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Type of site
Film distributor
Free software
Available inPortuguese
Created byGuilmour Rossi
Launched11 August 2017
(6 years ago)
Current statusOnline
Written inNode.js
App on smartphone.

Libreflix is a free online Brazilian service that offers access to audiovisual productions with permissive distribution licenses through streaming.[1] The platform is open and its development is done collaboratively [2] and it is open source, following the philosophy of free software.[3]


The service went live on 11 August 2017[4] and can be accessed through the official website or applications for Windows and Android systems.[1]

Although the service does not require registration to be accessed, in April 2018 the platform had 14 thousand registered users.[5] Registration is mandatory for sending movie suggestions.

The Libreflix, initially designed and developed by Brazilian hacktivist Guilmour Rossi,[6] is written in Node.js and licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License.[7] The development is done using git versioning through a public repository.[8]

In July 2018 the service was presented at the 18th Fórum Internacional Software Livre.[9]


The service catalogue includes feature films, short films and series, whether fictional or not.[10] In a presentation in July 2018, the service listed more than 250 works registered in the collection, where 75% of the catalog was of non-fictional works. By location, 62% of the content was produced in Brazil, 8% in the rest of Latin America. American and European works represented 17% and 8% of the catalogue respectively. As for the duration of the content, 40% was composed of feature films.[11]


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