Leonese People's Union

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Leonese People's Union
Unión del Pueblo Leonés
PresidentPedro Ángel Gallego
Secretary-GeneralLuis Mariano Santos
Founded1986 (1986)
HeadquartersAvda. República Argentina, 13 bis-1º, 24004 León
Youth wingLeonist Youth
Membership (2014)2,300[1]
Big Tent
Political positionCentre to centre-left
Colours  Dark magenta
Corts of Castile and León
3 / 83
Provincial deputations
1 / 75
Mayors (Province of León)[2]
15 / 211
Local Government (2019-2023)[a]
152 / 5,194
Party flag

The Leonese People's Union (Spanish: Unión del Pueblo Leonés, Leonese: Unión del Pueblu Llionés, UPL) is a regional political party in Castilla y León, Spain. UPL strives to establish a separate autonomous community (Comunidad Autónoma de León or Autonomous Community of León) for the provinces of León, Zamora and Salamanca (center of the old Kingdom of León), now in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León. Such a movement is known as Leonesism.


UPL was founded in 1986 by a group of people coming from different León regionalist movements and various statewide parties (Popular Alliance, Union of the Democratic Centre, Spanish Socialist Workers' Party). Initially it was known as Leonesist Union (Unión Leonesista, UNLE). It adopted its current name in 1991, when José María Rodríguez de Francisco took over the leadership of the party. In the municipality of León the party obtained three seats in the municipal council. It also won one seat in the provincial council.

In the municipal elections in 2007, UPL obtained 10.88% and three seats in the municipal council of León. In the Castile and León autonomous elections the same year, it obtained 2.69% of the votes and two seats over 83.

Its youth branch was Conceyu Xoven, an organization that promotes official status for the Leonese language and the unity and self-determination for the Leonese Country. Conceyu Xoven was expelled from the party due to its radical positions, with the Leonist Youth being designated the new youth wing of UPL.

Electoral performance[edit]

Cortes of Castile and León[edit]

Date Votes Seats Status Size
# % ±pp # ±
1987 8,960 0.6% N/A 8th
1991 11,432 0.8% +0.2 0 N/A 6th
1995 39,425 2.5% +1.7 2 Opposition 4th
1999 54,158 3.7% +1.2 1 Opposition 3rd
2003 60,331 3.9% +0.2 1 Opposition 3rd
2007 41,519 2.7% –1.2 0 Opposition 3rd
2011 26,660 1.9% –0.8 1 Opposition 4th
2015 19,176 1.4% –0.5 0 Opposition 6th
2019 27,888 2.0% +0.6 0 Opposition 7th
2022 52,098 4.3% +2.3 2 Opposition 6th

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  1. ^ Town councillors in the Leonese Country, formed by the provinces of León, Zamora and Salamanca.

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