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European Medieval mint

Mints designed for the manufacturing of coins have been commonplace since coined currency was first development around 600 BC by the Lydian people of modern-day Turkey. The popularity of coins spread across the Mediterranean so that by 6th-century BC nearby regions of Athens, Aegina, Corinth and Persia had all developed their own coins.

Methods used at mints to produce coins have changed as technology has developed, with early coins either being cast using moulds to produce cast coins or struck between two dies to produce hammered coin. Around the middle of the 16th century machine-made milled coins were developed allowing coins of a higher quality to be made.

National currencies are generally minted by a country's central bank or on its behalf by an independent mint. For example, the coins of the New Zealand Dollar are minted jointly by the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom and the Royal Canadian Mint for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.[1] Also national mints are sometimes privatised to become state-owned enterprises allowing them to pursue commercial interests such as producing commemorative coins, medals and different types of bullion.

Perth Mint, Australia

Today the United States Mint is largest mint manufacturer in the world, operating across six sites and producing as many as 28 billion coins in a single year.[2] Its largest site is the Philadelphia Mint which covers 650,000 square feet[3] and can produce 32 million coins per day.[4]

Kremnica Mint, Slovakia
Royal Mint, United Kingdom
Philadelphia Mint, United States

The world's oldest continuously running mint is the Monnaie de Paris in France which was founded in AD 864 and is the world's 8th oldest company. The second is the British Royal Mint, founded in AD 886 and the 10th oldest.

Country Name Year Established Type Owner Ref.
 Argentina Casa de Moneda de la Republica Argentina 1875 100% State Ownership [5]
 Australia Perth Mint 1899 100% State Ownership Government of Western Australia [6]
 Australia Royal Australian Mint 1965 100% State Ownership The Commonwealth of Australia [7]
 Austria Austrian Mint 1194 100% State Ownership National Bank of Austria [8]
 Belgium Royal Belgian Mint 1291 [9]
 Bermuda Bermuda Monetary Authority
 Brazil Casa da Moeda do Brasil 1694 100% State Ownership [10]
 Bulgaria Bulgarian Mint 1952 100% State Ownership [11]
 Canada Royal Canadian Mint 1908 100% State Ownership
 Cayman Islands 1997
 Chile Casa de Moneda de Chile (Santiago mint) 1743 [12]
 China China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation 1949 100% State Ownership
 Colombia Casa de Moneda de Colombia 1621
 Costa Rica Central Bank of Costa Rica 1936
 Croatia Croatian Mint 1993
 Cuba Casa de Moneda de Cuba Unknown
 Cyprus Central Bank of Cyprus 1963 100% State Ownership
 Czech Republic Czech Mint 1993 Private Change ownership in 2009
 Czech Republic Prague Mint 2011 Private [13]
 Denmark Royal Danish Mint 1739 Danmarks Nationalbank
 Egypt Central Bank of Egypt 1961
 Fiji Reserve Bank of Fiji 1984 100% State Ownership
 Finland Mint of Finland 1860
 France Monnaie de Paris AD 864 [14]
France Overseas France Institut d'émission d'Outre-Mer 1966 [15]
 Germany Staatliche Münzen Baden-Württemberg 1998
 Germany Bavarian Central Mint 1158
 Germany Staatliche Münze Berlin
 Germany Hamburgische Münze 834
 Greece Bank of Greece 1927
 Hungary Hungarian Mint 1001 or


 Iceland Central Bank of Iceland 1961 100% State Ownership
 Iran Security Printing and Minting Organization 1877 100% State Ownership Central Bank of Iran [16]
 Iraq Central Bank of Iraq
 India India Government Mint
 India India Government Mint, Mumbai 1829
 India India Government Mint, Kolkata 1757
 India India Government Mint, Hyderabad 1803
 India India Government Mint, Noida 1988
 Indonesia Perum Peruri 1971 100% State Ownership Government of Indonesia
 Ireland Currency Centre 1978
 Italy Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato 1928
 Japan Japan Mint 1871
 Jordan Central Bank of Jordan. 1964
 Kazakhstan The Kazakhstan Mint Archived 2018-12-06 at the Wayback Machine.
 Lesotho Central Bank of Lesotho 1978
 Lithuania Lithuanian Mint 1990
 Luxembourg La Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de L'Etat (BCEE).
 Macao Government Printing Bureau (Macao SAR) before May 2014.
 Malaysia Royal Mint of Malaysia 2000
 Mexico Mexican Mint 1535
 Netherlands Royal Dutch Mint 1567
 New Zealand New Zealand Mint 1967 Private
 Nigeria Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Company Limited 1963 Federal government of Nigeria [17]
 Norway Royal Norwegian Mint 1686 Mint of Finland 50%

