La Rivière (Maillol)

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La Rivière
La Rivière by Aristide Maillol (Museum of Modern Art New York).jpg
ArtistAristide Maillol
Year1938-39; completed 1943
Dimensions136.5 cm × 230 cm × 170 cm (53+34 in × 90 in × 66 in)

La Rivière (The River) is a lead or bronze sculpture by Aristide Maillol.[1]


There are examples at the Carrousel Garden, Paris;[2] Citygarden, St. Louis, Missouri; Museum of Modern Art, New York City;[3] the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena;[4] Talacker in Zurich;[5][circular reference] Kunsthalle Hamburg, Hamburg;[6] and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia.[7]

Bronze example


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Coordinates: 48°51′43″N 2°19′55″E / 48.86194°N 2.33194°E / 48.86194; 2.33194