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Pakistan has one of the largest labour and manpower resources in the world, due to its large population, which is the sixth largest in the world. According to data produced by the CIA World Factbook, the total number of Pakistan's labour force is 57.2 million, making it the ninth largest country by available human workforce.[1] About 43% of this labour is involved in agriculture, 20.3% in industry and the remaining 36.6% in other services.

The conditions under which Pakistan's blue-collar labour works have often been raised by trade unions and workers' rights organisations. There is also a controversial, yet wide use of child labour in Pakistan. Along with other countries in the South Asia, Pakistan extensively exports much of its labour to nearby Persian Gulf countries of the Middle East.[1]

In Pakistan, there exists a significant unemployment issue, resulting in numerous individuals being devoid of gainful employment opportunities. A considerable portion of these available jobs carries inherent risks and dangers. Despite the perilous nature of such work, children are often compelled to undertake these tasks as their only means of earning compensation to sustain both themselves and their families.

Labour Right Abuse

The Pakistani government has not effectively implemented the lessons it should have gleaned from the Khaadi protests and the tragic fire incident at Ali Enterprises concerning labor rights protection and safety. Consequently, labor abuses persist unchecked in the country's garment factories.[2] Human rights organizations in Pakistan point out that the nation's labor laws inadequately address the exploitation of children who, from a very young age, engage in work on the streets or within middle-class households.[3][4]

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