Kushtia Government College

Coordinates: 23°54′11″N 89°07′40″E / 23.9031°N 89.1278°E / 23.9031; 89.1278
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Kushtia Government College
কুষ্টিয়া সরকারি কলেজ
Main gate of Kushtia Government College
TypeGovernment College
Academic affiliation
National University

23°54′11″N 89°07′40″E / 23.9031°N 89.1278°E / 23.9031; 89.1278
CampusUrban, 26 acres (11 ha)

Kushtia Government College (Bengali: কুষ্টিয়া সরকারি কলেজ) is a traditional college in Kushtia District of Bangladesh. The college is located on a 5-acre land in a beautiful and pleasant environment inside the city of Kushtia. This college is affiliated with Bangladesh National University. The college was established on 1 January 1948. The reputation of the college has been jealous since its inception while it is one of the 30 first-class colleges in Bangladesh. Greater Kushtia and the surrounding region ensure education for the people of the role of this college is immense. The students and teachers of this college have played a role in the struggle of various movements, from the language movement to the great liberation war.[1]

History of establishment[edit]

The great initiative of local educationists and philanthropists established this college on 1 January 1948 for the betterment of education.[1]


Buildings of Kushtia Govt. College

In a pleasant environment surrounded by the trees, the students are in the 5 acre campus lively with five college buildings.[1]

Amount of land[edit]

The college has five acres (2.0 ha) land in total.[1]


Today, the college has more than 22,000 students.[1]


The college have 19 different departments.[1] Bangali, English, Economics, Politics, Social Science, Philosophy, History, History and Culture of Islam, Islamic Education, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Biology, Mathematics, Accounting, Management, Geography and Environment, Statistics, Information and communication technology

Of these, Honors courses are offered in 16 departments and Masters in 11 departments.

In spite those science, humanities and business education groups at the higher secondary level and science, humanities, social sciences and business education groups in the degree pass courses.


One boys hostel and one girls hostel can be found here.[1]


The college has facilities for cricket and football. There are also carrom and table tennis for the boys.[1]

Voluntary organizations[edit]

BNCC, Rover Scout, Red Crescent, Badhon etc.[1]


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