Kanun-i Esasi (magazine)

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Kanun-i Esasi
CategoriesPolitical magazine
PublisherKanun-i Esasi Publishing House
FounderYoung Turks
Founded24 December 1896
Final issue1899
Based inCairo
LanguageOttoman Turkish

Kanun-i Esasi (Ottoman Turkish: Constitution) was one of the publications which were affiliated with the Young Turks, members of the Committee of Union and Progress.[1][2] It was published by the exiled committee members in Cairo in the period 1896–1899.

History and profile[edit]

Kanun-i Esasi was launched by a group known as the Young Turks in Cairo on 21 December 1896.[3][4] The group was led by Hoca Kadri Efendi and Sheikh Alizade Muhyiddin who were members of the Cairo branch of the Committee of Union and Progress.[2][5] They supported the Geneva faction of the Committee.[6]

The magazine was published weekly by a publishing house with the same name on Mondays.[2][4] The goal of Kanun-i Esasi was announced as informing the people and liberating the “sacred homeland” on the grounds of Sharia and patriotism.[4] It covered articles concerning the policies of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit, the Islamic caliphate and Muslim world.[4] The magazine adopted a pan-Islamic political stance.[7] It advocated the rejection of the discrimination of Muslims due to their sects.[7] The weekly existed until 1899.[5]


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