Kabi Nazrul Institute

Coordinates: 23°45′15″N 90°22′24″E / 23.754076°N 90.373390°E / 23.754076; 90.373390
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Nazrul Institute
নজরুল ইনস্টিটিউট
FormationFebruary 1985; 38 years ago (1985-02)
HeadquartersKabi Bhaban[1]
  • Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Coordinates23°45′15″N 90°22′24″E / 23.754076°N 90.373390°E / 23.754076; 90.373390
Executive Director
Ikram Ahmed[2]
Parent organization
Ministry of Cultural Affairs
The headquarters of Nazrul Institute at Kabi Bhaban, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

The Nazrul Institute is Bangladesh's national institute, established in February 1985.[3][4] Its headquarters are located in Kabi Bhaban in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.[5] It fulfills a number of roles; promoting the literary work of the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, recognising excellence in literature research by conferring awards, and public engagement.[6]

Structure and governance[edit]

The institute is headed by an executive director who has a trustee board to advise them. The first executive director of the institute was Mohammad Mahfuzullah and the first chairman of the trustee board was Mohammad Nasiruddin.[7]

Functions and activities[edit]

According to the Nazrul Institute Ordinance of 12 June 1984, the functions and objectives of the institute regarding the poet are:

  1. Conduct study and research on the writings
  2. Compile, preserve, edit and publish poems and songs
  3. Organise discussion meetings, lectures, seminars, conferences
  4. Run a library containing books on the poet's life, literature, music, records of his songs, tapes, films
  5. Prepare musical notations and make gramophone records, tape records, films
  6. Impart training in singing and reciting songs
  7. Confer awards to scholars for outstanding research[7]

The institute has preserved around 1,500 authentic Nazrul Geeti songs.[8]

Nazrul Award[edit]

Since 1985, the institute has been conferring two awards each year to dedicated Nazrul artistes and researchers. A partial list of the winners are:


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