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Kanzul Iman (Urdu and Arabic: کنزالایمان) meaning as 'Treasure of Faith ' is an Urdu paraphrase translation of the Qur'an by Ahmad Raza Khan produced in 1911. It is one of the translations of the Qur'an in Urdu language.


Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan adopted the urdu translation originally done by Shah Abdul Qadir Dehlvi and wrote the translation in Urdu. It has been subsequently translated into other European and South Asian languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Dutch, Turkish, Sindhi, Gujarati and Pashto.[1]

In English

  • The Holy Qur'án (The treasure of faith) Kanzul Iman (urdu), Rendered into English, Professor Shah Faridul Haque.[2][3]
  • Other translation was completed by Professor Hanif Akhtar Fatmi.[4] Aqib Farid Qadri recently published a third translation.

In Dutch

  • De Heilige Qoraan, Rendered into Dutch by Goelam Rasoel Alladien [5]

In Turkish

  • Kur'an-i Karîm, Rendered into Turkish by İsmail Hakkı İzmirli[6]

Prominent institutions[edit]

A library with the name Kanzul Iman Islamic Library was established in Bareilly in the year 2006.[7]

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