Kaanch Ka Pul

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Kaanch Ka Pul
کانچ کا پل
Written byYounus Javed[1][2]
Directed byMohammad Nisar Hussain
Country of originPakistan
Original languageUrdu
ProducerMohammad Nisar Hussain
Original release
Release1981 (1981)

Kaanch Ka Pul (Urdu: کانچ کا پل, lit.'The Glass Bridge') is a 1981 Pakistani television long play written by Younus Javed and it was produced and directed by Mohammad Nisar Hussain.[4][5]


The story is about Shahida a doctor who runs her own clinic which she opened in her house for the poor.[6] She lives with her mother Begum Nasir who is the only person understands Shahida. Begum Nasir plans to marry Shahida to someone kind and rich person but she refuses it due to her past problem. Shahida parents have divorced due to some personal reasons but Shahida chosed to live with her mother. Margaret a nurse and close friend of Shahida works with her in her clinic. She tries to assure Shahida about every situation. Later her father comes to meet Shahida much to Begum Nasir's dismay although she allows them to meet but Nisar tells Shahida that he will be moving to California. Then her cousin Yousaf returns from abroad and wants to marry Shahida but she refuses him because he once left her when they were getting married by their parents. Then Shahida begins to treat a patient name Gullu after his parents death who can't speak and walk properly. After some years he begins to speak and walk properly due to Shahida's care later he begins to like Shahida which he later tells Shahida about it much to her shock but she is unable to answer him properly.[7]


  • Roohi Bano as Shahida[4]
  • Sarwat Ateeq as Margaret[8]
  • Khursheed Shahid as Begum Nisar[4]
  • Tauqeer Nasir as Gullu[4]
  • Firdous Jamal as Yousaf[4]
  • Sajjad Kishwar as Doctor Latif
  • Khalid Usman as Nisar
  • Tahira Saleem as Surayya
  • Sara Haq as Razia
  • Nasir Naqvi as Zahid
  • Qudsia Bano as Daraan
  • Chandni as Salma
  • Riaz Shoki as Anwar Zaman
  • Farooq Azhar as Jameel
  • Azam Jahangir as Amjad
  • Mumtaz Ali as Hameed
  • M Alam as Dehati
  • Saleem Pasha as Altaf
  • Saeed Iqbal as Ahmed
  • Roshan Aara as Mam
  • Afshan as Najma
  • Najma Hasan as Ferozaan
  • Naz Basheeruddin as Noraan
  • Sanami as Ajmal


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