Samlerhuset Group 50%

 Pakistan Pakistan Mint 1942
 Peru Casa Nacional de Moneda 1565 [18]
 Poland Mennica Polska S.A. 1766
 Philippines Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas 1993
 Portugal Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda 13th century [19]
 Romania Monetăria Statului 1870 100% State Ownership National Bank of Romania
 Russia Moscow Mint 1942 100% State Ownership Government of Russia
 Russia Saint Petersburg Mint 1724 100% State Ownership Government of Russia
 Serbia The Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins 1929 National Bank of Serbia [20]
 Sierra Leone Bank of Sierra Leone 1963 100% State Ownership
 Singapore Singapore Mint 1968 100% State Ownership
 Slovakia Kremnica Mint 1328 100% State Ownership
 South Africa South African Mint 1890 South African Reserve Bank
 South Korea Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 1951 100% State Ownership Bank of Korea
 Spain Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (Spanish Royal Mint) 1893
  Switzerland Swissmint 1848 [21]
  Switzerland Pamp SA 1977
 Taiwan Central Mint 1920 100% State Ownership Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
 Thailand Royal Thai Mint (Thai: สำนักกษาปณ์) 1860
 Transnistria Transnistrian Republican Bank 1992 100% State Ownership
 Turkey Turkish State Mint 1467 [22]
 Ukraine National Bank of Ukraine 1998 [23]
 United Kingdom Royal Mint AD 886 100% State Ownership HM Treasury
 United Kingdom Birmingham Mint 1850 Private
 United Kingdom The Commonwealth Mint 2005 Private [24]
 United Kingdom Pobjoy Mint 1965 Private [25]
 United Kingdom Tower Mint 1976 Private [26]
 United States United States Mint (Four branches) 1792 100% State Ownership [27]
 United States Philadelphia Mint 1792 100% State Ownership [27]
 United States Denver Mint 1906 100% State Ownership [27]
 United States San Francisco Mint 1854 100% State Ownership [27]
 United States West Point Mint 1974 100% State Ownership [27]
 United States Golden State Mint 1974 Private [28]
 United States Monarch Precious Metals 2008 Private [29]
 United States Regency Mint 1999 Private [30]
 United States Republic Metals Corporation 1980 Private
 United States Scottsdale Mint 2008 Private
 United States Mason Mint 2015 Private [31]
 United States SilverTowne Mint 1973 Private url= Mint | Custom Bullion Production|
 United States Sunshine Mint 1979 Private
  Vatican City Zecca 100% State Ownership
 Venezuela Venezuelan Mint 1802 100% State Ownership Central Bank of Venezuela
 Zimbabwe Zimbabwean Mint 2001

Historic and defunct mints[edit]

Country Name Year Started Year Ended Notes Ref.
 Australia Melbourne Mint 1872 1968 Production moved to the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra
 Australia Sydney Mint 1854 1926 Production moved to Melbourne & Perth Mints
 Austria Hasegg Castle 1748 1806
 Bolivia National Mint of Bolivia 1572 1953 The currency of Bolivia is now minted by foreign mints
 Hong Kong Hong Kong Mint 1866 1868
 Indonesia PN Artha Yasa 1965 1971 Merged with state printer Pertjetakan Kebajoran to form Perum Peruri.
 Iran Provincial mints of Iran 1877 Replaced by the Zarrabkhana
 Ireland The Mint (Carlingford)
 Italy Venice Mint 1536 1797
 Philippines Manila Mint 1861 1945 Became an official branch of the US Mint in 1920 and was later destroyed following the liberation of the Philippines in World War II
 Spain National Mint of Xuvia 1812 1868
 Scotland Mints of Scotland 1136 1709 Following the Acts of Union 1707, the last mint in Edinburgh closed and minting was ceded to the Royal Mint
 Sweden Myntverket AD 995 2008 Sold to the Mint of Finland in 2008
 United Kingdom Soho Mint 1788 1848
 United Kingdom Horndon mint 1056
 United States Carson City Mint 1870 1893
 United States Charlotte Mint 1835 1861
 United States Dahlonega Mint 1838 1861
 United States The Dalles Mint 1869 1869 Partly constructed in 1869 however never completed
 United States Engelhard 1868 1888 Ceased production of bullion products
 United States New Orleans Mint 1838 1909


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