Libertas Americana

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Libertas Americana silver medallion 1783

The Libertas Americana was a medal made to commemorate the American Revolution. It was designed in part by Benjamin Franklin.[1]

A Libertas Americana was showcased on season 15 of the American reality television series Pawn Stars. It was sold for 150,000 dollars.[2]


The medal was originally conceived by Benjamin Franklin after being asked to create a monument in honor of the Siege of Yorktown. Franklin outlined his idea in a letter to Robert Livingston on 4 March 1782.[3] The reverse design was further developed by Esprit-Antoine Gibelin and Augustin Dupré.[4]


The obverse of the medal features the goddess Liberty. Beside her is a pole adorned with a Phrygian cap. The reverse features the infant Hercules representing the United States being attacked by a lion representing the United Kingdom. The infant, who is shown strangling two snakes, is being protected by Athena who represents France.[4][5] The reverse includes the motto NON SINE DIIS ANIMOSUS INFANS, from Horace's ode "Descende coelo", which translates to "The infant is not bold without the aide of the gods."


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