of the sub-commission for the MFAA in Italy, from 1942 until 1946. In Italy, he was made Commander of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, Grand Officer of the Crown of Italy and received the Star of Italian Solidarity
Nicholls, John F. Captain  UK
Norins, Leslie H. Captain  US
Norris, E. Christopher Squadron Leader  UK
Ossorio, Frederic E. Second Lieutenant  US Joined MFAA in 1946 as a civilian with a military rank
Parkhurst, Charles P.[33] Lieutenant National Gallery of Art  US Signatory of the Wiesbaden Manifesto; made Chevalier of the Legion of Honor
Pascale, D. Cpl.  US
Peck, Edward S.  US
Peebles, Bernard M. S/Sgt. Professor emeritus at the Catholic University in Washington, D.C.  US
Pennoyer, Albert Sheldon Captain Painter  US
Perry, Lionel Major  UK
Phillips, Ewan Captain  US
Phillips, John Marshall Cpl. Director of the Yale Art Gallery; silver expert  US Identified Hermann Göring's prized Vermeer painting as a fake by Han van Meegeren
Pilliod, Henri E.  US
Pinsent, Cecil R. Capt  UK
Plaut, James Sachs Lt. Cdr. Director of the Institute of Modern Art (later Contemporary Art) in Boston  US Director of the Art Looting Investigation Unit
Pleasants, Frederick R.  US
Plumer, James Marshall  US
Pomrenze, Seymour J.[34] Col. Archivist  US
Popham, Anne  UK Joined MFAA in 1945
Popham, Walter D. Captain  US
Posey, Robert K.[35] Captain Architect  US Posey discovered Nazi artworks repository in the salt mine at Altaussee. For his remarkable work with MFAA, he was awarded the Legion of Honor and the Order of Leopold
Poste, Leslie I. Lieutenant Library and archives specialist  US
Potts, Georgiana  Austria
Preston, Stuart T/Sgt.  US
Prinet, Jean  France
Prochaska, Ladislav L. Pvt.  US
Propst, Kenneth H. Captain

Fine arts graduate


During WWII, Propst accepted an assignment as the first Monuments Man in charge of the MFAA Branch of the Office of Military Government for Bavaria, Regierungsbezirk Oberfranken and Mittelfranken. Propst conducted inspections of churches, castles, and repositories in the area surrounding Ansbach and Nuremberg, including Schloss Plassenburg.[36]

