List of College of Charleston people

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This list contains people associated with the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, including current and former college presidents, as well as notable alumni and faculty members.



Artists and architects[edit]



Politicians and public servants[edit]

  • Mendel Davis, class of 1966 - Democrat, United States House of Representatives representing the First Congressional District of South Carolina (1971–1981)
  • James B. Edwards, class of 1950 - oral surgeon; former Governor of South Carolina; Secretary of Energy under President Ronald Reagan; president of the Medical University of South Carolina
  • John Charles Frémont, class of 1836 - "the Great Pathfinder;" explored the West in the 1830s and 1840s;an outspoken opponent of slavery; in 1856 the first Republican nominee for president; major general for the Union during the Civil War; in 1861, issued a proclamation (overturned by President Lincoln) freeing slaves; later governor of Arizona
  • John Geddes, class of 1795 - 22nd governor of South Carolina (1818-1820)
  • Burnet R. Maybank, class of 1919 - Mayor of Charleston; 99th governor of South Carolina; US Senator for South Carolina 1941-1954; chaired the Senate Finance Committee; played a key role in the development of the New Deal; namesake of Maybank Hall, one of the main academic buildings on campus
  • Glenn McConnell, class of 1969 - attorney; an influential force in South Carolina politics for more than two decades; elected to public office in 1981; president pro tempore of the South Carolina Senate from 2001 until he replaced the disgraced Ken Ard as the state's Lieutenant Governor; namesake of McConnell Residence Hall dormitory was named after him; president of the College of Charleston 2014-2018
  • Arthur Ravenel, class of 1950 - real estate developer; member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, South Carolina senator (1980-1986); elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1986; returned to the South Carolina Senate in 1996, serving until 2005; elected to the Charleston School Board in 2006, at age 79; namesake of the bridge connecting Charleston to Mt. Pleasant
  • Joseph O. Rogers, Jr. - transferred to The Citadel, Democratic member of the South Carolina House of Representatives (1955-1966); 1966 Republican nominee for governor of South Carolina; U.S. attorney 1969-1970; practicing attorney in Manning[4]
  • Nick Shalosky, class of 2010 - first openly gay elected official in South Carolina; serves downtown Charleston on the District 20 Constituent School Board
  • Casey DeSantis, class of 2003 - News reporter and First Lady of Florida
  • Julius Waties Waring, class of 1900 - U.S. federal judge who played an important role in the early legal battles of the American Civil Rights Movement
  • Madeleine Westerhout, class of 2013 - former Personal Secretary to the President and Director of Oval Office Operations for the Trump Administration
  • Cheryll Novak Woods-Flowers, class of 1981-First female Mayor Town of Mount Pleasant, SC...1992-2001


  • Paul Hamilton Hayne, class of 1852 - poet, critic and editor
  • Ludwig Lewisohn, class of 1901 - novelist, translator and literary and drama critic; founding professor of Brandeis University
  • Padgett Powell, class of 1974 - writer and novelist
  • Ron Cooper, class of 1982 - novelist, poet, and essayist
  • Dan Beckmann, - Emmy Award winning NBC News Journalist, Writer, Producer, Editor in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Bureaus. Author and Contributing Columnist for Tribune Publishing; Orlando Sentinel, Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, The Baltimore Sun
  • Louis D. Rubin, Jr. - literary scholar and critic, writing teacher, publisher, and writer
  • Catherine Mann, class of 1985 - USA Today bestselling novelist, winner of the RITA Award, novels translated/released in more than twenty countries




  • Bret Lott - Professor of English, best-selling writer
  • Evan Parry - Associate Professor of Theatre, A member of the Actor's Equity Association and the Screen Actor's Guild and continues to work as a professional actor, director and fight director in a ongoing effort to satisfy his primary performance interests of classical and physical theatre. He serves as co-director of The Shakespeare Project. He previously served on the faculties of Michigan State University and SUNY/Buffalo.


  • Alison Piepmeier - Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, known for her zine scholarship


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