Kotri Junction railway station

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Kotri Junction

کوٹری جنکشن
General information
LocationKotri Station Road
Kotri, Sindh 76000
Coordinates25°22′00″N 68°17′51″E / 25.3668°N 68.2976°E / 25.3668; 68.2976Coordinates: 25°22′00″N 68°17′51″E / 25.3668°N 68.2976°E / 25.3668; 68.2976
Owned byMinistry of Railways
Line(s)Karachi–Peshawar Railway Line
Kotri–Attock Railway Line
AccessibleDisabled access Available
Other information
Station codeKOT
Preceding station Pakistan Railways Following station
towards Kiamari
Karachi–Peshawar Line Hyderabad Junction
Terminus Kotri–Attock Line Jamshoro

Kotri Junction railway station (Urdu: کوٹری جنکشن ریلوے اسٹیشن, Sindhi: ڪوٽڙي جنکشن ريلوي اسٽيشن) is located in Kotri city, Jamshoro district of Sindh province, Pakistan.


Kotri Junction station is among the oldest railway stations in Pakistan. It served as the northern terminus point of the Scinde Railway, which was established in March 1855. A railway line was to be constructed between Karachi and Kotri and work on the Karachi terminus commenced in April 1858. By 13 May 1861, the station opened to the public. This was the first railway line for public traffic between Karachi and Kotri, a distance of 108 miles (174 km).[1][2][3]


The following trains stop at Kotri Junction station:

Preceding station Pakistan Railways Following station
Drigh Road Allama Iqbal Express Hyderabad Junction
towards Karachi City
Bolan Mail Sind University
towards Quetta
Landhi Junction Khyber Mail Hyderabad Junction

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