Putrux, Edward J. Captain  US
Puyvelde, Leo van  Belgium
Quessenberry, Mary Regan Major Fine arts graduate  US
Rae, Edwin C. Captain Scholar of medieval Irish sculpture and architecture  US
Ratensky, Samuel Lieutenant Architect  US Signatory of the Wiesbaden Manifesto
Reeds, James A. Sergeant Medical student at the University of Iowa; German speaker  US
Reeds, John N. T/5 Chairman of the chemical engineering department at California State University in Long Beach  US
Risom, Ole C. Pvt.  US
Ritchie, Andrew Carnduff Director of the Albright–Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York  US
Rivoir, James J. First Sgt  US
Robertson, Giles Henry Major  UK
Röell, David C. Art Advisor to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Director of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.  Netherlands
Rogin, Martin Lieutenant  US
Rorimer, James J.[37] Captain Curator of the Cloisters, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York  US
Ross, Marvin C.[38] Captain Expert on Byzantine, Russian and 18th century French art; curator of Medieval and Decorative Arts at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland  US
Ross, Malcolm Major  UK
Ross, Michael  UK
Rousseau, Theodore, Jr. Art expert; French speaker  US Served with ALIU; subsequently became curator of paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
Rouvier, Jean  France
Sage, R. W. Lieutenant  US
Sakin, Eugene  Austria
Sami, Rouben [39][40][41] Cpl  US Deputy director of Offenbach Archival Depot, once the centralized collection point for the return of books and manuscripts taken by the Nazis
Sampson, Selena T/5  US
Sanchez, Manuel  US
Sattgast, Charles R. Capt  US
Sawyer, Charles H. Pfc. Director of the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts  US
Scarff, John Henry  US
Scarpitta, Salvatore C., Jr. Seaman, 2nd Class Sculptor; Italian speaker  US Joined Italian section of MFAA after escaping from internment in Italy
Schmidt, Gerlot W. S/Sgt.  US
Schoonbrood, Jack  Poland
Selke, George A.[42] Major  US Joined MFAA in November 1945 as Acting Chief of the Education and Religion Office for Land Salzburg. In this position, he worked alongside Monuments Men Capt. Charles R. Sattgast and Lt. Col. Ernest T. DeWald to facilitate the recovery and return of works of art and other cultural objects looted by the Nazis and stored within the jurisdiction of the United States Forces, Austria (USFA). Participated in the movement of the Hertziana Library Collection from the Hallein salt mines, the transfer of Polish works of art and books from Schloss Fichhorn to the Wiesbaden Central Collecting Point, and the removal of a collection of Tibetan artifacts from Schloss Mittersill. Subsequently, Chancellor of the University of Montana.[42]
Shepherd, Dorothy G.  US
Shipman, Fred W.  US
Shrady, Frederick C.[43] Lieutenant Sculptor known for his religious works; French speaker  US
Sickman, Laurence[15] Major Curator of Oriental art, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City  US
Sizer, Theodore Major Director of the Yale University Art Gallery  US Joined MFAA in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Britain; made Commander of the Order of the Crown of Italy
Skelton, Dorothy G.S. Artist and educator  US
Skelton, R. A.  UK
Skilton, John D., Jr. Lieutenant Curator at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.  US Received the German Merit Cross 1st Class (Verdienstkreuz 1. Klasse)
Smyth, Craig Hugh[44] Lieutenant Researcher at the National Gallery of Art in Washington  US Concurred with the Wiesbaden Manifesto (but not a signatory). Received the U.S. Army Commendation Medal, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor and the Netherlands Medal for Service to the States
Sponenburgh, Mark R. Captain Sculptor, historian, and educator  US
Stach, Jochem  Netherlands
Standen, Edith A. Captain Secretary to the Widener Collection at Elkins Park, Pennsylvania  US Canadian born, took US citizenship in 1942
Steer, Kenneth, CBE Captain Assistant Archaeologist with the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland  UK Joined MFAA in June 1945
Steiner, Walter Lieutenant  US
Stopek, Harry T/5  US
Stout, George L.[45] Lt. Cdr. Head of the conservation department at Harvard University's Fogg Art Museum  US Worked in northern Europe for MFAA until July 1945; posted to Japan in October 1945
Stroell, Miss Barbara  Austria
Taper, Bernard Lieutenant  US
Taylor Captain  US
Taylor, Mrs. Katharine W. W.  US
Thornton, Asa M. Captain  US
Tierney, Patrick Lennox Specialist in Asian art history and Japanese art; Japanese speaker  US A close collaborator with MFAA in Japan although never a member; recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun
Tregor, Nison A. Captain  US
Tucker, Eve  US
Valland, Rose[46] Captain Employee of the Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume in Paris  France Regarded as a hero by many, Valland secretly documented during the German occupation, at personal risk, transfers of French artworks to Germany. Her records assisted the return of many items to their legitimate owners. Subsequently a member of the French Commission de Récupération Artistique (Commission on Art Recovery). She received the Legion of Honor, the Medal of the Résistance, and was made Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Subsequently appointed "curator".
Van Der Haut, Hendrik  Netherlands
Van Nisse, Verschoor  Netherlands
Van Nortwick, William B.[47] Captain  US
Vanderbilt, Paul  US
Vanuxem, Jacques  France
Villeret, Bulla de Major  France
Vlug, Jan  Netherlands
Vorenkamp, Alphonse Lt. Col. Professor of art at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts  Netherlands Received the Order of the Dutch Lion
Vrecko, Frant  Austria
Vries, Dr. A. B. de  Netherlands
Vroom, Dr. N. R. A.  Netherlands
Wagstaff, G. F. T. Captain  UK
Walker, William Cpl.  US
Walsh  Austria
Ward-Perkins, John Bryan[48] Lt. Col. Chair of archaeology at the Royal University of Malta  UK Worked to protect ancient Roman sites of Lepcis Magna and Sabratha in Libya. Subsequently, worked for MFAA in north Africa and Italy. Post-war, he was named Director of the Allied sub-commission for Monuments and Fine Arts in Italy
Warner, Langdon[49] archaeologist  US
Waterhouse, Ellis K. Major Art historian  UK Joined MFAA in 1945; identified the painting "Supper at Emmaus", previously attributed to Vermeer, as a fake.
Watson, Hon. Mark  US
Waugh, Sidney Blehler Captain Sculptor and designer  US Worked in north Africa and Italy, often under fire; received the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Croix de Guerre (twice) and was made Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy
Webb, Geoffrey F.[50] Lt. Col. Architectural historian; Slade Professor of Fine Art at Cambridge University.  UK Party to the exposure of the Van Meegeren forgeries. Awarded the bronze Medal of Freedom; the Dutch government showed their appreciation by "awarding" Webb one of Van Meegeren's forgeries: "The Procuress"
Westland, Althea  UK
Whatmough, J. N. S/Sgt.  US
Wijsenbeek, L. J. F.  Netherlands
Wilkes, David G. Lieutenant  US
Willard, Edward N. Cpl.  US
Willess, Lester M. T/5  US
Williams, Lewis S. Major  US
Willmot, George F. Major Archaeologist  UK
Winkler, Dr. Erik Captain Art historian  Czech Republic
Wittmann, Otto, Jr.[51] Major Instructor of art history at Skidmore College and curator of the Hyde Collection, both in upstate New York  US
Wolff, Adrienne  France
Woolley, Sir Leonard[52] Lt. Col. Archaeologist  UK Archaeological Advisor to the Director of Civil Affairs (at Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force), in 1943. Traveled into Sicily, Italy, and Northern Europe. Proponent of the Wiesbaden Manifesto.
Yoda, Takayoshi Architect  Japan
Young, David K. Captain  US
Yuill Ralph W. Major  US
Zimmermann, J. E. Lieutenant  US


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